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Urban Nation Entertainment / unfair to workers

1 Willis, TX, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 4807856872

I'm a former worker for Mr. L Engerman and all i can say is that Mr. Engerman is playing games with his employees. He is not paying us what we worked for and sold me a stories about why i can't get my money. We are to get paid every week and i was told that i had to wait 2 weeks before i can get paid. I know longer work for Mr. Engerman and can't get what I'm due. I've talked to Mr. Engerman 2 days before pay day and was told that i would receive my pay and now that i 've choose to stop working for me i will not get my money that i worked for. I'm filing a CLASS ACTION SUIT against Mr. Engerman and Urban Nation Entertainment and DUP ( Discover Unlimited Possibilities). I did not want to believe that this was a scam, wanted to believe that this really helped inner city youth, but since I've left to better myself, i can't get my money that I'd worked for. So to all who is reading this complaint, do yourselves a favor and don't support Mr. Engermans organization. NO DONATIONS, NO MAGAZINES, NO MORE Mr. Engermans get rich scam. I also received a ticket for soliciting without a permit when Mr. Engerman knew that i did not have one, and place me in a area that required one, now I'm left to pay the $660 ticket. I'm not the only one who is going through this with this so-called organization. Other workers are being arrested for this problem and can't leave the organization because of owed money for being arrested, ticketed and other situations. Please don't take it out on the young adults that come to your door. Just let them know that YOU ARE NO LONGER SUPPORTING MR. ENGERMANS BANK ACCOUNT AND SCAM ANYMORE. All this comes from first hand experience.

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