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I would never recommend using Universal Premium Fleet card also called Fuel man to any of my other business partners. Their own customer reps don't even know how to help you or answer question and they are very rude and condescending. I called and it was escalated to a supervisor and it took her two days to call me back, and fix the problem at that time I ask for my ending balance and told her I wanted to pay it off and close the account due to their inability to either train their folks or their allowance of them being rude to their customers, and this happened on several occasions. Then after I paid them off and closed the account the next billing cycle was one week after I closed it, all the sudden I have late charges of $86, I call in again and the rep can't tell me why again, I paid the bill 2 days before it was even due, and again it's being escalated to a supervisor due to the customer service reps can't help me. I'm at my wits ends with them and will never work with them again, I would tell anyone who needs a fuel card to use Wright Express they are awesome. These people suck!!!

Jun 18, 2014
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  • Tr
      Jul 22, 2015

    Please please please if you are reading this do not get a fuel program from Universal Premium Fleet Card. Twice I was charged a late fee for paying 3 days in advance via their website. What they neglect to tell you is that they take up to 4 days to process the payment. I called customer service and asked for my late fees back, at which point they agreed to credit it back to me. That never happened, the second and last time they said they couldn't refund the fees because it had been done before. Total BS! They add a $50 fee to receive a quarterly report that you don't ask for. I should have know to avoid them when they bill every 14 days. Avoid these people like the disease they are.

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  • Nv
      Jul 29, 2015
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    I used this company for 2 years. Every month I had charges related to the cards that I was unaware of (reports I'm "eligible for, charges for being late on top of the late charge they assess, etc) I literally had to call every month to question the charges. Most of the time they would reverse the charge. I also got a surcharge anytime diesel went under a certain amount at the pump. The last straw was the fraudulent charges we had on 2 of the cards used by different employees at different stations. I started to suspect it may be an inside job. It's taken me over 6 months to get it straightened out. I submitted all my info, they accepted and said a credit would be made but it took literally hours of phone calls to get them to put the credit on my statements. Nothing but a headache. There's got to be a better company! I do like their reports but the customer service is horrible - I got different answers, got disconnected several times and their accents are so strong that sometimes I had a hard time understanding. My advise - DO NOT GET STARTED WITH THIS COMPANY

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  • Li
      Sep 10, 2015

    This company is a nightmare! Almost every month we got charged between $75.00 and $125.00 in late fees. We made our payments as soon as the bill came in and they would tell me it posted 2-3 weeks later. When I told customer service when we mailed the payments, they told me they are "not the postal service". Wow. There are also so many various fees..."out of network" fee. We didn't even know there was a network! Transaction fees, administrative fees. Just ludicrous. Canceling my account.

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  • An
      Oct 20, 2015

    Stay as far away from this company as possible. Every 14 days we would make a payment on the due date only to find they would not post the payment for 2 days after, therefore leading to late fees. Furthermore, we overpaid an invoice and I have been trying to have a refund issued to our company since 9/1/15. The BBB has a large amount of complaints that have been filed against them as well.

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  • Da
      Feb 05, 2016

    the 14 day billing cycle is the key to late charges being assessed, who can run a business and be tied to a 14 day payment schedule
    also they are some of the highest late fees i have ever seen -Totally a rip off company

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  • Tx
      Feb 08, 2016

    The Fuelman billing department is either incompetent or deceitful. For the 1st few months everything was okay but then...

    Let me attempt a summary of the sequence of events for you. Starting at some point in the 2nd half of 2014 Fuelman stopped sending actual statements/bills to me via the postal service. They would instead have some individual whose 1st language was something other than English call my cell phone demanding payment along with late fees. Due to the unintelligible broken English being spoken I would request someone whose 1st language was English and/or a manager. The 1st person would generally start out by telling me there was no manager available or they might try telling me that they were a manager. Generally speaking it took 10 - 15 minutes before I got someone with basic English speaking skills on the line. From this incoming call I never got to someone I would call a manager nor did I ever get someone whose s language was English. Just for clarification these were incoming calls to me.

    At this time I would explain that I had no interest in paying the bill without a statement and that I never received a bill. We would go back and forth as to what might have happened to the bill with the Fuelman representative usually suggesting I might have misplaced the bill or that I had overlooked it. It was funny at how predictable they became. The 1st few times this happened I think I simply paid the bill attributing the foul up to the US Postal Service. After a while I began to wonder if this was a new revenue stream for Fuelman and began to protest . I would request/demand a manager each month. The only way I was ever able to speak with someone living within the United States and whose native language was English was to hang up on the foreign bill collector and call the customer service line. It's funny how that worked out but I suppose that's part of their system.

    I'm making a point regarding the language skills because the outsourced bill collectors from outside the country lacked the basic language skills to put proper notes into the system. They also lacked the conversational skills to understand what my frustration was with the phone calls. I didn't want a dang phone call each month to tell me that my bill was late. What I wanted was a bill in the mail like everyone else sent me. I discovered this once when I called the customer service line and found none of my previous conversations had been noted. The right hand didn't know what the left hand was doing for crying out loud. Eventually I discovered the foreign bill collectors were not entering notes into the same system as their US counterparts as it was confirmed by a Fuelman manager in one of my many calls to the customer service line. I spoke with several people who claimed to be Fuelman management but every month we would start all over again. They always seemed polite and competent and they said they were making notes in the system to prevent such problems in the future. They would assure me that the late charges would be credited but each month I still had new charges and the old ones were still there. Nothing changed!

    The next month the entire process began all over again. Eventually I refused to speak with anyone from Fuelman when they called and even started blocking numbers as I learned them. Fuelman represents everything wrong in/and with Corporate America. I pray the people behind the system they've implemented suffer great pain in this life and the next. Especially in the next life. I have some ideas as to the structure of the game being played by Fuelman but I don't have all the pieces yet.

    Before you start thinking it should be my responsibility to anticipate this bill and simply pay it whenever Fuelman called along with the late fees I would suggest you apply that standard to the world of bill paying in your own home or business. I can only imagine the hell people would raise if treated in a similar manner by a power company, landscaper, maid service, cell phone provider or cable company. Really? You want me to pay the bill without you sending me a statement? Absurd!

    After 8 to 10 months of these exchanges I selected another fuel card management firm and have been pleased with the willingness of this firm to actually send me a monthly statement. We've had no problems since moving away from Fuelman.

    I'm currently dealing with a collection firm regarding the additional late fees and penalties they want for cancelling the card service.

    They are not to be trusted.

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  • Co
      Mar 17, 2016

    txweagle please contact me if at all possible. We have similar issues with them. [protected]@gmail

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  • Any one interested in filing a class action lawsuit against Universal Premium Fleet Card/ Fuel Man? [protected]

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  • Pl
      Jan 21, 2017

    UNIVERSAL PREMIUM FLEET CARD / FLEETCOR FUEL MASTER CARD - IS A SCAM!! DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!!! HEDLEY WILSON (salesman) who contacted me about setting up account --- you should be ashamed of yourself and this scam of a company you work for. No doubt there will be a class-action lawsuit against you all at some point!!! I will certainly be a participant!
    This is a warning to anyone considering using this company and their services, don't do it! I know that the possibility of using their card services for fuel purchases and employee / vehicle tracking sounds great, but in reality it is a nightmare. This company is not a fuel charge card, but rather, a FEES charge card. They will eat you ALIVE in fees. My experience has been that it is impossible to pay the bill to them (on time) without getting a $75.00 late fee. After doing some research I have found many, many, many, many people with the exact same complaint(s): late billing, no-billing, bi-weekly billing, overcharging, hidden fees, no customer support, non-working billing / payment portal, check-holding to create late fees!!! This is border-line criminal.

    I started using this fuel card in the last weeks of NOVEMBER 2016 it is now JANUARY 21 2017 and I am facing more than $200.00 in late fees + all of their other fees, this is beyond ridiculous. 1st complaint is the payment terms they set up for me which are different than what I was initially told. I was told the terms would be monthly, but actually received bi-weekly due term. Not the end of the world, but frustrating to deal with. They mailed my first invoice to me and I paid it by a company check by mail. I mailed it from Mobile, AL to the payment address In North Carolina and they received it the following week and processed it.

    After mailing the first invoice they have no longer mailed any invoices -- all invoices are being sent by email. After some time passed and I didn't receive a 2nd invoice I called to inquire about where the next bill was (as I knew one was probably due and I had accrued charges). I was then informed that they don't "ever" mail invoices all transmittals are through email and their online portal. If I want them to mail the invoices out that will be a $35.00 charge / per mo. I suppose they accidentally mailed out the first one then? Anyway, at this point I had not received any emails about my bill or invoice due as I hadn't set up an online account. I set up an online account and printed off the invoice and mailed in payment, same as before. And…bamm…the payment was gonna be late, due to this trick! I mailed that check 12/01/16 from Mobile, AL to North Carolina, same as before, yet this time It took them all the way to 1/13/17 to process it (give me a break). ($75.00 Late FEE!) In the meantime I had received another invoice 12/10/16 and immediate paid it, mailed it, same as before and as I sit here writing this they have still not processed the check it is now 1/21/17. (This one will have also have a Late FEE of $75.00) I am also getting charged a late fee on the late fees because I am not paying them on time….give me a break!!! It doesn’t take a month for a check to go from Mobile, AL to North Carolina, that a 3-4 day tips tops!!! I deal with other vendors in North Carolina and their checks made it promptly. Hell, I can mail a check to Michigan and California in 4 days! I believe these people are holding my checks / not processing them in time so they can generate late fees on my account. And, from what I’m reading on the internet this is normal operating practice — they do it to many others.

    I have called many, many, many times to try and get some help, with no relief. It generally takes 30 minutes to an hour on hold to get someone (with a horrible attitude!) No one knows what the hell they are doing and they end up having to transfer me to someone else, which doesn’t work out because either the call is disconnected and I have to start over, or the other person transferred to will not pick up! I did talk successfully talk to one lady (with an attitude) and asked her about what was happening, she had no answer other than for me to pay through the online portal. But, like I told her that won’t work for me because my BILLING PORTAL DOES NOT WORK it shows all zeros everywhere: i.e….no charges, no payments due, etc.. and when I hit make a payment online the page just reloads, it doesn’t work! Billing portal doesn’t work, I can’t pay online!!! So, all I can do is mail a check in, which they won’t receive in time!!! I tried calling again today and after being on hold for 2 1/2 hours I finally gave up.

    If anybody files a lawsuit against UPC / FLEETCOR please contact me!!!

    Wes Hamilton

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  • Ol
      Nov 08, 2017

    @plumb-pro Thank you for allowing us to respond to your complaint. We have made this a priority to resolve any issues on your account. As always we appreciate any feedback that you provide to us in order to improve our services.

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  • Ch
      Feb 14, 2017

    This company is a joke! I have been on hold for over 20 minutes trying to make a payment since their new system is so messed up you cannot do anything on it and they cannot help you ! We have experienced all the same problems that the others speak of; the only shining light is our account rep. She is fantastic and gets all the fees waived and makes sure we are taken care of properly. Normally I never call customer service I call her directly; unfortunately I had to deal with customer service today.

    I have already contacted a new company- they seem to be talking to a lot of us unsatisfied FleetCor or whatever they wish to be called customers. We will be switching asap! I may even pull all 30 of our cards and just have drivers use their company credit cards until new cards arrive

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  • As
      Mar 11, 2017

    Can someone please advise what company are y'all switching too??? I can't get in touch with a fuelman manager. All I get is ppl who don't speak English as their first language. I've gotten discounted a handful of times or one representative gave me a number that ended up being some sort of foreigner wanted to give me $100...WHAT???? Omg. What a nightmare. What other companies are good for fleet fuel?? Please help.

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  • Do
      Apr 28, 2017

    We are being billed 3 x month by universal fleet and wex. Lots of fees and I don't know when it went from one company to 2. [protected]

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  • Gr
      Feb 05, 2019

    This company is a scam, I am having the same problems as everyone else here. I overpaid by accident because of the billing system Fuelman is using, trying to get a refund now for over three months. DO NOT USE this company!

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  • Ch
      Apr 10, 2019

    Do not even consider getting a Fuelman Card unless you're ok with spending all your time hunting the extra fees they randomly add to your account on the last page of your bill at the very bottom. We dealt with this company for a little over a year before getting completely fed up and cancelling our account. First, we were told we could switch to a monthly billing cycle after 3 months, we were declined for monthly billing even though we are a 50 year old company with extensive and pristine credit history. On the second bill we noticed fees being added to different fill up sites, we were told it was because they were a different network so extra fees were added, after threatening to close our account they agreed to not charge us the extra fees for any site. Next after one year we noticed we were being charged more for each fillup than the receipts showed. I called and was told that we were changed from our original pricing program and we would be charged an additional fee for each use. No notice!! Also, no line item charge showing the additional fee, just a higher total on the bill. Then we started seeing the extra charges for different programs that we were being randomly enrolled in(fraud protection, etc. ) that means more calls asking for credits and requesting not to be enrolled in that program. Next bill cycle, another new charge, more calls!! This is the kind of shady practices you would expect from a mob ring not a nationwide supposedly reputable company. The reality is they add all these extras because larger less observant companies may never notice them without carefully auditing each receipt or the person in charge of the account just may not care, they pay what's billed and move on with their workload. So you do that a few hundred thousand times every two weeks and suddenly they have added millions to their bottom line . We switched to a card using the WEX network. The agent enrolling us said we were the third account that day she had switched from fuelman for the same reasons. If you have this card, review your bill carefully against actual pump receipts!!!

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  • Na
      May 21, 2019


    We had our account shut off while out of the country last week, and had employees needing to use the gas cards. In researching this, we were told that two online payments we made were rejected.

    However, here are the facts:
    1. our account was in current status (not past due)
    2. we always pay an automatic $1800 a month and many months have carried a credit balance
    3. our first report (while we were out on vacation) from employees was on Tuesday 5/14 that the card was cut off. When we called the call center, they told us that everything was ok, and that they would unlock the account.
    4. he did advise us that our balance had reached over 2K (of an 8K line of credit).
    5. on Wednesday 5/15, our normal $1800 was sent to you... and credited on 5/16 (ach automatic every month)
    6. On Wednesday we also made two additional online payments - using your online payment system, to be sure we had no problems while we were out of the country.
    7. on Thursday the accounts were locked again. We called and they told us that they would unlock it
    8. on Friday they locked them again.
    9. upon returning - yesterday, Monday 5/20 we were advised by the credit / finance department that we had two returned payments from our bank. They said that this was the reason for the accounts being locked up. However, this is not accurate. Also, the first lock out was on Tuesday 5/14, prior to us using your online system for additional payments. Look at the transaction log!!
    10. After spending significant time on the phone with the credit department, We went to our bank and learned that our bank did not reject any payments. the finance department sent a payment request to my bank (from your payment system, representing the online payments we made on 5/15) with the wrong account number (although we verified that we provided the right one on the online system). Also, there were additional payments not even due yet.
    11. So, while our account was not in a past due balance, and your team knew we were out of the country, no-one made any effort to contact us to resolve the issue. They just shut down the account... and now we know it was a system issue on your side, not my bank.

    This type of service is so completely unacceptable. Why didn’t anyone attempt to contact us? We have been good customers and attempted to resolve any concerns you have over the phone on 3 times last week. No-one in your company took any accountability to research what we were saying.
    Even today, we are still locked out

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