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University of Colorado Hospital / Abandonement of Care

1 Aurora, CO, United States Review updated:

I was a patient at U of C hospital and the doctors offices within the hospital, University Physicians. I had a surgery with post operative problems. After the surgery I was only seen by residents who didn't know what to do. I continued to let the clinic know I felt there was something wrong but no one did anything not even the director. I finally saw another doctor within the clinic who said indeed there were complications and I needed to see the doctor who performed the surgery (hand off back to him, this doctor didn't want the headache). I finally saw the doctor that performed the surgery approximately 4 months after the surgery. He agreed there were problems and said we'd have to redo the surgery. Interimly I saw an outside physician who said my result was no better or worse than prior to the surgery and there were definitely problems that needed to be corrected. Once that report was sent to the origional physician the problems began. The doctor then said he didn't say the surgery needed to be redone, they canceled any appointments I made to see the doctor (continuing to have pain and other issues) and refused to treat me. I finally went to another physician who will hopefully repair the problems caused by the CU doctor but I was shocked at the disinterest of the hospital and clinic director in making sure a patient was taken care of medically and more concerned about protecting themselves and their doctor from I assume malpractice even though I've never threatened to sue them and had no intention to do so. They are more worried about themselves and their reputation instead of the health of their patients at least in my case. Incidentally the physician, I understand, is retiring.

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  • Er
      17th of Mar, 2012
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    I had surgery March 13, 2012 At University hospital. I had not been to this hospital before, and this was my first visit. I had heard only wonderful, great things about this hospital. I had to stay 3 nights, I was on the transplant floor. I had a wonderful doctor and the nurses i thought were top notch. But there was a problem. The sanitary issue with the hospital, from the first time I walked into the cancer pavilion entering on the
    main floor, using the rest room, I was quite appalled at the filth in the restroom. It was dirty, and I thought this should not be like this, It was eleven in the morning.
    But what really bothered me was the room I stayed in. The housekeepers did nothing at all, during my 3 night stay there except dump the trash can and throw some towels into the bathroom, They never cleaned one thing. My room had pee on the floor also blood droplets, the bathroom reaked of pee. The lady I shared the room with said she had a yellow bucket on the tray stand next to her bed that had her urine in it, and it took them 3 days to get rid of that. There were syringe needles on the floor by my bed. The windows were filthy and also had a residue of liquid on them. To tell you the truth the cleanliness of this hospital was really sub standard, I could hardly stand to even walk on the floor, even with my socks on.I really was shocked, I have been in quite a few hospitals' in colorado and this hospital, I question if I would go back, due to the unsanitary conditions. Really disappointed. All though they have those hand .sanitizers every where, they really need to step up there game.

    Erlene Olausson.

  • Nl
      30th of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    My mother passed away due to doctors who were negligence and cut my mothers vein in her heart and now all they can say is that it is her fault that she did not take blood. What they fell to realize is that by them cutting on her vein and then saying that they fixed it she was not going to be able to receive that blood due to the over sewing of the vein they did and when they took her back for the second time due to their mess up it was to late. They let her sit their for 4 days until the did something about her swollen brain. The vein the cut is the vein that supplies the blood and oxygen to the back to the brain and heart. They were very negligent.

  • Nl
      30th of Aug, 2012
    +2 Votes

    Where this Happened was at University Of Colorado Hospital/My Mother Passed Away Due to their Negligence

  • Ka
      30th of Aug, 2013
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    Hello, a seriously disappointed patient with the one midwife.
    I go to the midwifery and I am currently 33 weeks and 4 days pregnant. I switched because Rose medical was so traumatizing for me. U of CH I enjoy what they offer pregnant women like packets with plenty of information. On the other hand, there is a single midwife I cannot stand. She has been highly unprofessional every time my fiancé and I went in. Toward the beginning of my pregnancy was very stressful, and I had rapid weight gain, migraines, severe nausea, and cramps. Her only concern was the weight gain, she would make rude comments saying do not eat so much, eat healthier, and exercise. When I explicitly told her because of my food allergies with gluten and dairy I could not have any of that until I 2nd trimester when it disappeared. Since I still have intolerances toward sugar, msg, and fatty food naturally never really could have any of that to begin with. My 3 hour gym visits were cut down, and I was working 7-10 hour shifts 5-7 days awake until I got so sick, and my cramps got so severe I was fired from work. This midwife only concentrates on my weigh gain one point when it finally evened out, "glad you started to decide to eat healthy." So I had a talk about how I eat, that her daughter eats quinoa pasta because of gluten. I told her even that cannot have to much because it converts to sugar, that squash noodles are better. That I get lectured since I do not cook with salt or pepper. And among being rude, not listening to me, and making assumptions. This last time she said, "good you didn't gain any weight." which im 33weeks and 4days...I read the diagnosis after every time appointment this last one she just put rapid weight during pregnancy. NOW she puts its down after it stops??? She also openly admitted that, "one of the other midwives is pregnant, and I was talking to her about you." I do not appreciate how unprofessional that is. makes me feel uncomfortable, not to mention when I had my vaginal exam with her I told her the duck lips were to big she was using it hurt. I told her to take them out, it hurt, I started crying my fiancé had to hold my hand. She said, "I know its uncomfortable but its almost done..." I told her its painful not uncomfortable those are to big. I bled after that exam. So I eventually switched days to try and avoid having her because I am already uncomfortable with doctor offices, but this crap makes me have bad morning and more stressed. Also when I asked her to write a note for my job for my physical limits she said she could not do it. I had to get the lady who drew my blood to get her to do it.

  • Be
      2nd of Dec, 2014
    +1 Votes

    I was being seen by University of Colorado Hospital for prenatal care for a twin birth and was treated very unjust and inhumane. I was set up to rake NST test twice a week for 20minutes at a time, which ended up being 3hour visits each time. I was sent up to Labor and delivery to monitor my contractions due to pre term labor and was cursed at by one of the nurses because she didnt understand why the clinic sent me up there. At that point I feared having my children delivered by such unprofessional, rude, and inexperienced staff. It was a horrible experience.

  • Ca
      17th of Feb, 2015
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    I must say I am so disappointed in UC in aurora for just not caring. The orthopedic unit is a joke . I broke heel bone and at the 12 week point (because bones usually heal in that time) I was off restrictions and go back to work. Even if I had to go on crutches. I had been unemployed so I had to do interviews on crutches, ya right., Oh and he wasn't going to sign a form from social service office stating I had been out of commission the last 3 months. he would not sign any paper, nor did I get P/T, and because I had abused drugs in the past (10 yrz ago) i was judged on that also, NO, they were not nice and they are just worried about there reputation. They do not care about their patients. Not this one, at least. I am going for surgery to get the nuts and bolts I should of gotten 7 months ago put in my foot . I am still unable to bear weight. Meanwhile I was off restrictions 4 months ago.l Told the dr that it was not healed and I didn't have to go to med school for that. he got 46000.00 for 2 hr surgery that did nothing for me. very upset patient

  • Vi
      4th of Mar, 2015
    +2 Votes

    I was discriminated against because I had Medicaid at that was hard for me to get appointments for prenatal care, I was seen each time by a different person residents all the time, though I was diagnosed with low estriol levels that might complicate my labor. Finally I had enough after I spoke to a rude nurse so I decided to get prenatal care elsewhere.

  • De
      24th of Jan, 2017
    +1 Votes

    In the past 3 years, I have had so many CT scans, blood tests, ultrasounds and other tests. I have 3 ANEURYSMS that I have had for some time. The surgeon that I see said, "You will regret having this surgery. Come back in a few months and we will check it again". I have heard this for 3 years. Same with my umbilical hernia and tumors, that is often painful. WAIT and SEE... WAIT WAIT!!! Meanwhile I have racked up thousands of dollars in testing and always just over my 6, 500 deductible. AND THEY SUED ME AFTER I AGREED TO PAY. That lawsuit is costing me monthly along with physicians, labs, radiology. I had my ovaries removed, but she left a belly full of adhesions and left 1/2 of a falopian tube, according to the surgeon I went to next for the adhesions and hernia. Again no help. The cardiologist I went to called me a liar when I told her that I had 100% blocked left main a few years ago, after she told me that she read my records. The first gynecologist I went to, wanted to do a pap smear, after he told me that he read my records. NO UTERUS since 1979. As for now, , , , I have gone to other doctors with no affiliation with UCH. Guess what? All my problems have come to a head, and my new doctors are calling the aneurysms urgent and I have bypass surgery next Monday... UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO IS KILLING PEOPLE IN THE NAME OF RESEARCH. YOU ARE ALL GUINEA PIGS. CASH COWS. SEE A DOCTOR FOR 3 MINUTES AND HE NEVER EVEN EXAMINES YOU, THEN YOU GET A BILL $400.00. IF I DIDN'T GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, I WOULD BE DEAD!!!

  • Pa
      4th of Mar, 2018
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  • Su
      15th of Jul, 2018
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    My father was admitted last weekend, was tested for a blood infection, and send home on a "broad spectrum" antibiotic the next day, while the blood cultures were still pending. He was told that it was fine to stick with his original scheduling of a cervial epidural the day after discharge. That evening, I got a call from one of the "residents" (who were the only form of the scarce communication we had), saying the culture was positive, and that they had more cultures pending. Long story short, we took him back to ER at the end of the week, and after he was re-admitted, his culture came back with a rare infection, Egerthella Lenta. We were told of the severity of this that evening, and by the next day, he was being sent home. After refusing discharge (on a weekend), and demanding a call from either the Infectious Disease or Attending Doctor, the AD called at the end of the day giving me an update, when I already knew what was going on. We wanted copies of all the hospital notes and culture results. In addition, the residents called various members of the family during this time, to confuse information between us, which was just slimy. Infectious Disease left off saying they were researching this bacteria, because they did not know much about it. They disappeared, and then the discharge notification occurred. I hate this hopsital and this time, a lawsuit. We are sick of doing the jobs of these paid professionals.

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