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VarTec Telecom / Billing Fraud!

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VarTec Telecom is some kind of fraudulent telecom provider. They started showing up on my Qwest bill and the amounts were so small we just blindly paid them. (Our mistake). When calling to find out about what was going on, Qwest was not helpful at all.

First, they made me call "USBI". USBI transferred me to Excel communications. Excel then transferreed me to Vartec. Vartec said that the name on the account did not match the phone number. MY PHONE NUMBER! They said they couldn't help me.

I had to call Qwest and damn near was brought to a nervous breakdown. Three months later and dozens of calls and letters later, guess what still shows up on my bill every guessed it...Vartec. Dear god. Please...

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  • Ve
      4th of Jun, 2009
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    The EXACT same thing just happened to us. As we have never had any problems with QWEST in the past, we were a little disheartened at their initial lack of knowledge. They credited the fraudulent $8.41 to our QWEST account and insisted that if the charges ever appear again that they will continue to credit our account. Much like the original poster, the QWEST agent told me to call VarTec/USBI at 188-481-8724 and have them remove us from their service. When I called, they started asking for all our personal information to which I promptly refused. DO NOT GIVE T THOSE PEOPLE ANY INFO, THAT'S HOW THEY GET YOU!! The woman from VarTec/USBI spoke little English (surprise surprise) and was overwhelmingly unprofessional, rude and grossly incompetent. I hung up on her and called QWEST and demanded THEY contact VarTec/USBI and have them take us out of their system. The QWEST agent I spoke to the second time around was pretty helpful and did as I requested. I even received a "conformation number" for the cancellation of whatever fraudulent VarTec/USBI services there were to begin with. Bottom line is this, view your bill every month and make sure there aren't any "other companies" attaching themselves to your account. Again, VarTec/USBI is shady and their number is 1-888-481-8724... I repeat: 1-888-481-8724.

  • Tr
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My mom passed away this June and we have been trying to terminate her Vartec service...GOOD LUCK trying to do that! We were asked to send a death certificate, letter of explanation, and check for the final amount which we did. It is August now and the phone still rings at my mom's. They claim that they did not recieve the death certificate and would like us to send another one by FAX, which we refuse to do. All three items were in the same envelope...sounds fraudulent to me that they got the check but not the death certificate. The Indian Customer Srvice representative refused to tell me the name of his superior, to whom I wished to appeal...again...does not soulnd ligit to me. It is bad enough to be grieving over the loss of your mother...but to put up with this SCAM and nonsense is aggravating and endless. I guess their theory of business is: we keep our customers...dead or alive!!! And will continue to bill them because they are making it impossible to cancel service!

  • Ea
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    Interesting. My mother uses Vartec because they are always so nice to her and her long distance both inside the state and outside, is about half of what Qwest charges...Qwest has always been rude and condescending. She is 83 yo and Qwest talks to her like she is a ###. Unfortunately our local telephone company was recently completely absorbed by the Qwest conglomerate and now we no longer have a local office, we get put on hold after dialing 1 for this and 2 for that...

  • An
      29th of May, 2010
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    I had local phone service with VarTec/Excel. NOTHING but problems!! Odd charges showing up on my bills...such as charging me 4x's each month for a non-published phone number. The final straw for me was when I received a bill for services I never signed up for. See, I received a bill in my name & street address but it was in a completely different town than the one I live in! Different phone number too. Obviously I called them up and questioned this bill. They said that when I signed up with them the representative I spoke with made a mistake when she entered my info and had already sent it through by the time she realized her mistake. So technically I was signed up twice w/ my own name & address just in two different towns...and the one that was incorrect produced a "new" phone number for me which I was receiving bills each month for over $80 a pop. I dropped this company quick because of this and other billing discrepancies. I am now with Vonage, ...and can honestly say I am soooo glad I switched. Vonage is the best in my book!!

  • Ch
      27th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    I just want a copy of my VarTec Statement with the recent changes made and was promised an email 2 times...have I received the email yet...NO!! Please send a copy with changes to
    Acct # is 13000001719

  • Ab
      1st of Dec, 2011
    0 Votes

    I was only using their access number for long distance calls...the price kept jumping and jumping. So, I got unlimited long distance through CenturyLink (YUK!), but I'm still being billed by these jerks for service I'm not using! I did not at any time sign up for any ongoing service! When I call, someone who barely speaks English tells me they are two billing cycles behind the phone company, which is untrue, otherwise, calls made on their service in Sept. would only be showing up NOW. Again, have filed with the attorney general's office, because I'm NOT messing around.

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