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BEWARE PUBLIC ESPECIALLY IN THE PHILIPPINES: Back in 2000 I joined this church in manila named Victory Christian fellowship or VCF and their names in abroad is Every Nation Ministry.

I just feel so bad about this church for fooling the public by saying that when you don't give 10% of your income, you will come under God's curse as recorded in Malachi 3:10 but the worst things here is they never recognized the redemption of Jesus Christ because for them as long as they can make money to their members then that is thier very goal as a matter of fact many entertainers are giving huge amount of money and these so called pastors stays in condominium and drives luxurious cars.

One bad things that make me feel so bad here is that the leaders as gossiping their members but they used to encouraged that people must not gossip. Thy treat the members as slave but once the member becaomes good in their doctrines then they will make this member a pastor to become one of them.

Pastors here are very arrogant, filthy rich because they robbed their members in modest way. As a researcher, I discovered so many things about the evils of this churches operating globally especially in the Philippines where the main headquarters is located but take note that it is founded by an american like myself. The founder is Steve Murrell.

This story was narrated to me by a former church leader. I had to translate it to English. It's a story of how VCF - Lipa started and how Positions were STOLEN from the Original Church planters. A true story of Manipulation, lies, slander, covetousness by the current pastors of VCF.
Its very similar to the story of how Rice Brookes stole the church in Tennessee. Bethel. How Rice Brookes manipulate himself into Bethel, start replacing a lot of key leadership and some manipulating them to become his yes men.
It is also a similar story of Phil Bonasso, how he snaked Tom. Funny how Lipa Batangas - pastors learned and discipled real well by Phil Bonasso and Rice Brookes

Robert started a small group in Batangas City, he met Ever, Illo, and Anthony. The group was becoming a church because of more and more people coming in Batangas, then some rich people from other churches decided to help and joined Batangas. Since the youth ministry in Lipa City failed and not growing because of Louie's leadership(Louie is the youth pastor of Lipa before), Louie saw the opportunity in Batangas, so he let go of his youth ministry and start ministering in Batangas. Louie ask Raymond de Guzman (Senior Pastor of VCF Lipa) that he wanted to plant a church in Batangas, of course Raymond agrees. Then slowly louie start to invade the lives of the christians in Batangas, he hired Illo and Ever as his full time staff, disciples were stolen from church leaders by Louie, then rich businessmen thought the elders were like the same as their old church. Since they assumed that position. ALL of a sudden, the church start to run differently from before. Now people starts asking questions about Louie, Even his own staff start to question his leadership inside the church.( sound like the Holy Spirit is making them think on their own). Complaints against Louie started to arised inside the church.
After manipulating and conquering the people sa Batangas. He now ask Robert if he can be the pastor of VCF Batangas. Robert said, go and ask the senior pastor, Raymond.
What Robert did not know is that Louie and Raymond have already talked, that Louie will become the pastor of VCF Batangas.
It was a setup. Everybody was shocked when Manny Carlos ordained Louie as the pastor of Batangas, since they are expecting Robert to lead batangas. There were church leaders who were wondering why they used Manny Carlos to ordained Louie since Manny Carlos is a Bishop of Manila not the Provincial Bishop . The Provincial Bishop is Juray Mora. Juray Mora is the one who was supposed to ordain .Some church leaders concluded that there is something fishy going on, Manny carlos is somewhat related kay Raymond de Guzman, church leaders suspect that Raymond talk to Many Carlos to ordained Louie. After that Robert let go of Batangas and focus his ministry in Lipa.

After that more and more complaint start arising against Louie, (louie is known for his manipulating and controlling behavior), complaints against his full time staff, the elders, Then louie starts blaming church leaders a common practice among church pastors in VCF-EN . The Blame game started. Because of Louie leadership, the rich businessmen start leaving the church.Some church leaders went back to Lipa. Staff resigning left and right. Most of the crowd in Batangas now mostly young people are now being exploited by Louie.
Robert return and focus to VCF Lipa, Raymond is threatened of Robert's leadership. Most of the volunteer followed Robert, most of the people are moving sa afternoon service, Thats when Robert preached. Suddenly Raymond starts to reshuffle the preaching schedule and volunteers, People were being surprised that Raymond would preached in the afternoon. People attend the afternoon service to hear Robert preached not Raymond. Raymond said "We don't announce who is the preacher anymore, We just pray who is going to preach that day ". But the truth is he want to stop people from transferring to Roberts service.
Even after the abuses, manipulation, being taken advantage of, Robert still remain Loyal to VCF. Raymond asked Robert to give up his MPD so Lipa will put him in full time staff, fully paid by the church. So Robert followed Raymond advised despite of the whats happening. Like a Sheep led to a slaughter.
Because of Raymond's Jealousy. Raymond tried to find ways to bring Robert down. And one of them is he saw Robert borrowing money from one of the members (Though I was told, this was paid). And according to Raymond, it is against church policy. ( Though it is not sin to borrow - coveting another's anointing and position is sin - Thou shalt NOT COVET)
Robert was put on disciplinary action for "borrowing money". Even though VCF pastors and top leadership often borrows money from people inside the church. Robert is NOT allowed to do this. Robert thought this disciplinary action is ONLY termporary but is is not. ALL of a sudden . VCF Fort ( Steve Murrell's church ) called Robert for a meeting and was forced to resign. And also FORCED him to sign a resignation letter and other documents that he "borrowed" money. That is why he is no longer a pastor.
Robert try to talk to Raymond what is happening, Robert said to Raymond, "you ask me to give up my business to enter full time ministry, you ask me to live in a expensive house which we can't afford, then you just going to get rid of me just like that ? then Raymond replied "Robert I don't want to work with you anymore" Then Raymond stop communicating to Robert.
Robert and Raymond are neighbors and he is Raymond disciple, Raymond REFUSED to speak to Robert. ( whatever happened to the preaching of Love covers multitudes of sin? Borrowing money is NOT even sin ) . People in Lipa starts asking where is robert, then Raymond announce the congregation that Robert is no longer the pastor of Lipa. Raymond is giving half truth. Raymond telling people that he is under MPD but the truth is he is still the president of his father's their company and he did not give up his career unlike what he teaching to his disciples who is entering into full time ministry to give up their business or career.
Robert realized he has nothing to feed his family.
Then Robert and his family left VCF, according to former church leaders most of roberts disciple remain loyal to Raymond hoping to become pastors. Now they were kicked out and Raymond has started to replaced them.
The cycle goes on.
Its funny how "borrowing" money has become sin to VCF top leadership in Steve Murrell's church. But Coveting, stealing, adultery, fraud, greed, Slander, envy, materialistic is NOT.
Truly God's Word have been replaced in this ministry.
VCF ministry has now gone from bad to worst. From bad to evil and wicked.
One of the teachings in VCF, especially by Steve Murrell. It is LOVE covers multitudes of sin. Steve Murrell gives these VCF top leaders, a license to SIN. A license to cover up sin and illegal activities inside the church. And every VCF pastors knows this.
When the Apostle Peter wrote that scripture, no where in their mind that it meant a License to Sin and doing illegal activities. It meant patience. Patience is one of the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Being patience of each other's flaws for God still is working inside them. Example. I am patient for another christian who is addicted to alcohol. The Holy Spirit is still working inside of them. I am patient for baby christians. Who still have bad habits that the Holy Spirit is still working on them.
As Apostle Paul talks about us, summing up to be like Him. OR our goal in God is Christlikeness. We are His inheritance. The Holy Spirit that is deposited inside of us is working toward christlikeness. (Only if we are willing to be conformed to Christlikeness and this is HIS Will)

Ephesians 1:11
In him we were also chosen, [e] having been predestined according to the plan of him who works out everything in conformity with the purpose of his will, 12 in order that we, who were the first to put our hope in Christ, might be for the praise of his glory. 13 And you also were included in Christ when you heard the message of truth, the gospel of your salvation. When you believed, you were marked in him with a seal, the promised Holy Spirit, 14 who is a deposit guaranteeing our inheritance until the redemption of those who are God’s possession—to the praise of his glory.
Love covers multitudes of sin. IT IS NEVER a license to sin nor a License to Cover up of sin. Because if it is a License to cover up sin then there is NO NEED FOR REPENTANCE. The person who is sinning does not need to repent, he / she will keep on sinning and teaching others to do the same. And when get caught, it is a license to cover it up, nor speak against it. This is totally against the teaching of Christ.
Which Jesus clearly said, if your hand sinned against you CUT IT OFF ! If your eyes sinned against you pluck it out !. Jesus is very clear, extremely clear of His stand against willful sin. Jesus never taught cover it up.
In fact, Paul said this. 1 corinthian 5
9 I wrote to you in my letter not to associate with sexually immoral people— 10 not at all meaning the people of this world who are immoral, or the greedy and swindlers, or idolaters. In that case you would have to leave this world. 11 But now I am writing to you that you must not associate with anyone who claims to be a brother or sister[c] but is sexually immoral or greedy, an idolater or slanderer, a drunkard or swindler. Do not even eat with such people.
12 What business is it of mine to judge those outside the church? Are you not to judge those inside? 13 God will judge those outside. “Expel the wicked person from among you.”[d]
As christians and a member of the church, if I see a pastor, who is a WILLING Participant of sin. That pastor CAN BE JUDGE inside the church. God and His Word gave us the right to judge that person inside the church.
Borrowing money is NOT sin. Unrighteous judgement is. unrighteous judgement comes with slander.
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Do be aware that in this cultic enviroment, almost every pastors in Every Nation Ministry are very threatened when this is discuss openly. They would start spreading slander and accuse you of gossip. This was Phil Bonasso's tactic, even Rice Brookes. It worked pretty well for over the years, people pretend not to see anything nor hear anything, even though their conscience is nagging them that something is very wrong.
EN - VCF pastors still does this practice all the time for "CONTROL" and "Manipulation". Though gossip is NOT in the ten commandments, but thou shalt not covet is. You simply do not covet other people's position and anointing inside the church.
Another one is
You shall not bear false witness against your neighbor.
VCF pastors constantly bear false witness against people inside the church. Phil Bonasso, Steve Murrell, Rice Brookes have done it. They have done it against me, former pastors and former members.
To know if these people are telling the truth. It is to go the very person whom they are speaking against and ask them point blank if it is true what these leaders were saying against them.
Example, the top VCF leader spreading lies that my husband went up to them and told them that he is divorcing me. Well that is absolutely not true. We just celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary . And what is so amazing is, we Don't fight nor argue. Our marriage is far better than any of those top leaders who constantly bicker and fight.
Another example, these top leaders spread lies about Tom Siratnak who was a former pastor. According to the VCF top pastor, Tom went up to them in tears, begging for forgiveness for exposing them. Well that is not true because I am discipling his wife for more than ten years now and we are best friends. So I know whats going on and I told Tom what VCF pastors are saying. He was furious at the lies that is being spread by these top leaders.
My suggestion, DO NOT BELIEVE. As Christians we live in transparency. That is why Jesus called us the Light of the world. When you are light, you can't hide, you have to be transparent and honest.
The VCF leaders does not like to be confronted. If they threaten you of gossip when asked about certain things, then its time to LEAVE the church.
If they give you an answer, then go investigate if its true or not.
American EN members learned our lessons NOT TO TRUST the top pastors any longer. That was hammered to us for years and years. To Just trust them. Not anymore. After all the lies and illegal activites by these pastors.

Victory Chrisian fellowship-CULT

Sep 21, 2014
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      Apr 18, 2018

    very true!

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  • Ry
      Jun 14, 2018


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  • Ri
      Sep 17, 2018

    @Ryan Ubando Mr. Ubando, you sir are an ignorant man. It is clear that you do not even know what a cult is. Please do your research regarding what church groups are that classifies them as cults.

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  • Di
      Nov 21, 2018

    @Rick Heath Read Revelation 1 & 2 & 18
    Have a very discerning spirit. Many are being deceived because of lack of knowledge of the truth in the Bible. We are in the End Times, be more ever vigilant in the Word rather than defending for these false prophets and teachers in that congregation. Shalom!

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  • Ar
      Jun 16, 2018

    If VCF is false religion and Cult where is the true religion, you? Pls. Show us. When Jesus destroys false beliefs he shows the truth and builds up. You should do the same. You are mentioning some individuals that does not fit to you or maybe you didnt like or believed in why dont you approach them and discuss your problem. Regarding the tithes we are not force or required to give thats what I learned from this church. We are taught. It is written that the giver is more blessed than he who received. I am a believer i am not defending the church i am only correcting my attitude and character if i am still on the right track with my best friend Jesus who is my Lord. Peace yo!!!

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  • Ne
      Apr 19, 2019

    @Arnel D. Aquino Victory is not a false religion however the leaders and pastors are very hypocrite. I dont now if you are attending Victory or Every Nation but they are training the students to become like those guys who are hungry for power.

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  • Ec
      May 06, 2019

    @Arnel D. Aquino What church would allow their youths to go to discos to spread the gospel? Or what church would allow its people to dance to worldly songs AT church? Thats borderline CONFORMITY and God tells us to set apart.

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  • Di
      Nov 21, 2018

    The spirit behind and working within that congregation..
    It's subtly shouting at our faces from the symbol in their logo. Steve M. became RB's puppet. RB is the wolf in sheep's clothing.

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  • Ne
      Apr 19, 2019

    As a former member of Victory, I agree with this post and the things mentioned above like gossiping their members, leadership dispute, tithes thing is ONE HUNDRED PERCENT ACCURATE however the title "cult" is not matchh with this article. Great job to this anonymous who posted this online so that people especially here in the Philippines will be aware of the hypocrisy of the leaders of Every Nation Churches and Ministries.

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