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To: Whom it may concern

My name is Phillip Holderman. I am writing you this letter out of concern for your products. Recently my wife and I purchased a block of your Velveeta cheese. On 11/03/2010 my wife was cutting into the block of cheese when she hit a solid substance in the middle of the block of cheese. She immediately called me from the living room to come to the kitchen so she could show me what had happened. To both of our surprises it was a piece of shattered glass.
I have been a fan of Velveeta cheese for long times know. Velveeta is a must have in our household. After witnessing this incident first hand it concerns me very deeply. I will continue to buy your Velveeta, but only the presliced cheese. I hope your company takes this matter seriously, because I would hate to think what would of happened if the block of cheese would of fell into the hands of a small child.


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      Dec 02, 2010

    Got your wife doing the cooking, huh? I thought you liked to cook. :)
    I am glad she caught the glass.
    Be happy :)

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  •   Oct 14, 2012
    Velveeta - velveeta macncheese commercial
    United States

    the commercial has nothing to do with the macaroni till the end fish at a pet store and a mini helicopter toy salesman has nothing to do with macaroni i mute the tv or change the channel every time i see this commercial it's so annoying and the first time i saw it i didn't think it had anything to do with macaroni

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  • My
      Oct 15, 2012

    Really? Are you looking for a boring Mac n cheese commercial?? Kudos to Kraft for thinking outside the box and for talking to dudes! You must be a mom with no life. Good job complaining about fun advertising.

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