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I purchased a teacup Yorkie from Vickie Davis which she told me her name was Crystal, I purchased the dog on 4/26/16 like an hour into driving with the dog she was having diarrhea I called Vickie she told me she wasn't doing that before she gave her to me, she said it due cause of the driving. So on March 28, we took Molly to the vet they gave her a special kind of food to eat & for us to feed her every 2 hours. On March 29 Molly was very ill & was vomiting out of the mouth was lump over & wasn't moving her sugar was under 20 banfield recommend us to Nashville Pet hospital Molly stay there from 4/2/16-4/4/16 we had to put Molly to sleep because she was unhealthy even when the hospital had her on the fluids she wasn't pulling thru. It's sad how the pitiful women is doing people

Vicki Davis

Apr 15, 2016
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      May 08, 2016

    Puppies, if thete frightened especially going from its litter to a car will get car sick and have diarrhea. I am lk now fact.

    If you're conserned have a poop test at a vet. If it's clear, good, if not, then take it up with the breeder and you'll have proof. Then do something. Most breeders with proof will pay the tab..
    If not, welcome to the back yard breeder world.
    Did you at first asked all the questions?
    Did you call the breeders vet as a reference?
    How much was the pup?
    Did the Sire, Dame have known hereditary tests done?

    Those are some of the very important questionstuff a buyer must ask.
    And there are more questioncs..
    I'm a rep breeder, that why I know.

    Good luck with your puppy, I hope he's a health little guy..

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