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I hired Ed Snook and signed a contract with him. According to the website and from Ed Snook's own words, he claims to have the ability to free the innocent from a unlawful convictions by putting pressure on the DA and the Judge. . If you look at the US Observer web site, all it advertises is accountability and exposing corruption., I have a ton of evidence to expose the unlawful conviction of a high profile case out of Oklahoma. I have the actual evidence of the FBI launching a illegal nationwide manhunt without any lawful warrant. I also have recorded conversation of the FBI, the DA, the OSBI, the Sheriff, and may others. I gave this all too Ed Snook. See the list of evidence I attached. After about 2 weeks I was told by Snook that his lead investigator was impressed with all my evidence. He even told me that one of these pieces was enough to get Charles Dyer freed.. The proof of this has been uploaded to You Tube. I recorded all my conversations I had with Snook so my friend could later listen to the discussion's since he was not able to be involved directly due to his deployment in Afghanistan. Ed Snook claims he has been doing this for over 20 years. He claims to have vindicated over 4200 cases and he is the only man in the country who could get my friend out of prison. I believed in this organization and was thrilled when I was contacted by an active duty military who offered to pay the retainer and have me as his liaison. Ed Snook had me sign a contract and I was told to start to forward all my evidence to him and his lead investigator out of Colorado "Lorne Dey". After 2 weeks I spoke with Ed and I voiced my concerns with the people who have been the closest to the mother Janet Dyer. This group has been controlling and sustaining the support for the previous 3 years by deleting links, lying to supporters and the family and saying I was stealing money, telling supporters to not sign any petitions, and destroying all my efforts. This has been a regular issue. I would put out a support video with the DNA evidence and this group would come on the video and start to slander me with lies and rumors to get people not to watch the video or what ever the main evidence was. This group appears as if they are helping this family and the mother has grown to love this group. This was when I was contacted and a stranger paid for who I believed I thought could fix this. Then the same group began to lie and start the rumor that I was scamming money from the active duty supporter who donated the 10, 000.00. This of course was not true, just another way for these people to try and discredit. But this time their slander campaign back fired because I was in direct contact with the man who donated this money., So of course he also knows I did not scam any money from him...Ed Snook also of course knows the truth. When I found these public comments, one of the comments also said that Ed Snook dropped Deb Swan from the contract because she is a lunatic! "I called Ed and he told me not to worry and he would be sure to take care of these people and stop their public slander. That was the last day I ever spoke to Ed Snook. I kept trying to contact Ed Snook but he would not take my calls. I then found out that Ed Snook attempted to go to my friend who donated the 10, 000 and act to him that I wasted the $10, 000 and that I was a lunatic, Snook told him he was not going to work with me and he dropped me from the contract. He started telling people all my evidence was no good. Snook was trying to get my friend to believe him. Snook was not aware that my friend had already heard the positive conversations I has with Snook when he was at first complementing all my evidence . Now Ed Snook did a 180 degree turn on me. Since Snook now was telling everyone lies and refused to not return the retainer, I decided to file a complaint with the BBB and the DOJ. Snook then threatened me and told me if I file any more complaints he was going to destroy me. I then decided to put the conversations up on you tube to let the public hear the truth and he threatened me again. Snook has been on a talk radio show and has made up even more lies about me. He has told my friend who is in prison that it is my fault why he can not get him released. This has been a complete insane situation.I recently learned about the 2 page article that Snook also published and sent to all his subscribers. The US Observer has treated me with the most outrageous treatment and their behaviors are very psychotic. Ed Snook has the appearance of a man who stands up for the innocent. But there is a 100% opposite side to this. All of this evidence can be found here : Article Ed Snook Published about me

This link below you will hear ed Snook call me names, threaten me and deny I even have a contract then calling me a stupid whacked out ### and hangs up... You tube video I made that has conversation with Ed snook.

Now the past year my friend who is still in prison, has been told complete fabricated lies about me that were told too him by Ed Snook and his mother. This has destroyed my friendship, my career a Licensed Massage Therapist, and has destroyed my personal life from all the public defamation. I am now being used as the scapegoat. I have just heard one of these radio shows that Ed Snook was a guest on, and Ed Snook directly makes a threat and tells me that he is going to make sure I am in prison and everyone knows that I am a dangerous lunatic. I do hope that whoever reads this crazy story, if you have any questions please get in touch. I would like to share with you the rest of this. I would like to do my own investigation and find out if all these other 4200 cases he claims he has vindicated are real...

US Observer

Jun 09, 2014
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  • Ja
      Nov 21, 2014
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    I have watched this unfold and the U S Observer did Deborah Swan wrong! They have scammed a total of $19, 500.00 from Swan and the family of Charles Dyer. All they did was write a 1 page article, focusing on the ex wife, but they did not once mention all the FBI involvement and how the government targeted Charles Dyer due to his public speeches he use to give on the corruption of our government. We all know that Charles dyer was set up. The U S Observer threw Deb Swan under the bus and now have blamed the reason they can't get Dyer out of prison is cause of Swan. Total crock of ###! Do not hire the US Observer, they are a scam!

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  • Cr
      May 25, 2015

    US Observer hasnt done zip for J4P!
    What a waste of that soldiers money...


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