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USA Photo Nation / Scam on digital camera!

1 United States Review updated:

I recently placed an online order with a company called USA Photo Nation for a Canon Powershot A640 camera. The reason for me buying from this company is that they had the lowest price. After I placed the order, I got an email from the store asking me to call them. I talked to Jamie at [protected], Ext. 214. Jamie asked me why I was buying a non-domestic camera. He told me that the price is for a camera that is supposedly comes without the manual, software, or the accessories that are usually bundled with it. I confirmed that I didn’t need the accessories. But then Jamie said that the camera has menus in Japanese and can’t be changed by user.

This is strange as language can be changed with the camera menus. At this time I told Jamie that I thought this was a scam to get the lowest prices listed on the web and attract customers. Jamie rudely said that he won’t listen to any of my complaint and will cancel the order.

I went back to their web site and nothing is mentioned about the camera having menus in Japanese. I believe that the person was actually lying (I doubt they sell cameras in the US with menus in Japanese). I believe that this is a simple scam whereby they have the best price on the web and then talk the buyer into buying what is usually bundled with the camera.

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  • Je
      27th of Nov, 2006
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    USA Photo Nation has done the same bait and switch trick to me. I will be canceling my order after going through this ordeal. If you still decide to buy from them, pay attention to their return policy in particular Sony products. You're on your own in dealing with the shipping company if they send you a lemon.

    They have a bad BBB record also:

    Buyer beware! They post the lowest price, but then force you to call them so they can then jack it up to where they're higher than the average prices for the given product.

  • Je
      27th of Nov, 2006
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    It's worse than I thought:

  • Va
      30th of Nov, 2006
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    After ordering a digital camera online, I got an email from the company asking me to call about my order. When I called they said they had to verify some information- credit card verification #, address,etc. They then tried to sell me accessories- memory cards, batteries,etc. When I said I wasn't interested in anything else, the rep said that all I was getting was the camera-no software, cables etc. For $50 more I could get the whole package. I told him that software was not listed as one of the accessories to buy on the website and i expected it with the camera. He said I wouldn't get the whole set up at the price I was paying, but he would omit the shipping price if I paid the extra $50 for the software. I told him I wanted to cancel my order because his company was deceiving. He continued to try to make me buy it and I kept telling him to cancel the order. He finally relented and said "your order is cancelled ###". Later on I found out that this company has many such complaints. Beware of too good a deal on the web. This had good ratings. I don't know how!

  • Jo
      16th of Dec, 2006
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    USA photo nation is a fraud scam. Bait switch. Website run by criminals. Report them to law enforcement. Take them down. They are cheaters. Fraud alert! Fraud alert! USA photo nation!

  • An
      2nd of Jan, 2007
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    Below is basically what I wrote (I had to shorten it about 100 characters b/c of their limit) I encourage everyone to file. I've included most of their information below:
    Complaint Number: 4577120

    This is regarding:
    Head Office Address: 164-15 Jamaica Avenue, Jamaica NY 11432

    I ordered a Canon ZR500 Mini DV Digital Camcorder from

    Upon ordering the item; I was instructed to call and confirm the order. Upon calling; the person on the phone attempted to "bait and switch me". I was told I needed to order the USA Model, which was conveniently NOT on their website until I was on the phone with them. (It is conveniently not on the website now.) The "USA" Model was significantly more expensive and the person on the phone attempted to pressure me and argue with me into authorizing a charge to my credit card for the "USA Model" because the advertised model would 'not work' without a firmware upgrade.

    At this point I requested that my order be canceled and the seller attempted to negotiate with me for a lower (yet more expensive than advertised) price. I still insisted on cancellation of the order. At this point; the seller attempted to bully me into agreeing while repeatedly placing me on hold before finally relenting and canceling the order. I assume the responsibility of not performing proper due diligence in researching the seller. I had accepted the rating found on, which now appears fraudulent. Had I done proper research, I would have seen that I am NOT the only unsatisfied person.

    Thankfully, I was able to cancel my order; however, I feel that I may now need to cancel my credit card and get a new number as this company now has my credit card number along with the CID. I am hoping that someone puts this company in its place, puts an end to their "bait and switch" business practices and restricts it from doing further business in the State of New York, (my home state), or anywhere else for that matter.

  • Te
      2nd of Apr, 2007
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    I have run into the same problem... All the same setup , except for a SONY DCR108 CamCorder...the problem is this is the way they do business. I have (since being told my camera is on backorder) canceled my order. I also experienced this with another on-line low price outfit called Wisetronics! Probably owned by the same folks..I will continue to complain about these two companies even to the manufactures who sale to them. Maybe if they can't get camera's then they'll go out of business...

  • Ke
      11th of Apr, 2007
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    USA Photo Nation - Incomplete order
    United States

    I ordered a Sony camera from USA Photo Nation. Pete, the salesperson and I had a nice conversation about baseball. I wanted the camera to begin filming the Detroit Tiger season around Opening Day in early April. I told Pete my purpose for buying the camera and he expounded on the virtues of his New York Mets. The camera arrived a couple days later without my Super Stamina battery and wall charger.
    I tried to contact the company but it was closed for the Jewish Holiday. I have continued to contact the company but I get no response. I went to Best Buy to purchase a battery. I also got the line about menus written in Japanese when I talked to them about buying the cheaper camera. These people should be ashamed of themselves.
    Why do they shut down for the religious holiday when they have no conscience?

  • Yv
      13th of Apr, 2007
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    I purchased a pro SLR Canon 30D camera yesterday through shopcartusa and the merchant was usaphotonation. Before hand, I had read through a couple sites that compliment or complain about companies.

    Most of the comments were great stating the products were received right away! However, there were two complaints that I saw out of tons that stated exactly what happened to me. In retrospect, I have to assume that the positive comments were put there by hired employees of the company because usaphotonation are DROP SHIPPERS. This means they do NOT store anything in a warehouse! The order it overseas and then about 6 weeks later you get your product. Anyways, they did the same thing to me, sending me an email asking me to call them about my order. The first thing the guy did was verify my address and then asked me for the three digit confirmation number on the back of the credit card.

    I had read somewhere not to do this, so I told him I didnt know where my wallet was at the moment and he said that was fine. Then the guy said that the camera I was buying was made out of plastic from China and not the metal version from Canon. I knew he was trying to pull a fast one so I said, that was fine because the lens I bought was pretty big and I didn't want the camera to be heavy. Then he repeated himself saying that it was not the "original" model from Canon to try to confuse me. I said it IS from Canon and they ARE made in China I am sure! Then he tried to sell me memory, batteries, charger etc. and I told him I already purchased all of it from other merchants.

    Thankfully the email they sent had an option to reply back to cancel because the order had gone into "back order". The other seedy thing they did was the the price quoted on shopcartusa was $649, but after clicking on the merchant link, it was $749…nice little hook. I should have stopped there! My naive brain told me that because I had looked at it a couple hours before the purchase and it become after 5 pm, they might have raised the price because people shop at night more. Stupid I know. I called my bank to ask if they would prevent the charge from coming through and they said there is no way to do this!

    Rather, that I would have to wait and complain after the charge is made. I am now nervous because I also bought a nice lens the other day from another company and am hoping that company is honest.. Another quick warning... I clicked on a featured link at the top of Google and called them. I thought if they were honest, I would buy from them and cancel my order with usaphotonation. I asked if they were drop shippers, what the camera was made out of and right in the middle of my third question they guy mumbled something and hung up on me! Why is buying a camera so difficult?

    I plan to report them to the BBB right away because even if I were to get the camera in the end, there were several questionable and dishonest things this company has done already.

  • Ba
      14th of May, 2007
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    On October 17, 2006, I purchased a Sony DCR-SR100 camcorder, wide angle lens, UV filter, and 8 hour rechargeable battery, also USA Photo Nation gave me a free camera case. The sales person said that USA Photo Nation would send me the best wide angle lens they had.

    I received a Sony DCR-SR100 camcorder, wide angle lens with a value of about $25 retail, UV filter that did not thread on my camcorder correctly, a 2 hour rechargeable battery instead of an 8 hour and a camera case. Also when I tried the wide angle lens on my camcorder and it was like looking through a coke bottle clipping the corners of the video frame.

    I phoned USA Photo Nation and told them and they gave me an RMA return authorization number, they said I could keep the 2 hour rechargeable battery.

    I returned the wide angle lens and UV Filter. I received back a box with just an empty wooden lens box in it, no wide angle lens, no UV filter and no 8 hour battery. I phoned USA Photo Nation about the mistake and they said that they would send me what I ordered.

    Package came but you forgot to send the UV filter also the wide angle lens is the exact same one as they sent the first time and I told them it did not work correctly in my camera.

    I took my camcorder and wide angle lens to a professional camera shop and tried one of there wide angle lenses in my camcorder and it worked just fine the sales person told me that USA Photo Nations wide angle lens was not worth the price I paid.

    I phoned USA Photo Nation telling them about the problem and they gave me the royal runaround, finally they said they would not give me an RMA number and they would charge me a 15% restocking fee. I was told by the person on the phone that I was playing games with there company regarding this issue. Why would I do such a thing? When the only thing I want is the merchandise I ordered and not all the runaround.

    I sent the wide angle lens back for a replacement; after I sent it I noticed they also sent me the wrong battery, the battery they sent was a Power 2000 that is too large to fit my camcorder.

    I sent the battery back using the United States Postal Service but this time with a signed confirmation but U.S.P.S. delivered the package Friday afternoon and they were closed Friday afternoon and all day Saturday, now it is up to USA Photo Nation to go to the post office to pick it up but to this date they have not done so. (USA Photo nation has now received the wide package but the post office forgot to get the required signature).

    I have been in contact with you Discover Card Dispute Department Mr. Kevin Pickett, but he said USA Photo Nation is claiming that they did not receive back any merchandise from me but I have conformation slips from the United States Postal Service that prove else wise, but Mr. Kevin Pickett said the U.S.P.S. conformation slips only shows that they were delivered to Brooklyn New York and do not show the full mailing address but I pointed out that the post office did not include my full mailing address when they sent the parcel to me either. Mr. Kevin Pickett accused me of sending the merchandise to a friend in Brooklyn New York. Discover Card even closed my case just on the words of USA Photo Nation.

    I have also been in contact with the United States Postal Service regarding this issue and the manager gave me the U.S.P.S. policy. I faxed them to Discover Card Dispute Department care of Mr. Kevin Pickett but with no results they are still taking the side of USA Photo Nation. Mr. Kevin Picket told me that I could have sent the packages to a friend in Brooklyn New York. I happen to be a Christian of very high standards and it would be against my Religion and my God to lye to them or anyone.

    (I do not know a battery company called LITHIUM-ION because there batteries swear to be an 8 hour battery but it only gets less than 300 minutes)

  • Ba
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    I have been in contact with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and they took care of my problem for me. If anyone is interested, I have been in contact with the New York City Department of Consumer Affairs and they took care of my problem for me.

    Question: What sort of company is this Merkury Innovations there products stink, the so called 8 hour battery barely gets three hours in my Sony camcorder and this is without using the fold out video screen. There wide angle lens works very poorly, I would have done better getting the Sony. Don’t bother purchasing the UV filter because it is the most useless thing anyone could waste there money on. Most of all stay away from USA Photo Nation’s add on junk because junk is what it is.

  • Wo
      9th of Aug, 2007
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    USA Photo Nation - Unethical practices!
    United States

    I've placed an order for Nikon D80 body on The price posted on their website was really competitive. Next day I've received email informing me that the order went into backorder and that I can cancel or wait 4-6 weeks. After 7weeks I called them and asked about the status. The person taking a call said "It is canceled... o no, it is in backorder, you need to wait 4-6 weeks". I've told her that I already waited 7weeks, and she answered "I don't know, you need to wait 4-6 weeks from today." She couldn't help me to understand what is happening with this order at all, so I've sent an email to their service dept. Next day I'm receiving automated respond "Dear valued Customer, This is to verify that your order has been canceled. Your credit card will not be charged. Thank you. Customer Service" That just proved they didn't take this order seriously at all. They just posted competitive price to have more people browsing their site. They wasted my time, harvested my credit card data, and used me to boost their visitor ratings on the internet.
    I just wanted to make more people aware of practices.

  • Je
      26th of Aug, 2007
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    How can they seem to be like $300+ lower than everyone else on a $900 item?

    You all have answered that question for me.

    If it seems too good to be true ... it's a scam. There are no free lunches, only frauds.

    Thank you all so much for taking the time to tell the truth about these bozos!!!

    You just saved me and many other people a world of heartache!!

  • Ro
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    USA Photo Nation - Misrepresentation of pricing!
    United States

    I placed an order on the web for a Sony HDRSR7 Camcorder. I knew the price was lower than anyplace else, but there was nothing on the web site or description of the camera to indicate grey market or any other scam. Got an email the next day telling me to contact Peter at ext 211. He proceeded to inform me I had not ordered a package... huh? What package, I asked. He said the price did not include the battery, charger, etc. The only thing the price included was the camera itself and he said it said that in big bold letters on the web site. Well, I cannot imagine Sony selling just a camera and not battery, strap, charger, ac adapter, dock, etc. Of course, "the package" was a little over $600.

    This is pretty common with the New York Camera resellers, only exception is possibly B&H whom I have dealt with in the past with no problems. So, needless to say, I canceled and wasted 5 minutes of my time with the crooks from USA Photo Nation. If this message does anything to stop their presence in the market place, that is good. However, you do need to love their moxie for putting so many fake letters of positive feedback when you pull them up using any standard pricing comparison tool.

  • Ji
      5th of Sep, 2007
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    USA Photonation - Misrepresentation of pricing!
    United States

    I ordered a camcorder from "USAphotonation" because of their price. Shortly I received an e-mail requesting me to call an 800 number concerning my recent order. I was informed that the given price did not include the battery or docking station without which the camera would be worthless. When I asked for my order to be canceled because of the misunderstanding I was treated abruptly and rudely and was hung up on after his muttering that he would cancel the order.

  • Do
      6th of Sep, 2007
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    USA Photo Nation - Bait and switch sales!
    United States

    Low prices advertised "in-stock", only there email says "Backordered". They want you to confirm the order and try to talk you into other more expensive equipment. I told them to cancel my order, their man says why, we have them in-stock. I asked why the camera was not shipped to me, he asked if I was an amature or a professional. I told him to go no further, Cancel the order. I had already followed their instructions and sent them an email requesting that the order be canceled. When I looked up the order it was still listed as backordered. I convinced them that I would not pay for cancellations or anything. They said that they canceled my order... I hope that they made no charges against my credit card.


  • Rd
      8th of Sep, 2007
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    I also purchased a Canon A640 thru USA Photo Nation. When I ordered it I also included an additional 1GB memory card which sold for $39. The next day I got an email from them telling me that I needed to call about my order. I don't remember the name of the individual I talked to but he stated that the memory card which I ordered has a high "bit loss rate" and is actually much slower than the one he recommended. I suckered in for another $39. Although I have no complaints about the product quality I would never order from them again.

  • Je
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    A rule of thumb. If you can't find the address of the company on its website, don't buy from it. They don't put it on because they don't want you to go after them n person. These people got multiple websites that are selling the same junk. The rating site where they are listed, where you found them are fake. All of the customer ratings were made up. Pass the word, don't be a sucker next time!

  • Pc
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    I am sill fuming mad and the more I read here, I wish I had done a better investigative job. I bought the Canon 5D from this company, and immediately the guy; named Christopher, who said he was the owner of the company; a family business passed on by his father, started adding "extras" to my order. Originally I thought it was for the price of the 5d listed on their site, so I thought this was a good deal. I had not looked at the "mouse" print on their site, but since this was the "owner", I trusted what he was telling me. My order came to $3,179.00. I figured with a quality dslr the light, tripod, remote switch, 4 hr. battery where a good deal. we all know good photography equipment is expensive. When I first mentioned to him that I had found the camera on another site for much less, he informed me it was a gray market brand and did not have the magnesium body of a Canon. he promised my order to arrive Tues. Wednesday at the latest, and I would not have to pay for shipping. The box came Thursday at 7:00p.m. The camera was the right one, but the other "extras" were the cheapest things I've ever seen. I called Christopher back yesterday, and at first he was pleasant when I told him I wanted to return some of the things. I asked what the light cost$20.00. he said I would have to call him today as he would have to speack to a customer service rep. Icalled at 7:30a.m. I told him the camera was fine, but I wanted to return all the extras..including a low-end Sigma lens. They offer a package with two quality Canon lenses for much less than I paid for this total package. I told him I would keep and pay for the camera and return everything else. The camera is listed at $1299.99, a good price. He immediately changed his tune and said, "Well, I can't sell you that camera for that price, you've got to be kidding." Apparently they will only include the quality camera if you spend alot of money on inferior extras!!I told him I would return the entire shipment, including the camera then. He informed me there would be a 15% restocking fee because he would have to pay my bank to redeposit my money. My bank said there's no charge. I was also sold a 5 yr. extended warranty , which was suppose to be for the price of a three. He failed to mention that his site offers a two yr extended free of charge with a package purchase. I ended up telling him I could not afford to just "give" him $500. and he should of mentioned this during our first conversaation when I asked what the return policy was! So, here I sit, with no return number which I'm suppose to have from them, and probably won't get before my 10 day exchange runs out.

  • Pc
      19th of Sep, 2007
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    This is my second posting. I have been on the phone all morning, including a call into photonation, and once again spoke with the owner, "Christopher". He promised to send me aRMA by email, so that I could make my return on time, I just got an email from them telling me to contact their consumer service department. I am now worried that if I send everything back, I will not only be out my $3,179.00, but also out a camera. I did call the FTC, and would suggest everyone do this and report them as a fraudulent, missleading company. After going through a automatice telephone interview, you will speak to a live person, tell your situation and dealings with usa photo and she'll give you a case number. Their number is 1-877-382-4357. Has anyone found a physical address for this company? I've tried several times and donot find a listing, even after searching the New York State directory.

  • Ke
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    Same old story here. I should have done my homework first. I think I heard somewhere "if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." Bummer.

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