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University of the Rockies / Not accredited as promised

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Contact information:
444 E Pikes Peak Ave
Colorado Springs
Phone: (719)-442-0606
Rockies.edu or University of the Rockies, or The Colorado School of Professional Psychology or formally known as the Chapman College, Colorado Springs Campus. This college is not accredited for the doctorate of clinical psychology PsyD program with APA, and will not become accredited according to the administration. Several key staff have quit, resigned or have been asked to leave for their inability to "fall in line" with parent companies desire to turn the campus into a degree mill full of lack-luster psychological/business degrees with no American Psychological Association accreditation. Call and check other programs in the State and they will confirm this. Call the University of the Rockies and the person on the other end of the phone has only been in that position for probably a whole month! Rock On Rockies. Oh best yet! Check out the new 2009 catalog featuring a snow covered campus in-front of the Swiss Alps. The picture failed to include the real campus, which shares its building with Caravel Cruise Lines, and an abandoned warehouse district. The good news is the students are a good group, a few dedicated professors remain on the physical campus. If you want a non-clinical degree the schools new format might be just the best thing if you need to beef up for a promotion. However, the clinical degree program is not on par with any of the State universities or colleges. Check the Better Business Bureau and the Colorado State Civil Rights or DORA to see further comments on this University from several staff, students (past and present). Before you invest make sure the school is not in litigation for a class action lawsuit. Good luck.


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D  17th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Well, I followed your advice and checked out the BBB and DORA. I see there has been one complaint with the BBB in the last 36 months and was resolved by the school. I found nothing on DORA so I am interested in where this information came from.

Is there a ligitimate complaint here or a disgruntled student?
N  19th of Feb, 2017 by 
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@smac89 All students were refunded their tuition this year because of deceptive practices. Just look for tuition fraud and this school... You will be thoroughly enlightened...
D  9th of Oct, 2009 by 
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I disagree. The University of the Rockies is a regionally accredited university just like USC, Harvard, Yale and all the others.

I am a current student working on my master's degree and the staff at U of R is great. They are very helpful and the school offers 6 week classes which is practically unheard of.

If you want a challenging program with a school staff that is flexible and will work with you, then University of the Rockies is for you.

If you are looking for an easy degree, then go somewhere else because this is not it. This is a serious Psychology program for serious students.

And it's not "Chapman College" I don't know where that joker got that idea. Chapman University is a regionally accredited school in California and is also highly respected, but not affiliated with U of R in any way that I know of.
N  19th of Feb, 2017 by 
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@superstudent20092009 This accreditation is for junior colleges or up to graduate degrees. This school only offers MS and PhDs
A  9th of Oct, 2009 by 
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D  20th of Jan, 2010 by 
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Super student 2009

I am so Happy you are a happy student at The Rockies. I am a licensed Psychologist in New Jersey and unfortunately some students have come to my hospital trying to get an intership but were turned down. I know this because I was the one who turned them down. This school PsyD program is not approved by the APA, therefore I cannot help them. If you are already at a job and do not want to practice Psychology and need this degree to move up in your current company than this is the degree for you. If you want to teach at a community college than this is the degree for you. the bottom line is that thos degree will not get you to the level as somone who studied at an APA approved program. They are making you pay for a false hope and dream. Shame on you University of the Rockies!
A  29th of Apr, 2010 by 
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Sorry, but your post is the most clueless thing I have read in a long time.

> The University of the Rockies is a regionally accredited university just like USC,
> Harvard, Yale and all the others.

RA is garbage. Any school can get a RA if they pay the fee. The difference between proper schools and the degree mill known as U of R is real schools take part in peer reviewed research. The quality of work that comes out of those institutions and the for profit places like U of R isn't even comparable. It's laughable at best to say your degree will be considered in the same breath as any of those schools you mentioned.

But when it comes down a real test, like APA accreditation, U of R doesn't pass muster. In turn, U of R loyal sock puppets will parrot phrases like "we're RA", "APA is too expensive", or "we're an applied school, none of that other stuff is necessary".

You could take your post and substitute any corporate owned school's name in your talking points.

I had the same discussion with someone from U of Phoenix not too look ago. They were trying to tell me their business degree was accredited. It's NOT!!! They said U of P is regionally accredited. Fine. I'll give them that. But U of P is NOT on the AACSB list. AACSB is the only business accreditation which matters. Heck, due to the proliferation of degree mills, many employers aren't offering tuition assistance to non-AACSB schools anymore.

That's what RA means -- squat! When U of R meets APA requirements, I'll retract my statements.

>the school offers 6 week classes which is practically unheard of.

Right, it's unheard of because REAL colleges don't offer such schedules. Only degree mills push their students through in such a manner. It's all about turnover; academics take a back seat in such programs.

> If you are looking for an easy degree, then go somewhere else because this is not it. This is
> a serious Psychology program for serious students.

You may be serious about your education... however, serious programs offer accredited clinical programs. U of R does not.

> Chapman University is a regionally accredited school in California and is also highly
> respected

No they're not highly respected... those resumes go in the trash too. They're no different than what Colorado Tech has become since they got rid of published research requirements, or Phoenix, or DeVry, or ITT, yada yada yada.
A  16th of May, 2010 by 
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The University of the Rockies is a degree mill. They have promised APA accreditation to all enrolling students for years. It is now owned by Bridgepoint, they have been known to change catalog requirements and drastic curriculum changes have left students stranded. Students looking for internship sites have struggled because of lack of APA accreditation. Not a great place to be after 4 years and $75, 000 student loan.

Avoid this school and be sure to check with the Colorado Department of Education for complaints. Any information by current students is not worthwhile. Not only are they biased but who wants to believe after investing years and thousands of dollars that they picked a school not worthy of being in business.

By the way, the fact that they are accredited by the HLC should not be misconstrued as a sign that they are operating with any sense of integrity. Remember, even Argosy is under investigation. Anybody enrolling in a private insitution should have the catalog evaluated by an education attorney.
D  12th of Jun, 2010 by 
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Why should I care if my University is on the AACSB list (For business) if my major is Psychology?! Who cares about business? There is more to life than business accreditations. By the way, I have applied to numerous jobs, but when it came to my job interviews, no employer ever cared about which college I went to, or which college was accreditations! Also, they never asked me for a copy of my degree, and all they wanted was my college transcript and resume, period! Everyone as a different experience, I loved Los Angeles City College, but I hated California State University even though it had a good reputation, it was the worst experience to me. I could not wait to finish my BA Degree at Cal State and leave it forever, good riddens!
By the way, I have applied to numerous jobs, but when it came to my job interviews, no employer ever cared about which college I went to, or which college had accreditations! Also, they never asked me for a copy of my degree, and all they wanted was my college transcript and resume, period!
In addition, I interviewed all on line colleges and I asked tem numerous questions, and even though I live in California, I chose the University of Rockies because I felt that it was the only one that was the right one for me, and it was almost custom made to fit my needs! I will see for myself if it were worth it or not, after all, I have no idea who is behind those complaints or rumors. What if all those terrible things that were said about Rockies came from other college competitors?! At the end of the road, what really matters is the degree and not the college.
N  19th of Feb, 2017 by 
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@loveducks If they do not carry the APA accreditation, it's a basket-weaving degree... If you are a psy- student, you know that already... Right?
A  18th of Aug, 2010 by 
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I agree wholeheartedly, Real Deal. In fact, we probably know each other.

I came into the program before the school was bought out by Bridgepoint Education, and have been appalled to see the dedicated founders and professors of the school fired, forced to resign, or leave in disgust.

They have not been forthcoming and have been investigated numerous times for breach of contract trade deception. They do not follow their own catalog, which continually changes. Much of this is explained away by the Polly-Anna's of the school as "growing pangs." However, when they try to get rid of faculty and students that pose a threat, it begins to appear that they have no interest in people- just how much money the bring in.

Most staff and administration are at the school only here because they need their job like everyone else.
D  11th of Nov, 2010 by 
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I think the title of this last entry says it all..."Disgruntled current student." It seems that everyone who doesn't make it in some institution wants to turn around and bash them for the person's own failure. I have been in business for many years and I've seen it happen over and over again. I have a B.A. and a M.A. from two different universities where I attended classes on campus. The innovation of being able to earn a degree online is fantastic. I have visited every site I could find that claimed to have a grievance with this school and what I found were less than a dozen complaints overall. Most were just reprints of this site. I investigated U of R carefully and am now a very content student. Just because they are not APA accredited doesn't mean they are to be avoided. The universities I attended (not colleges but universities...there is a difference) didn't have all the accreditation that have been mentioned on this site but my degrees have been accepted in every employment situation I've been in. Some of us are getting our degree for reasons other than the extremely limited scope the naysayers have presented. If you disagree with something about the school an unemotional response is more believable but if you are vicious with your comments you appear to be someone who is just disgruntled.
A  14th of Dec, 2010 by 
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Elated student, there is no "failure" on my part. I was promised APA accreditation, and they have failed to provide. I am an on-campus student, actually had to have a good GPA for admission, and went through an interview process. Don't talk to me about 6 weeks courses. A faculty member actually recently laughed about the rigorousness of the online programs. I also have a B.A. and an M.A., from top tiered schools. I chose to attend Colorado School of Professional Psychology, before it was acquired by Bridgepoint Education, when it was still a non-profit school. Now, as a for profit school, we cannot become APA accredited. There goes my goal of being an Army Psychologist. Yes, I am disgruntled and will finish continue the program this year.
A  16th of Dec, 2010 by 
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University of the Rockies went through three academic advisors in just over a year while I attended. I felt that their enrollment advising was misleading: their degrees are worthless for either clinical or arbitration careers (which requires law courses among other things). While they admit this in the fine print of their enrollment agreement, this is not how it sounds when one speaks with one of the enrollment advisors (which apparently have a high turnover rate). They are skilled at marketing and even my contact person at the Colorado Commission of Higher Education admitted this to me on the phone. She said, basically, beware these online universities. They are great at "selling" you on the value, or lack thereof, of their degrees.

Do not attend this university unless you want a huge amount of loan debt that you cannot escape and a degree that is nothing more than three letters after your name. I mean that. I attended one of the actual Residencies and was floored at the lack of preparation and the lack of professionalism I encountered there. The only people who seemed professional and respectable were the PhDs they had instruct us (not PsyDs) and my fellow classmates.
N  16th of Dec, 2010 by 
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I received this from the Shareholders Foundation via e-mail in December 2010. So anyone who has a complaint against a Bridgepoint university, such as the University of the Rockies, is welcome to contact the Shareholders Foundation at the phone number or address below. Thank you so much to the person who made that post above about the Shareholders Foundation.

Begin e-mail:

If you know any other former students who had the same experience I would appreciate it if you could forward my contact information to them or have them contact me.

Best regards,

General Manager
Shareholders Foundation, Inc.
3111 Camino Del Rio North
- Suite 423 -
San Diego, CA 92108
Phone: +1-(858)-779-1554
Fax: +1-(858)-605-5739
N  11th of Jan, 2011 by 
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I am a former student of U of R. It is NOT accreditated by the APA and is totally a waste of time and money. When I inquired about the accreditation by staff, I was told that they could not say but that I could go to a certain website and read. Why can you not tell students yay or nay? That was a sign that something was wrong. After a few students and myself did our own investigation, we found that we could do nothing with the degree if we planned on becoming practicing clinical psychologists. Why obtain a clinical psychology (PsyD) degree if you cannot practic clinical psychology? Needless to say that several of us withdrew from the program after our first and second classes. We didn't want to waste any more money than we had already wasted. The school is not reputable nor is it accreditated through the APA which renders the degree useless. I would have to say that it is indeed a paper mill school. Don't waste your time.
N  11th of Jan, 2011 by 
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N  19th of Feb, 2011 by 
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Hello all.
I am an MD and PsyD from way back. I am sorry for all the problems you have experienced with UoR.
Having practiced medicine (addictions) and clinical psychology since the early 80's, I can assure you a PsyD at some schools is a fine degree. Unfortunately, UofR is not one of these. The skills learned in clinical practice cannot be achieved by distance learning in the guise of on-line, or meeting on a campus once amonth for a couple of days. You have been swept into the belief that a clinician is created through course experience and not mentoring in a close relationship. The Boulder/Va models were excellent ideas and are as valid today as the 70's. We live in a educational belief system that speed is equal to quality-it is not. Do want an instant surgeon? Or perhaps one who has trained in hands- on experience from day one for 6 or 8 years beyond classes-yes you critics, the PsyD was designed to be a rigorous degree with close mentoring relationships. What has happened is the rising of the for profit model, which did surpass the smaller college model first proposed as an adjunct to the brick and motar schools. The WWW does not a clinician make, I will testify to that. The sad decline of our colleges and higher education in general is being hastened with faculty earning these on-line PhD experiences and possessing none of the traits of a scholar or seasoned clinician; it will end the validity of our higher education. The advent of such programs as MSW's, and MA level therapists have sounded a Waterloo for the doctoral level programs; we are goverened by the economy and managed care is hear to stay, even in medicine. It is insane to graduate with debt approaching, or in some places exceeding medical college for a private school psychology degree. The market is, simply, not there. Those there, hang in there. The future is bright, as psychology at the terminal level is redefining itself, but many pains are to come before such programs are eliminated. As a gentle warning, not everyone can be a clinical psychologist, chef, actor or cartoonist-expand your horizons and stay out of the debt. The best therapist I ever knew had a BA when that was all one needed. He had more experience and wisdom than any MD or doctoral person I ever knew...we may be headed to those days. This is not meant to pat you on the back. I know having the title of clinical sounds important, and the APA is a dinosaur of the t-rex variety that has far too long dictated our paths. In actual reality I have seen many studenets without APA internships who are as well prepared as their APA friends. Do not hate the so called, mid-level practitioners, as many of my friends have experieced very lucrative careers with that and are superb clinicians. When you get to Olympus, and you will, don't just park yourself and look down on those making the climb. Actively involve yourself for the groups beginning to lobby for the end of the APA and creation of an a-political group for accountability... Be well. By the way, I taught in a PsyD program for 14 years.
N  6th of Mar, 2011 by 
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I currently attended UofR and I am getting my MA. I do not want to continue on to get another degree, but I was hoping to use it to get a better job so I hope use my psychology BA degree from Wesleyan College. Do you think this is a complete waste of time? Since I am getting it in Mental health Admin. ? Or should i finish and hope it works?
D  23rd of Jun, 2011 by 
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University of the Rockies is a joke. I was studying for my doctorate. At first, the 'professors' seemed professional, however, as time went on, that was anything but the truth. What is the point of attending and PAYING the big bucks if you are in a laughable university. This place is laughable! Not to be able to obtain gainful employment, be hassled by unprofessional staff and then strapped with a huge education bill is ludicrous. Are we attending UofR because it was easy to 'get in?" Well, forget that! And, I totally disagree with the person who said no employment person has asked to see their transcripts or where they attended school. Obviously, he/she hasn't looked for a job recently because it has become standard practice.

The best part of my story is the enrollment counselor called several months later and wanted me to enroll again. How clueless is that? I said "check will your professors" they know why I quit and when is the last time anyone out there received a call from an enrollment counselor after you have withdrawn and wanted you to re-enroll? I have two Master's degrees and (not from UofR) and when I had to stop taking classes for awhile, NO ONE CALLED!!! This is a paper mill and worthless as far as I am concerned..it can't even be put in the same sentence with an accredited university like Harvard, Yale, whatever that person said.

N  27th of Jun, 2011 by 
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Why are you comparing UoR with Harvard, Yale, and other IVY league. At Harvard, money drives the admission, its not what you know, but how much your father can pay to create a department. Tell us the universities that are accredited in the USA that has thousands of Universities.UoR has a powerful curriculum for the students and a crop of seasoned instructors.These stories on accreditation should be argued scientifically.
N  19th of Feb, 2017 by 
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@NoahAguda No they don't. They have four professors and a slew of adjutant "rent-a-profs" who could care less if you are there or not. They were recently fined 24 million bucks for tuition fraud, and all students received their entire tuitions back as of January 2017. If you went there and no not know about it, you better get in touch to get your cash back!
D  22nd of Feb, 2012 by 
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Hi kids,

Sorry you failed classes and your financial aid stipends weren't as big as you wanted, but the whining about APA-accreditation stops here. Accreditation can take years and PER THE APA WEBSITE, University of the Rockies is under review at this time. You'll also note many reputable schools are also on this list. Loyola University Chicago anyone??? Big time private non-profit religious school, under review just like UoR. Now stop whining about things you know nothing of, you're making the time and effort I put in at UoR look bad.

N  22nd of Feb, 2012 by 
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You mean 4.00 GPA and went to the Residency and saw that the online component was a joke in person. My entire cohort dropped the program except for 2 students. Just keep churning and burning, eh? More than 15 students dropped out of just one cohort. Even the Colorado Higher Learning Commission said it was essentially a "degree mill." Talk to a rep yourself. And you didn't address the other issues about this school. How about A's on papers that weren't even submitted? Taking advantage of the learning disabled and poor students, notably ethnic minorities? Epic fail for you.

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