Ut marketsForex trading, with money management scam

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Last 6 months the UT market is not doing any trades, and money transactions, like withdrawals and termination clearances.

The said 7 months back FCA regulation authorities are doing the audit, once submit all the required documents, your funds can be released.

We are with patience since 7months, now they are not releasing the funds and saying that bankers are not permitting to release the funds.

I balance is showing on web page is 10, 125 USD. My friends also having USD 32000, USD20, 000 etc.

Pls advice, it seems, they are playing with us

Ut markets

  • Updated by Bhaskar Pichika, Jan 21, 2017

    Last 7 months company is not releasing our funds, as they are saying FCA having the audit. Now they are saying bankers are not releasing the funds.
    My balance is $ 10, 125, and my friends USD 32000 & 22000 USD.

    Pls advice how to have the action on them

    Forex trading, with money management scam
Jan 21, 2017
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      Jan 22, 2017

    A clear case of the sheep been lead to the slaughter house, People when are you going to learn, The banks struggle, Goldman struggle, big AAA rated companies struggle, so why on earth do you think/ feel that some grease ball with no understanding of this market is going to help you make eye watering Micky mouse returns, wait for it------- with the help of a $100 robot!!

    Please wake up and smell the coffee you 20% per can not be achieved by no one, and 100% well you believe 100% can be achieved then i am going to call the men in white coats just close your eyes and think, you just like the time you closed them when some low life brain washed into parting with your hard earned money, if these sort of returns were possible dont you naive people think that the world and its mother would be trading this dog eat dog market? yes of course they would, the fact of the matter is that 99% people lose in this market, 1% who make it are AAA rated institutes that make money off the 99% losers

    Wake up, dont go chasing a dream that will turn into your worst night mare,

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