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I just wanted to say I actually researched this company before going through with selling my resort with them. The complaint I just read is one person. People have complaints everywhere all day, Wal mart Mcdonalds, airlines. Do you stop using any of those NO. This guy may have had a bad experience but thats one out of who knows how many. I am very careful and pretty much took a gamble with paying up front, I mean after thinking about it, was I going to let 1000.00 stand in the way of putting a 35, 000 check in my pocket. Well after waiting about a month I got offers and accepted my top offer, I received my check today(5 days later) and am very very happy. I had to do no work and now I am up 34, 000. That was the best 1000 I have ever spent and would do it again if I had the chance, but I won't because I will never be getting another time share.

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      Apr 20, 2009

    This person is right about judging a company based on the experience of just one person. However, I would never pay someone an up-front fee to see my time share. I got taken for $500 to list mine for rent and never got a single inquiry. This was a beach front property in Maui!

    There is a way to get out of a time share without giving it away. Check out the time share user group called "TUG". Just google TUG and check out their helpful info. Bottom line, you might get 10% to 30% of what you paid for it. Don't pay anyone an upfront fee to sell anything! They should always work on a commission.

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      Jan 06, 2010

    Scam Shills posted above!! They are now using the scam name "SKY BLUE SOLUTIONS" Don't believe any of the positive testimonials...They are all fake from company shills!

    Never pay ANY THING UP FRONT to sell ANY THING, You WILL be sorry if you do!!!

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