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I was being treated for severe trauma and pain associated with past shotgun and grenade wounds, had suffered several strokes and consequences of bad surgical recovery. I have level 10 pain. I was prescribed two pain meds on a 30 day schedule by my VA hospital PCP, Dr.Linguinini. She waits every month til my prescription runs out, then takes 5-8 days to fill it again. When I come in for a visit while in Level 10 pain my refill not having arrived, she accuses me of deliberately not taking my meds. She abuses me as do the patient advocates. NO ONE HAS FIXED the 10 day lag in my medications every month for nearly two years now. They instead accuse me of non-cooperation. I have one to two weeks of painful living every month. I get harassed. If I try to go to VA to pick my pain meds (I'm 100% disabled) I usually if I'm in the week where i have no pain meds left, have a seizure. Then they accuse me of not taking my meds when it is actually that the MD has not refilled my prescriptions on time, which causes them to disappear gradually from my system. No amount of complaining, writing or calling changes this situation. It's sadistic. My pain is nearly unbearable. I'm a 30 year veteran of the Marines and Army who served in combat faithfully and as an MP and I really don't deserve this abuse. My PCP thinks its funny to do this to me as does the Patient Advocate, Ms. James. I think part of the problem is that I was a female combat platoon leader who also did sniper duty. I get abused for that reason and because of my nationality.

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      Jun 30, 2014

    I am truly upset. My mother and step father was at the VA hospital in East Orange NJ today 6/30/2014 at 7am. My mother who is a diabetic, took my step father there because his foot had swelled up. The hospital took X-rays and he even consulted with the doctor. But for the life of me, I can't understand why they are just getting home. My mother left after not getting the proper services that the doctor recommended. Everyone kept giving her the run around. Now in August of this year my step father will be 90 years old. Please tell me why after he risked his life to serve this country, he could not get the proper assistance he needed? This is a very sad day. What's the use in serving this country when you can't get service when you need it?! Sign, A VERY ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED DAUGHTER

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