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Vestavia Animal Clinic / Dog beat to death by employee

1 Birmingham, AL, United States Review updated:

BELOVED FAMILY PET BEAT TO DEATH BY THE HANDS OF ONE OF THE EMPLOYEES. A family left their little dog at this boarding facility only to be BEATEN SO VICIOUSLY IT DIED!!! I can' not understand how this happened. Was there no other people around? Who would hire such a person? The lady who left the family pet here was contacted by phone while on vacation and told this. WHAT A SHAME, she had to tell her 3 little girls what happened. PLEASE, PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS FACILITY... PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL REVIEWS... PLEASE GO ELSEWHERE..LET'S KEEP OUR PETS SAFE, HEALTHY, HAPPY AND MOST IMPORTANT ALIVE!!!

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  • El
      12th of Sep, 2008
    +1 Votes

    I have read other reviews, and learned the real story about what happened at the animal clinic. The dog lunged toward one of the employees and the employee acted in self defense. If I worked there and this person's dog tried to attack me, I would also act in self defense. I'm sure the employee did not intend to harm the dog, but he/she had to protect himself/herself. You are crazy if you think this animal clinic 'beat a dog to death' for no reason!!!

  • Sl
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    A human life is more important. GET REAL!!!

    What is more important, a man's life or a dog's. If a dog was BRUTALLY and VICIOUSLY attacking you, for no reason, would you not do what ever necessary to fend it off? I would.

    Before posting neg. comments or passing judgement on these people please get the facts straight. This is nothing but slander.

    Pros: Caring, Responsible, Respectful, Professional Care!

  • Kr
      4th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have used this facility for nearly 10 years for my dogs and cats. I have had nothing but WONDERFUL experiences and would highly recommend the vets there to anybody.

    My mom uses the facility to board her dog when she is away and absolutely loves it there. She feels like he gets wonderful care.

    And? All of my animals get excited when I even pull into the parking lot. They love it there!

  • Ca
      25th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    I hope this isn't true however for those of you who have your heads in the sand, I would urge you to always ask a lot of questions about the care of your pets when they board as well as always asking to see the actual facilities where they board and what the feeding, watering, changing bedding schedule is, etc.

    In my experience (and I have a lot of it), most of the vets in Bham hire teenagers to care for the animals that board. I've been to VAC before on days when a holiday was coming up and no one would be in until later the next day and they would forget to give food, water to boarding cats. They would get in a hurry and clean the cage and forget to put the food and/or water back in or I've even seen them not put a litter pan in before they left at night. How would you feel if this were your kitty? You pay around $17-$18 a day to board a pet and they don't even get fed or a pan to poop in? No one goes in and checks after these kids to make sure they've all been taken care of so no one ever knows. Kids don't get jobs here because they love's a job and today's kids don't have a great work ethic.

    How do I know? I work with a volunteer group and I have access to the boarding rooms of every vet that I use for my animals and I see this happening not only at VAC but at other area vets.

    One vet (not Vestavia Animal Clinic) even refuses to turn on the heat in the winter and the air in the summer for the boarding dogs & cats and it amazes me that most people who board their animals never even ask those questions. If I took my pets to a place where they were freezing or in extreme heat and I found out I wasn't getting what I paid for, I would be very angry and I am angry when I see it happening.

    ASK QUESTIONS have a right to see the conditions in which your animals board and you have a right to ask who does it and if they are concientious and if an adult supervisor checks the work before they leave at night. Pay attention to the details.

    I love a couple of the doctors at VAC but you would be surprised to see the boarding conditions in the cat room a lot of days. I do think they are one of the better ones about walking the dogs regularly because I see them doing it a lot. As far as the boarding conditions for the dogs, I don't see that area a lot because I mostly take cats in to see the doctors there.

  • Dr
      29th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Vestavia Animal Clinic is the most accommodating and caring clinic I have ever been to. I have lived in 8 states and have 6 dogs and 2 cats. The veterinarians are by far the most knowledgable and proffessional that I have ever seen (I've seen A LOT). Additionally, each of the doctors that I have visited are very considerate to my concerns and share a passion and love for the animals. I really love and trust the staff at VAC; from the receptionists, to the technicians, to the doctors. They are very kind, caring, honest, and professional people. My animals will go nowhere else.
    p.s. my dogs get excited about trips to the vet too!

  • Be
      24th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Vestavia Animal Clinic is the best for my 4 dogs. Like other reviewers, I have never had a problem! EVERYONE from the receptionists, assistants, employees and especially the vets are absolutely top notch. We inherited a lab mix with heart worms, and they were very comfortable trying and researching alternative treatment methods because of her good health. She is meanwhile 6 months into treatment and doing great. We hope to go in 6 months and get a clean bill of health, but if not, we are open to more intense therapy. They spend time with you, and dry your tears! I have seen 3 of the vets there, and everyone is the same caliber of people. Let's make sure we research and not make snap judgements based on heresay!

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