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UNUM disability insurance
United States
Hi..On behalf of my very ill mother and MANY THOUSANDS of other sick and injured claimants.I started a movement to BAN TOGETHER NOW and BRING UNUM DOWN NOW!!! My website address is "bringthemalldownnow.com" Please spread this information along ANYWAY you can. You know someone in the PUBLIC news media.Forward this to them. My mother has 7 disabeling diseases and MUCH more.I am calling on American Businesses to CANCEL all UNUM CONTRACTS RIGHT NOW!!!Take a public stand to chastise UNUM for TAKING ADVANTAGE of the sick, injured and dying. Chastise them PUBICALLY for the use of" BULLY TACTICS" and show them there is something we can do..right now by joining this movement to stand up to crooked insurance companies. American businesses ..."STOP BUYING FROM THE WORST!!!" TELL UNUM..and any other poorly rated disability insurance companies...THAT THEY CAN'T TREAT YOUR EMPLOYEES THIS WAY ANY LONGER...YOU ARE STEALING THEIR HARD WORKED FOR MONEY and LEAVING them ALONE when VUNERABLE and SICK!!!"Please purchase contracts from disability insurance companies that are "TOP RATED" and certainly not the from the "WORST RATED" rated companies. I am asking them to help us. I started a petition and am collecting signatures from anyone who supports this movement.. to send their signature to me on a separate piece of paper. This petition to be displayed later at a public rally. Enough OF THIS!! WE NEED MORE ACTION...more than blogging.UNUM has shown that does not bother them. UNUM does not care what reputaion they have and what is said. They defy even HONORABLE judges..mocking our judges and courts..like their own playgroud.They need to be "PUBLICALLY CHATISED" for YEARS of mean and abusive cruel, tactics against the MOST vunerable among us..the sick..injured...and dying. You don't get anymore INHUMAN than that ...STEALING from the very vunerable...weak and sick. Who can't fight right now.I am also sending letters to American Businesses..asking them to "CANCEL THEIR UNUM CONTRACTS" ( and other poorly rated disablility insurance companies with large numbers of consumer complaints)and to PLEASE BUY ONLY...ONLY from "TOP RATED" disablility insurance conpanies ... with the LOW...LOW consumer complaints. "STOP BUYING FROM THE WORST"!!!Take a public stand with us NOW. JOIN ME RIGHT NOW!!! WRITE ME TODAY..tell me you are joining in.(send your signature in too)on a separate piece of paper). Tell me your stories..or why you are joining in in THIS PUBLIC "OUTCRY FOR HELP". Tell me you are CONTACTING MEDIA SOURCES you know of..SEND DONATIONS TODAY...They have lawyers right at their fingertips.I don't!! This is expensive and I need finanicial help right now to keep this movement even going. If they did not even pay for 2 years disability for a woman with 7 incureable..lifelong chronic disabeling diseases and much more too...who are they really paying? What are they doing to consumers wth subjective diagnosis..like FMS or RSD or chronic fatique syndromes, where there is no x-ray or blood tests objectively available to support diagnosis'??I am Jamie.. please send signatures for the petition to 226 N. McKenzie Adrian Michigan 49221 TODAY to "Bringthemalldown" ...and send ANY money right now that you can to help me with this effort. Even if it is just one dollar...any money helps!!! I need it NOW..before they shut US DOWN and silence us.They will try! Therefore, NOW is the time..DON'T WAIT even one day longer. HELP ME right now.I can't do this by myself!! I need everyone's help. Especially, those who are not sick. Don't wait until you are and no check arrives at your door but now you are just to sick to fight.Everyone gets sick at least 3 months one time in their life before age 60. So..this IMPACTS EVERYONE on some level. God, forbid, you get a disbeling disease and then learn your company CONTRACTED WITH ONE OF THE "WORST INSURANCE COMPANIES" with the WORST CONSUMER COMPLAINTS and NOW THIER BULLIES are knocking at your front doors!!! Send donations URGENTLY needed..make the check or the money order out to "BRINGTHEMALLDOWN" to 226 N. Mckenzie, Adrain, MI 49221..(eventually, you will be able to donate on line but DON'T WAIT until then!!! I may not be running next week. I need it NOW. Also..please send me the name of your company..the disability insurance they contract with( if UNUM or other poorly rated disability insurance company) and the contact person with their phone number and the address for us to send them a letter directly. We are going to send individual letters directly American businesses asking for help and to go to our website too. Help me in anyway you can!!! RIGHT NOW... is the key. If you have an idea..please send it in writing.If you can afford to give a large donation please do so right away. This is GREATLY appreciated..you are HELPING THOUSANDS AND THOUSANDS of VERY SICK or INJURED claimants..or MANY in need of operations and some even dying claimants..who are NOW having trouble with UNUM and NOT receiving any checks or are being presuured or even bullied around by...like my owm mother right now.. who can't fight for themselves!! By sending your donations in ..This...WHO YOU ARE REALLY HELPING!!! This is the ONLY way we can fight back. Tell UNUM ..they can't mock our courts.Tell them.. they MUST RESPECT these HONORABLE JUDGES and courts too!!!Tell them.. that they most pay too!!! Lets also address this IME( independant medical examinations ) problems too. CLAIMANTS are being FORCED to undergo a SO CALLED Independant Medical examintion or IME when there is ABSOLUTELY little INDEPENDANT thing about it at all!!!Claimants go in blind. These doctors are being paid HUGE sums of money and MANY are right in the pockets of these insurance companies. Even HONEST DOCTORS who find something is wrong with you medically and rule in your favor are JUST NEVER asked to evaluate again!! This puts pressure on these doctors to always rule against you. Consumers go in NOT understanding what is REALLY going on. Many believe that this is a FAIR unbaised examination. When many of these doctors rule against these patients the majority of the time. We want to stop misleading patients that this is NOT in ANYWAY INDEPENENT. They NEED to be informed ahead of time. INSURANCE companies STOP using doctors who ONLY rule AGAINST the patients... Doctors who rule in favor of sick or injured CLAIMANTS should also be asked back again. Take the pressure off doctors!!!Send your signature ONLY on a separate piece of paper to support our petition to Amercian corporations asking for help. You MUST BE 18 years or older. By sending your signature in you acknowlegde that you are at least 18 years of age. Help NOW..help the sick..they injured..and even the dying among us at home right now who are too sick and weak to fight for these benefits. If you know someone in the news media...help us get public attention too. Thank you. Let's ban together RIGHT NOW and send a strong messgae to these CORPORATE THIEVES who are literlly robbing us all blind. A compnay gives a product or service for the money they get. Many times UNUM gives NO PRODUCTS at all!!! They promised to pay.Remember they are NOT going to want this site to stay up and operating. They will AGGRESSIVELY... COME AFTER US AND THIS SITE TO SHUT IT ALL DOWN. THEY DO NOT WANT TO LOSE EVEN ONE CONTRACT..infact..they are wanting MORE claimants to steal from!!!They WILL COME AFTER US SOON. This is why it is URGENT everyone help immediatlely. Help us GET the MESSAGE OUT NOW!!! They want to keep these contracts with corporations.They certainly will not want any threat to lose even one contract or get this into the media attention. This is why it is IMPERATIVE everyone help.. Now is the time. We have a chance, at this very moment, to stand up all together and take them on for this outrageous behavior and tell them ENOUGH!!! When you pay an auto dealership for a new car you EXPPECT A NEW CAR..NOT a piece of old RUSTY JUNK..or NOT given a car at all. This is essentially what some of these disability insurance companies are doing. They are taking YOUR MONEY UPFRONT..way ahead of time..with a PROMISE for a NEW CAR will be there for you when you fall sick. And you will fall sick!!This is nothing but THEFT!! And..we can't even file a police report..like i said..even a small time street corner THUG who stole 200 dollars.. gets into MORE criminal trouble then this corporate thieves ever do.And they are stealing millions of dollars.It is OUTRAGEOUS that this level of theft has been allowed to go on with NO criminal charges even filed. I have read that some of these companies give adjustors finanicial incentives to terminate policies. They often lie and don't really even have a honest basis for stopping many these claims in the first place. As with my mother own claim. She sent in the x-rays..MRI reports showing herniated lumbar disc...spinal sugery reports...some abnormal blood tests and other specialist medical diagnosis'..she has an inoperable tilted pelvic girdle..making all the ligaments& muscles contract abnormmly with every step she takes. She has migraines and chronic pain issues that will never completely resolve.I mention the herniated discs already..she has a rare disease called ADDISONS' WITH SOMETIMES CAN EVEN BE LIFE THREATENING ADRENAL ATTACKS. People who have this particular disease can not handle physical or mental stress they way normal people can. They have to slow way down taking extra time for activites. Infections can land them into hospitals where as you and I can take antibiotics at home and be up in 1 day or so.They can't .UNUM KNEW she had this particular ailment..there is No cure.She has to take hydrocortisone and some INECTIONS for adrenal attacks too..the rest of her life. UNUM knew upfront she can't handle normal stressors like you and I can!! UNUM did not seem to care at all and made up some lies and THEN sent with ONLY a couple of days notice BEFORE they ENTIRE CHECK was even due and EXPECTED. They did not seem to care she had expensive medications she needed to buy and was planning on using this check. money. They did not care the added stress this would add to her already difficult painful life. They did not even have the natural human KINDNESSES to give her any proper notice or a chance to rebutt. They did not even ask for more input to see if they had all the facts. Just terminated her benefits and sent way less than was being expected. Remind them they promised to pay!! Many claimants lost homes, depleted bank accounts all b/c UNUM refused to pay reasonable claims. UNUM found it is STILL cheaper and MORE PROFITABLE to defy JUSDGES orders and to simply NOT PAY claimants.Not everyone has a case that a lawyer will take .STOP calling UNUM. Stop complaing to UNUM. They do not care. Start calling your hman resources departments and demand AMERCAN corpaorations change policies NOW...Won't you please JOIN us NOW??
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