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To whom it may concern,

My name is Stephanie A. Williams. I have been working for this company, Kelly Services for almost three years now.
I am in Indianapolis Indiana my first site sirs/ ma'ams was with the Roche pharmaceutical in the diabetic diagnostic supplies plant. I was affiliated with the Kelly service at Castleton Square 5750 Castle Creek pkwy North Drive suite 187 Indianapolis In 46250
I Began my job position in March 2017 Making 11.00 an hour. I had recently undergone two major surgeries. A full hysterectomy and Lumpectomy. I have stage two breast cancer but despite this, I excepted the job because I desperately needed to work.
The job at Roche required me to be on my feet for long lengths of time. From 7:00 am to 4:00 pm. I called the Kelly office and was assigned to the Stericycle site the pay rate 13.00 an hour. I worked there until the date of May 25th of this year when my assignment had ended.
I then was placed in contact with a Kelly Services Supervisor Markeetha Sanders located at the Greenwood In location 1279 North Emerson Ave Suite C
Over the phone I was told I would be placed on another assignment beginning May 28th the training class was to begin on this date at 7:00 am for the call support position at Republic Services paying 15.00 and hour.
I completed the back round check passed, drug test passed also typing test and passed. I completed all the on-boarding information but when the day came for me to start, I was called a day before not to report, they had all the persons they needed. I was confused why did I get so far before they realized this? I began looking for other jobs with other companies. In the process of doing so I contact this office again. I was told by Markeetha Sanders because she was not pleased at all with the earlier mishap she had a position she said, I would maybe like at a company called LTCG in Carmel In.
I wanted to take the position now desperate to work it would pay 14.00 an hour. I was to interview with this company at 1289 City Center Drive June 22 at 10:00 am. On the day I was getting dressed to leave for this interview at 8:27 am I received an Email notice not to report for the interview.

My mother had passed just the week before after being in hospice for 2 months. I just gotten back a day before from her funereal so I was not heavily bothered that I did not get to interview, my disposition was not correct I might not had gotten the job only excepted because Markeetha was very nice in trying to help me find any position, also I deeply needed to work.
I was then submitted to a position in Fishers, the position was at Stanley Black and Decker. I interviewed for this company on June 26 at 10:00 am. I did an excellent interview to the point, I emailed Markeetha before I left the company grounds and told her as much, that I believe they are going to hire me!

The very next day the 27th Markeetha Emailed me and told me Great news! You where selected for the job position, it beginnings on July 16. I sent back back that I did except.
I did the criminal back round and drug test for this company again passed all of course and completed all of the onboarding information as well. All I had to do now was just wait to start. Then I received a call from Markeetha the job would not be starting on the 16th of July it had been moved to the 30th of July. I had interviewed for another job place and got the job it paid 12.00 but because this job was paying 16.00 an hour I decided to wait on this job.
Then today I was called again by Markeetha who was herself very upset about what happened to me but others was replaced and put in the position I was to begin and will starting on the 30th in my place. In this month if I do not pay something towards my rent, I will be put out. My landlord has been understanding because my mother had passed but it has been two months without me paying rent. My car note needs to be paid and I need to work. I do NOT understand this kind of injustice and gross unprofessionalism. I had even emailed the Kelly office twice on Wednesday to make sure this position would not be changing to a different date or canceled and what time would I need to report on Monday (this 30th).
I did nothing wrong, I completed all of the necessary test I had to complete for this job, went on the interview and did an excellent interview. I was told different times I would begin this job position and truly needed it because the pay rate would catch me up from being unemployed.
I want to know exactly why? I have been out of work for three months now interviewing for jobs with Kelly getting the job completing the on-boarding information and not receiving the position.
I have two children I care for then myself this is unfair and not ethical, not professional or a proper excellent service which Kelly service promote they are about! I have been mislead by this office nothing will be done but I did not want to be again over looked and just not saying anything. In my grief over my mother and trying to make it financially, struggling to keep it together on all aspects for this to happen again is hard. I had my clothes ready sold my laptop for gas money to get to and from work and all for not.
Something is very wrong when you are assign a job to a person and another can reassign a person after the first person has:
Went on the Interview for the position
Got excepted for the position
Complete all the on-boarding information
Complete all the drug and back round screening

I just felt the need to place this at this office attention

Thank you

Stephanie Williams

Jul 28, 2018

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