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US Engines - Kent WA / Bad Engine

1 Kent, WA, United States Review updated:
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I bought a rebuilt engine from US Engines and paid to have them install it. Total cost about $7000. It took longer than expected. When I put it in the water, the engine sounded normal at idle. When I increased the throttle to 1500 RPMs, it started making a funny sound and it had no power. I called them and spoke with Joe, I let him hear the engine and he asked if I could call back and let one of his other guys hear it. I called back in 30 minutes and spoke with John who said he was the manager. I had to take the boat out again to let him hear it. I let him listen to it. He said, yes it sounds like a problem and you need to bring it in. I said you guys are 30 miles away, its on my dock and I don't have a truck, I had to borrow one the last time to bring it down and bring it back, can't you send a mechanic to look at it? He said, sorry, I can't send a mechanic, you have to bring it down. So I said fine.

After he was done listening to it and I hung up the boat quit. I had to get towed in. I thought it was the battery. So I recharged the battery, and it still wouldn't start. So I called back, and after all kinds of stuff they wanted me to try, they said, it sounds like the engine is locked up and John said "I wish you hadn't run it after you figure out there was something wrong." I said you guys wanted to hear it, that's why I ran it.

So I borrowed the truck and took it back there. They said the starter was bad and the rocker arm bolt broke, again implying it was my fault that the bolt broke and it was might fault the starter broke. I paid $450 for a new starter and got the boat back again. I got the boat home, put it in the water, it ran for about 30 minutes and a warning sound began blaring. I check the oil guage, it said very low oil pressure. I checked the engine compartment and it was filled with oil. I got the boat home and put it on the lift and now I am just really mad that I decided to do business with these people.

I guess I am going to have to sue in order to get a competent set of mechanics to fix he boat correctly and get them to pay for it.

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  • Hb
      28th of May, 2009
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    What's the latest with your engine? Have they made good on it? I am thinking of replacing my boat's engine with one of theirs...

  • Ha
      11th of Jun, 2010
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    I wish I had accessed this site before doing business with this disgusting outfit!!!

    I truly hope I'm not too late toanswer the question above BUT--

    Don't walk but run with a rocket up your axx away from this organization.

    Their written warranty looks so good on paper however is totaly worthless
    since they simply woun't honor it.

    Listen Up!

    They sold me a long block which after professional installation in my boat it used
    a quart of oil an hour and left great clouds of exhaust smoke. The manager Mike
    Henderson insisted it was a fuel problem not an oil burning problem.

    Under his direction the fuel system was checked by a lisened Volvo service center which
    determined the fuel system was well within Mfg specs. Mike H still insisted the problem
    was with the fuel system and warranty correction was still rejected.

    The engine was removed, disassembled, and numereous deficiencies were corrected with
    the end result of a correctly rebuilt engine which runs great but at the cost TO ME of
    another remove, rebuild, and reinstall Plus the unnecessary expense as directed by Mike H
    of the fuel system testing.

    Harmon Jones

  • Wi
      14th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I also wish I had read this before being sucked in by the *7-year warranty*.
    I was looking to upgrade my 330hp 454 mercruiser and called around numerous places. My engine was just getting old and I wanted more speed, so I bought a *400hp* engine from one of the Mikes @ US Engines.
    When it showed up, my mechanic said he has never seen a pro-built engine arrive without any papers, including instructions on priming the engine oil. No warranty papers. I call and they say a *package* is on the way with warranty, etc.. I finally got a one piece paper in the mail saying that the full warranty is one year and parts for 7 years.
    Anyhow, the shop puts the engine in the boat and it started fine, but first run out, two rocker arm nuts fly off and a rocker arm breaks. The owner, another MIke(noone uses last names or gives out last names when asked . Its Mike A. or Mike C, etc.. .and Mike the owner emails me and tells me that they reuse rocker nuts because *they dont make any good ones anymore*!!! He agreed to cover warranty and than a couple weeks later, a rocker stud-bolt breaks off and they again agree to cover warranty.
    In the meantime, we had to prop down from a 20 pitch prop to a 17 pitch because the new *400hp*(written in orange crayon on the block) does not have the power that the old 330hp engine we replaced had. Mike the owner, blamed my mechanic, who surprisingly held his patience and checked the intake bolts every time Mike said that had to be the problem, but in the end, it was just an engine rebuilt with used parts and didnt have 400hp. The owner said if I really wanted to go faster I should have bought a 425hp engine because 400hp isnt much of an increase over 400hp because its really torque they are selling in the boat engines, not hp. When I brough up that 400hp was a 21% increase over my old 330hp in its prme, he said its not the hp but the torque and when I asked why I had to prop down 3 sizes he again blamed my mechanic, said my Holley Marine carb was no good and my dual-plane intake which was also for a 400hp mercruiser. (and all worked on the old engine- I just wanted to get more speed).
    I wish the story ended there, but weeks after the trucking company made arrangements for US engines to pick up my engine core, it was still sitting there at the loading dock. Mike the owner, said Mike CAwas sick and must not have made arrangements, but it sat there for a good month and when I asked them a month later for my $1000 core deposit, they emailed back that my heads were cracked! I decided to suck it up and just take my $500 and the warranty money they agreed to pay, but my card was not getting credited. I finally sent a registered letter that was signed by Mike Astor asking for my core deposit and proof that my heads were cracked because I had video proof the engine was running the day before we took it out(new engine already arrived--my engine was not blown up) and I heard nothing and another month went by and I finally hired a friend who deals with jerks on the phone daily to see if he could sort it out. He told me he had called 12 times in two days and could not even get the owners last name. He was told it was Mike C and when he asked how you spell *C* Mike A says *C* and I am not allowed to give you his last name for privacy reasons.
    My friend finally talked to owner Mike C and he welcomed us to take him to court because he said he was not covering any warranty, even though we have the emails stating he would cover and said *take me to court* which he knew was not worth the hassle from Canada. In the end, I got $500 and no warranty and I bought it with Visa for *visa protection* but Visa said that because I did not contact them within a month of sending the engine back, they couldnt do anything. I couldnt do anything because the engine was still sitting at the trucking warehouse waiting to be picked up! The shop that installed my engine said that this is definitely the worst dealing they have ever seen, so the prices seem good and warranty is long, but none of it helped me. I now have a slower boat than i started with and curse these guys every time I ride in the boat, especially when someone says *is that all you have *

  • Ch
      9th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    This is a good place to air your false feelings when us engine does not do what you want when its not our fault. Try owening up to your problems you cause and not pass blaim on to others. We sell over 500, 000 milion engines and our bbb rating is A and we take care of our engines when we cause problems. You people should have the guts to let people know who you are you won't because all this is made up thats correct made up. Charlie Silvers 253-852-3263 see whats so hard about providing true information and leaving your contact info. Come on now if what your saying is true leave your name and number spine less.

  • Ch
      9th of Dec, 2010
    -1 Votes

    There are so many unhappy people that hate their life makes them happy to try and drag other down with them

  • Ha
      31st of Dec, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Charlie, who do expect will believe U S Engine sellls or has sold 500 trillion (500, 000 X million = 500 trillion) engines?

    I don't know how your BBB rating was changed from a D+ (6-10-10) to an A however rest assured a change downward to where the U S Engine BBB rating belongs is in process.

    Your statement, "We take care of our engines when we cause problems" is absolutely ludicrous. How can you make such a statement when I have a court judgement and a lien against U S Engine for an engine deemed defective by three individual professioal sources and for which YOU have refused to discuss settlement.

    Charlie, you are well aware of who I am since YOU PERSONALLY refused My request to settle the District Court judgement which was confirmed by a Superior Court lien against U S Engine. So Charlie, just who is the one who can not make a single factual statement. Certainly you can not!!

    Incidently I have lived a long and happy life and have no intention of draging myself down to your level. I will however continue to prusue, at my liesure, collection of the leagal claim against U S Engine.

    W. Harmon Jones

  • Bi
      7th of Jan, 2011
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    Charlie likes to hide behind his email address. He has no intentions on running a reputable company, my suggestion is look elsewhere for your enginre needs. I doubt the warranty is worth the paper its printed on. My engine showed up with the crankshaft facing down toward the pallet and strapped so tight it broke the pallet. Were they trying to warp the crank?
    When I asked about the oil pump, that usually come with every engine I have ever purchased, He said" They are just to costly these of days."

  • Ha
      14th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    You have that right, U S Engine is the most DISREPTUABLE company I have ever dealt with. You are also correct that their warranty is absolutely WORTHLESS. When I returned my defective engine to them for warranty service they denied any warranty responsibility even though expensive tests (performed at my expense) were performed at their direction and which did establish the engine was in fact defective.
    I to was decieved by the lack of of an oil pump. When I searched for an engine supplier U S Engine was the only supplier which did not specifically state that an oil pump was included with the engine. I guess that should have been a clew however it seemed logical that such a critical part of the engine shoul be a stsndard inclusion. When I called them I was told that theynever include an oil pump but that my odl pump would PROBABLT be OK but that they would sell me a new one (at an exorbitant) price.
    The gasket set wcich came with the engineincluded automotive head gaslets not marine grade gaskets and when called they said thats what youu get, you don't need marine gaskets.
    I have just heard of two other different bad experiences thit U S Engine but I do wish more unfortunate customers would come forth and maybe we could put some major hurt on this outfit.

    Harmon Jones

  • Cr
      21st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    What's the mystery here?
    Owner: Michael P. ( Paul ) Crossan
    dba U.S. Engine - employs brothers John, Charlie, Joe

    The guy doesn't stand behind his warranty.
    Even when found at fault in small-claims court cases ( see ) they refuse to pay judgement awards to litigants.

  • Fr
      21st of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    The BBB rating is meaningless.
    To anyone reading this: if you have any questions, call ANY automotive repair shop in Seattle, Kent, Auburn, Renton, Bellevue, Tacoma, Olympia, Bremerton, Port Orchard or any other city nearby and ask them about this company.
    Or call ANY Schucks/O'Reilly Auto Parts store and ask them WHY they stopped using this company as their primary supplier over ten years ago.

  • Bi
      21st of Feb, 2011
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    WOW! Glad I done some research before spending our hard earned money as we are in the market for a new motor for our boat. We were strongly considering US Engines...that is before I researched the company's background...Nahhhhh...I've changed my mind. I will continue looking.
    Thanks all! Sorry for all the headache and wallet aches :-(

  • Al
      19th of Mar, 2011
    +1 Votes

    DO NOT GO TO THIS SHOP! These people are incompetent crooks. After they rebuilt my engine I put the boat back in the water, only for it to die a few minutes later, 500 yards from the shore. So I paddled back (few hours against the wind, by myself), called them and told them it is unacceptable that after 6 thousand dollars I paid them my boat dies just like that. So they asked me to bring it back in (they would not come out to me, even though this is obviously their fault), so I did. Note though that it costs me $100 to rent a truck every time I need to tow a boat - so $200 in truck rental charges (once to drop it off, once to pick it up), almost $100 bucks in gas driving from Kirkland/Kent distance 4 times, and it takes hours and hours out of my day to be pulling the boat out of the lake and dricing it around. Anyway, they said they didn't connect the carburetor well (or something like that) the first time around, so they fixed it. But I lost $300 in transportation costs, many wasted hours, and a week of having fun on the lake.

    Then, one day shortly after, my engine burns (yeah, literally burns, luckily I got out of it alive), so I take the boat in to claim the warranty, and they say impeller sucked in a plastic bag, so it's not their fault; I should claim it on the insurance. Mechanic hired by the insurance company (Allstate) took the thing apart and said this is the US Engines poor 'craftmanship' fault, so they wouldn't pay for it. And US Engines wouldn't pay for it either. So I took out another $6k and had them put in yet another engine.

    Then a month later I get my boat back, and a few weeks later weird noise starts coming out of the engine box. A minute later - boom! Breakage and stoppage. I take it back in (another $100 for the truck, plus gas), they sorry "sorry, our fault, engine rod went through the oil pan", so they give me a new engine. So a month later I pick up the boat (another $100 for the truck, plus gas).

    Now the engine is running fine, but the shifter is stiff as hell all of a sudden (right off the bat), but it is October already so I was done thinking about it for the year, and winterized the boat. Spring time, I take it back to the shop again (another $100 for the truck, plus gas), and guy Mike working in there says he thinks it's the shifter mechanism (not the cable), but he can't tell without taking it apart and looking at it. A week later I call and he says "yeah, it's the shifter mechanism, go buy a new one (~$300) and I'll switch it for you for a $150 labor charge". That's when I decide to get a second opinion, and I take the boat back (another $100 for the truck, plus gas). I get a new machanic to looks at it; guy takes the drive off and shows me the cable is bent...nothing wrong with the shifter mechanism. So must be that the monkeys over at US Engine bent the cable when they were putting the drive back on (after replacing the engine), and then they were too lazy to check and just told me it's the mexhanism. And if I listened to them, I would have bought the new mechanism for $300 and that wouldn't have fixed the problem. So I finally blew my fuse, went in the shop, and started yelling and screaming, many cuss words too, in front of the customers. Some ugly looking little guy with no teeth told me to get lost (?!?) and then the owner (Mike C.) told me he'll give me $130 for the cable I bought to make it right.

    After $12k for engines, plus at least a thousand I spent in truck rentals and gas, driving my boat back and forth to and from their shop, and days and days wasted dealing with this, he's giving me $130 for the cable to make it right. And I took it. I took it because I knew that's the best I can do in dealing with these guys who have no business morality or common sense. Very sad.

    Since, I've been having some minor issues with the boat, and been going to Yarrow Bay Marina, and Seattle Boat in Newport to ask them to work on it, but they both refused to after they heard US Engine has worked on it. They said there's no way they'll touch anything US Engines had their hands on. If you doubt this, go ahead and call, anyone at Yarrow Bay Marina or Seattle Boat and see for yourself.

    And Charlie Silvers, whoever you are, how dare you attack people who share their experiences on this forum. What difference does it make if someone leaves their name or not. Do you need their contact info to call them on behalf of US Engines and make it right, compensate them for their losses?? If US Engines was willing to do this, these people wouldn't be leaving negative comments in the first place. Think with your silly little head Mr. Charlie Silvers.

  • Ra
      14th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    Damn, thanks for all the reviews on this company. I was also considering purchasing an engine from them after reading their "warranty" and perusing their website. The prices seemed "too good to be true" and I dug a bit deeper. You get what you pay for, , , or in some cases you get nothing for what you pay for. I cannot afford to get another crap engine. I was already swindled by the A@@-hole private owner who sold me a boat with more problems than anyone has a right to. Just wish there were more honest folks out there than scammers.

  • Ni
      21st of Jun, 2011
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    My Name Is Nick LaBella, and i wish i had read these complaints earlier, this is just a quick overview as i have dates and times of every call placed to US ENGINE and plan to time line my whole experience and let every boating fishing and hunting forum i belong to aware of this till the day I DIE ...I just got off the phone with a Ray, Informing me the my cores that i sent back where no good something like the block and head were to corroded to use, and the valves were rusty(fresh water cooled blocks) ...this Is the second phase of the scam known as the" US ENGINE experience"...(Mid February )Shortly after calling about pricing (i talked to a Mike), I checked with my credit union to secure the funds, 1/2 hour later i called back to place an order and the price had changed already(more money of course...) I too had issues with the shipping company they used as i was told my engines were sitting on the dock as they werent able to contact the phone to were the engines were delivered (an above average auto truck repair/ body shop in South Jersey op3n 8- 5 a.m daily), so i finally get the engines mid March and the Keyway for the dampner was trashed (pics to follow) the main crank cap bolt with the threaded stud was bent over on the end, the rear main cap was chipped and missing pieces of metal, there were no threads for the oil filter and also no oil pump...I havent installed the engines yet and i am thinking of tearing the reciprocating mass to check what else was thrown together...So I called them back to let them know i'd be taking the parts off of my engines befor i sent them back, and i didnt receive any paperwork with the engines, I was told that they were on the cellophane the motors were wrapped in so i told him they must have been thrown away as i wasnt expecting my receipt and warranties in the engine...after 2-3 more calls about the warranty / billing etc. I received my warranty stating if I want the 7 year warranty i would need to mail an additional 50 USD per engine else the warranty was only one year...this isnt mentioned anywhere on the website or explained when purchasing. NOW here it is June 21, 2011 and they are now almost 4 months later letting me know im getting BONED for $800 for two cores !!! What took so long here, you never get a straight answer when you call they always want to call back and rarely in my experience did they call back...I hope my engines dont blow as it seems that the warranty is most likely crap also...Heres a pic of one of my old running engines that was running at layup in November and removed in february, and some of theyre other "quality" craftsmanship...not like that flange is going to leak oil, its a Q.C. piece that should have never been bolted on as far as im concerned...More to Follow ...Nick LaBella

  • Ni
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    pics not working test 123

  • Ni
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    talk about rusty cores

  • Ni
      23rd of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Nick here, Last Night i went on the USENGINE web site and left a request with my email and phone number, that I would like them to grt back to me with the number stamped on my blocks as proof we were talking about the right engines, funny the comment section was only limited to 25 words, will report back on there reply June 21st i was told i had 15 days to p/u cores...stay tuned

  • St
      21st of Sep, 2011
    0 Votes

    WOW ! Found this site just before ordering 2 454s. Thanks For Saving Me The Pain! I'll look somewhere else.

  • Ph
      22nd of Sep, 2011
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    WOW is right. I was seriously considering ordering replacements for my 310 HP 7.4 MPIs in my 37 Sea Ray and getting U.S. Engines' 415 HPs. But their $1000 core charge per engine and "apparent" stringent requirements for an "acceptable" core gave me a lot of pause. I looked them up on the BBB site, to which they are NOT BBB accredited but do show an A+ rating based on time in business and resolution of complaints. More importantly in my book, they've had 24 complaints in the last 3 years but the guy I spoke with said they were all installer errors. However, I view these complaints to the BBB as an indication, an effort of last frustration, and like rape, only 1 in 20 that get reported. Also can't find any mention of U.S. Engines on any of the Sea Ray Forums altho Michigan Motorz and Eagle Engine Sales have had a few kudos. Bottom-line, I think I'll pass.
    Phil P.
    Clearwater Beach FL

  • Jo
      10th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes

    I bought a chevy 383 stroker 350 hp engine from US Engine last November to replace my 350 in my Bayliner. This engine lasted 38 hours before an exhaust valve broke and destroyed the engine. I sent the engine back for warranty the last week of July, in the last week of September I was told that US Engine was not going to Warranty the engine because they felt that the engine was overheated. I know this engine was never overheated. This valve failure was nothing more than a low quality part failure.

    Jeff Jones Anchorage, Alaska

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