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In July 2012, Christopher Brugada and Sheri Linney (Director of Recruiting) from Unlimited Training Services contacted me and convinced me to invest $490.00 to start up a merchant services business and become an agent working for them helping small businesses lower their credit card fees and setting them up with cash advances. .

Sheri asked me how fast I wanted to get started and I told her immediately. I am unemployed so I was desperate for a residual, secure income. She hooked me up with Dan King VP of marketing with a partner company; Network Market Solutions. Dan King told me that if I invest $10, 000.00 from an open line of credit I can buy 500 merchant leads which they will make contact with and do all the leg work. I agreed and we proceeded.

Dan King hooked me up with John Ryan my campaign manager also with Network Market Solutions to explain how my campaign would work. I was then contacted by Matthew Page from yet another partner company called Universal Marketing and Training. This would be my “go-to” business. Matt got me set up on their web site so I could access it and look at my campaign and commission status. I would also be working with Jeffery Jones who was the program and development manager.

They sent me business cards, flyers, internet training tools, even got me an employer ID from the IRS and were setting me up as an LLC. I was to check in with John Ryan every 21 days for an update. That went well for four months.

I would often times have trouble getting ahold of these folks for updates. Eventually someone would call me back. They rarely answered my emails. I have been trying to contact them since November 14 but cannot get through. I have several numbers but I get a busy signal from all of them. I have tried to contact them from each one of their web sites listed below but no response. I have also sent emails to Jeff Jones and Matthew Page but no response. I am out $10, 490.00.

FYI: I recently discovered that in February of 2012 these folks started a business called “United Merchant Services” with the same web site design and phone number as Universal Marketing & Training; [protected]. Interesting. What they do is keep their sites open for a few months, collect all they can from their prey while they keep you on the hook so you don’t file any reports or complaints. Then it’s time to get out of Dodge. One day you make a call and get that infamous busy signal. How could such a seemingly legitimate business be so corrupt?

Unlimited Training Services-Sheri Linney (Director of recruiting), Christopher Brugada (Recruiter), Jessica (Customer service), Ashley (Customer service), Mike Stone (Verification dept)
8774 W. Hayward Avenue
Glendale, AZ 85305

Network Market Solutions – John Ryan Campaign Mgr), Dan King (VP of Marketing)
1928 E. Highland Ave
Phoenix, AZ. 85016

Universal Marketing and Training – Jeffery Jones (Programs & development), Matthew Page (IT support)
4397 W. Bethany Home Rd.
Glendale, AZ. 85301
[protected] (Mathew Page)
[protected] (Matthew Page)

Universal marketing & Training

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  • Ba
      Jan 03, 2013

    I was very recently scammed by Universal Marketing and Training Services to the tune of $2, 000.00.I gave this company $2, 000.00 to set me up in business only to be strung along for four months and then just dropped with no further communications. The last time I tried to reach them by phone;in December, I only got a busy signal from all the numbers I had in my possession.This has been a very valuable, but costly lesson in life about trying to do business with unscrupulous people.If I had only googled this company and heard all the complaints, I would have never invested the money with them!! Floyd Bell, Albion, MI [protected]

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  • De
      Mar 05, 2013

    Has anyone been contacted by universal media group? For a low, low price of 30%, he wants to me help recoup the money. The guy's name is Zach Kelly and he is out of Delaware. Thanks, deltadawn53

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  • Ch
      Apr 08, 2013

    I am a consumer advocate that works on cases just like these. I am familiar with these names you have mentioned.. I have helped many people recover their money. If you need help, please call the toll free number if you need an advocate to help you. We and are very successful in recovery depending on the situation. Call for a consultation to see if there is anything we can do to help. 888.563.5558

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  • Ba
      May 01, 2013

    I was contacted by Allstate Management Group Inc. recently about recovering money that I lost in a scam in November of 2012.It sounds a lot like the person who was contacted by Universal Media Group(deltadawn53) I lost a total of $2, 400.00 in the scam.Here is the information on the company that contacted me. Allstate Management Group Inc.
    3000 NE 30th PL Suite 100
    Ft. Lauderdale FL 33306
    phone:[protected] Fax([protected]
    TC3881 CCA# -9902646
    Email: [protected]

    Robert McMillan *TP364793
    They stipulated that I would have to pay$249.00 before any action would start.
    May 1st, 2013
    Floyd bell

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  • Sn
      Jul 05, 2013

    My father was also contacted by Robert McMillan. He was sucked in by a variety of scammers to the tune of $80, 000, He is 86 years old and, although diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer's, is far from incompetent. My father has stopped handing out his credit card number (for now) and is trying to pay off what he owes. I have asked my dad to let me check him out before he gives him any money. I have googled him and nothing. Anybody else have any idea if he is legit?

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  • Da
      Aug 30, 2015

    I DO NOT think that these guys are legit at all. I was recently contacted by them myself, and am in the process of doing my research and just have a bad feeling about them. I have been scammed far too often in the past to fall for another one. If I am looking for some assistance in getting my money back from a scammer, I am not going to get it from an off the cuff phone call. I think I would want to go out and look for an honest and, trustworthy business. Be careful.

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