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Universal Marketing Solutions / Fraud

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Universal Marketing Solutions
I was contacted by Universal Marketing Solutions that they have sold my timeshare and that I also get 4 weeks bonus weeks. I cpuld sell them for 2000 each but a processing fee of 499 for each week will be charged to my credit card and returned in the guaranteed sale of my timeshare. I think I've been scammed


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N  23rd of Jan, 2009 by 
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I too also contacted by Universal Marketing Solutions with the same deal with 4 weeks bonus to close the sales. After reading blogs of Universal Marketing Solutions postings, it's kind of suspicion since they can just rent the weeks to profit it all. I am trying to cancel the contract and get my money back with a fee of $2096 that already charged to my credit card. I am already listing with them to sell the Timeshare. Now they want
money for rental also? The finance manager named Jay Dixon is guarenteed the sales, but I don't really believe that. Any one has any thoughts on the matters?
A  29th of Jan, 2009 by 
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I was very suspicious too, and then I googled them and stumbled across this blog! My story: I contracted with Universal Marketing Solutions to sell my Timeshare at Tahitti Village, Las Vegas Nevada back in July 2008. My husbnd has stage 4 cancer and we no longer have an income. I begged the salesman not to take advantage of me as we desparately needed to sell and clearly vulnerable. I told him I was duped by another company (fortunatly I got my money back) and very leary of people wanting the fees upfront. He said it was for a title search and for their administrative fees. He promised me that there were 3 buyers interested.When it wasn't sold by the 120 day gurantee period (around November 2008), I began seeking a refund as promised by the contract. When I FINALLY would get a return phone call the Customer Service rep would explain that they had a buyer in the approval process and all I needed to do is wait another 30 days. January came around (past the 30 days) and then a guy, Greg Fusca, calls saying that the buyer is approved and has made an offer of $21, 000.00 and all I need to do is pay $499 for each of the four bonus weeks that were enabled through "Central Marketing Firm". He was not exact in his definition of what it was I was providing the "Upfront money". I told him I needed a couple of days (of course that was no problem for him) and I began doing some investigating. Tahitti Village, a Condolidated Resort, says there was no such thing as a "bonus week" in their contract with me, especially four weeks other than the ones I would have banked with the company, and I have none banked. I googled "Central Marketing Frim" and have found no such company and then I googled Universal Marketing and am finding the worst of my fears...they apparently are frauds. I plan to persue with filing a complaint to the DA, the BBB (which probably doesn't bother them) and whom ever else. I wish that bocabill@comcast.net would call me back. He is one of the bloggers who has responded to many others who are inquiring about UMS. He actually left his number for someone to call him because he says he knows how to get the money back. Universal Marketing a nothing but single celled ###. I even had a guy named Mark Hicks call me back and tell me about his Uncle, who died of cancer! He said he knew how hard it was for my husband and I and he would never do that (be dishonest about the contract) to me. He said he would help me out and get the property sold for me so we could pay our bill and get out of debt. They prey on the most desparate people like myself who would do anything to make they're abismal financial situations improve. Can you imagine taking advantage of a family who is in such a tragic situation as ourselves, and preys upon us like vultures. If bocabill reads this or anyone else who knows how I can get my money back, please send me a note. monsauret@comcast.net. Thank you!!
A  29th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Thank you, thank you, one all all for your postings. I have been contacted several times in the last two days by a guy named David Costello, with UMS. He started the conversation by asking if I was interested in selling my Wydham Points in Myrtle Beach and said he has a buyer willing to pay top dollar for my points. I told him I am on SS disability, scheduled for a third back surgery. I have a family member with stage 4 lung cancer, and one family member is unemployeed. I don't have funds to give them upfront to sell my points. Besides it sounds weird that I have to pay to sell. He has sounded so convincing each time, I was "thinking" of selling. I did some searching and found this site and these posts and I will be telling him "NO THANK YOU". I am sorry you have all had such a bad time with this company, but you SAVED me from them. Feel good knowing you are helping others.
N  30th of Jan, 2009 by 
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Not certain of what to do...this would be the second time we give a "deposit" for an amazing selling price of $34, 000 for a 3 bd / 3 bth time share - Westgate, Kissimmee - Orlando, FL - one week both apts or two weeks split. The selling price, at these times, sounded tooo high...but what the heck - before giving the credit card number to UMS mgr Jay Bernarnd, I asked for time to check them out - Universal Marketing Solutions and a site www.creativehomemtg.com. We are required a deposit of $999. I read all these stories and think this is another scam or rip off. Does anyone have a reliable source that a timeshare like this can be sold? nelsos2000@gmail.com
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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I just eeceived a contract from Universal Marketing Solutions but decided to open your web page and THANK YOU for answering my gut feeling about this. They claimed to have two thousand dollars down on a twenty-one thousand three hundred offer but still wants a credit card number to pay for title search and something else and it would be returned to us. I say THANKS BUT NO Thanks to them . A very big THANKS to you
A  31st of Jan, 2009 by 
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I got my refund from Universal Marketing Solutions today after following the advice given to me from Bocabill. Anyone seeking a refund from these people needs to contact the company's lawyer, Andrew Cove, at 954-921-1121. The legal assistant who handled my case was Tiffany Eaton. After speaking with her, she took my information and emailed me the same day with a confirmation number of my refund. She indicated that it would take 24-72 hours for the credit to show up on my card. This was on Wednesday 1/27/09. The credit appeared on my card statement on Saturday morning. Thank you Bill for your assistance. This is the way that I recommend dealing with these people, as I never once was able to get them to answer their phones and I never received any return calls after I had left messages.
A  6th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I Too have been contacted by ums telling me that they had a buyer.
they said they were waiting for a deposit, and financing. Now they have called saying that another company had 14 buyers waiting, and they too wanted a deposit. but they don't offer a money back guarantee. it's only for 120 days, and an additional 9 weeks to list it.I don't think any of these places ever sell anything. And like all the other people getting scammed, I too was never contacted until about a week or so after calling them. I'm bailing out.
A  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I have been contacted by UMS and have received the same story that I have been reading from others that have posted on this complaint board. They have a buyer for me and getting even more than the initial asking price!!! Imagine that, someone offering more than the asking price in these economic conditions. I had them fax me a copy of the contract, which I just received, and I notice that you only get your up-front money back when the timeshare sells. So...if it never sells you can kiss your money goodbye. I'm glad that I have been reading other people's comments because it is going to save me $1, 396. They aren't getting any of my money. I will offer to sell it to UMS for $2, 000 less like someone else suggested and will probably get hung up on also.
N  17th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Our story is like the others posted above. My husband was contacted this after noon by Jay Dixon with Universal Financial his contact number is 561-541-1273 in Boca Raton, Florida. Jay also said he is associated with Creative Home, Mtg. He stated he had a buyer for our time share and all we need to do is give him our credit card number. This would be to cover the title search, transfer fees and administrative fees total cost of $900.00 to $1300.00, however, we would get this back when the sale was complete. I went to the internet and also phoned the BBB in Palm Beach County and they have never heard of either company. They have no information on either place. After searching for more information on the internet I found this page. It makes me feel better knowing we didn't provide any information to these crooks before checking them out. I sincerely, hope others will be as cautious and not get caught up in thier traps. People like this needs to be put in the nearest prison and kept their for trying to SCAM honest people out of their good hard earned money. It's hard enough these days without scumbuckets taking advantage of trusting people. They need to be run out of the country.
N  19th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I was contacted by this company and asked if we were interested in selling our time share and any unused weeks we might have. I told them we did have a time share. Tom Ford called me soon thereafter and said that they had a lot of buyers and had oversold timehsare and needed to purchase some to sell. Also would line to purchase the unused weeks we might have. The cost to sell the unused 2 weeks was $1200 with a return of $5200 and $1398.48 to sell the property. I have since been contacted by a company and told that this is a scam and directed to this web site. I am contacting the Attorney, Andrew Cov and the Dept of Ag in Flordia.
A  21st of Feb, 2009 by 
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I just got off the phone 5 minutes ago from these guys that keep calling me from Universal Marketing Solutions.
I received the same story as all of you did. I told Mark I'm not going to pay for something before it sells. Marks supervisor got on the phone and said that we'll charge your credit card and it comes with a 120 day guarantee. And if you don't believe me, just call your credit card company and they'll refund your money back. I told them the last time I paid for something up front, such as for a timeshare broker to rent out my weeks, , , it turned into a scam and I'm not going to fall for it again. The broker never rented out my weeks and so I lost $300 for a ### rental broker.

Paying U.M.S. first is a scam.
Imagine you owned a car dealership paying your car salesman a $3000 commission for selling something he hasn't sold yet. It would be like him saying "Hey boss, I have someone coming in tomorrow to buy the Porsche, , , will you pay me my $3000 commission now?"

Same with Home Realestate. A commission/fee first before you sell yor home! Will never happen.!!!

No way guys.
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I was just contacted today 2/27/08 on my cell phone!!! I have no idea how they got my cell number, but this guy Carig Halgus from Universal Marketing Company in Delray Beach, Fl. said he saw "my ad" on www.vacationpropertytrader.com and I commented "really, I haven't listed my property on any website...and he says: "sorry to be the bearer of bad news", HA HA LOL. Now after finding this website, I'll be sure and not fall for any of their scams. He said he would put my information into his database and that he would see what "investors" he could come up with to buy my property and call me back with in 30 mins. Well, I hope he does call back, because I'm gonna have a great time telling him "NO WAY"...Thanks to all of those that have posted on here, and sorry to the ones that got taken, but look at all the blogs because there is a number posted for an atty for their company to get your money back!
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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i dealt with ums over this past year and can not believe they are still operating business.i complained to the bbb, consumer services and the attorney general of florida who all have active files. after all this i did finally get my money back and all i can say is never, never give your credit card # or if is to late for that never, never sign that contract.
A  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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Well, I'm one of the dumb ones who fell for their line. Only my 4 weeks of banked time was going to get me $2500 and would cost me a fee of $2395. I was also going to have my property sold as soon as it would close, probably in 4 or 5 weeks.
I need the money alot more than I need the time share so I agreed. Six weeks out and I started doing what I should have done early on-get online and check them out.

I am wondering if their are any lawyers out there who know the answer to this.. If an employee knowingly is involved in a scam, are they financially liable or are they guilty of breaking the law? Seems to me the legal system should be looking at the whole group at UMS. Can we get together to get them thrown in jail if not have to personally pay back funds they defrauded?
N  26th of Feb, 2009 by 
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I just called the attorney listed above, Andrew Cove. One of his secretaries answered and said that while they do represent UMS, they have been directed to only give out an email address for UMS. That gives UMS another layer to ignore customers...or should I say victims.

Personally I think anybody with a question should call Mr Cove..maybe he will not be real happy with his client, no matter what retainer he is getting.
A  28th of Feb, 2009 by 
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SO GLAD I found this site and checked them out. I spoke with a Kurt who called on my cell phone yesterday inquiring if I wanted to sell or rent my timeshare. Gave him my resort and number of BR and baths etc. He called me this morning and said he had a renter who also wanted my banked week with II as well and they would pay more than I was asking . and for $398 for each week which is charged by the resort for a guest pass etc. OR I could pay $796 for a LIFE TIME use of their company to rent or sale my Timeshare in the future. Of course they wanted my CC number up front to start the process and the contract. I said I need ed to check themout.He was very convincing and eloquent in his speech...THANKS TO YOU ALL FOR YOUR INPUT. I will not call him back.
A  1st of Mar, 2009 by 
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I had been wary of this compny. They contacted me too. I asked for the contract and it was very vague. Thank goodness I looked them up! They had wanted $1, 399.00 from me too for the title search. I have just emailed Colin Tolmodge back with all my findings and a big NO THANK YOU!
A  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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Just called Andrew Cove's office and got the same junk...email UMS. I emailed Jennifer Kirk (jkirk@universalmarketingsltns.com). I told her I was going to file a legal suit if they did not return my funds and she emailed me right back and told me that according to my contract, the money would not be refunded until the sale of the property. She did add that someone would call with an update.

I seriously doubt that b/c no one has called me from that company since they got my money...a year ago. I have been trying to get my money back for months now to no avail. I wish I would have seen all this stuff last year before I gave them the money.

anyone no any other way to get around this mess and get money back?
N  3rd of Mar, 2009 by 
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I called Andrew Cove's office two days ago. Same thing...call UMS. Jennifer Kirk emailed me back and said Andrew Cove no longer represents them. What a mess. What can anyone believe. They are so convincing. Its a sad world when people have to resort to this kind of con to get money. I guess it shows how desperate some people are to make a buck. I got sucked in Jan 27 and have not slept a night since.
N  4th of Mar, 2009 by 
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For those who have gotten money back did you have to retain a lawyer to do that?

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