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I live in New York, have been on the do not call list and these people just kept calling me non stop. They must be using one of those auto fast dialer systems because I am told to press 1 and when I do a live person comes on and he says he is from universal card services. Then I gave him information off the top of my head and he took it. He asked me for private information like my credit card number and I said no. They wanted to call the bank with them on the line and I said no. They would have had all of my bank info. Then he had his superior call me back from a 818 area code but he gave me a 866 number and said now they are briter days debt releif. Then he said they have a office in Phoenix and Colarado but when I checked. they dont. These people try to take advantage of people. Hang up and dont tell them anything. After all of this happened I called my banks told all of them what happened and they said they would put me on a hardship program and that all banks have those programs for no cost. Be careful in life.

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  • Su
      3rd of Apr, 2010

    I was actually very happy with the work that Briter Days did for me. They were very polite and thorough. They explained to me that these programs were available for free from the bank and even allowed me to try to do it myself before they did it for me. I was not successful, but they were. I actually worked with the office in Pheonix and was mailed an invoice from that location when work was completed. I too am on the do not call list and have been for a long time. I had recently requested information from numerous places about debt assistance so it did not bother me or surprise me to be getting calls from these sorts of places. I was skeptical at first but everything worked out wonderfully.

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  • Ch
      14th of Apr, 2010

    I agree with the above. I had a very pleasant experience. I had a great representative that got me 0% on my credit card that I owed 15k on. You need to stop slandering a good company's name just cause you were a little skeptical. its a good thing they didnt help you because your going out and trying to destroy their reputation. Hopefully you dont get help and your financial mess eats you alive.

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  • Ka
      2nd of Apr, 2011

    Universal Card Services is not a scam. This company just got me a rate of 3.75% on a Citibank card that was at 19%! Just because they do this on the phone you should not slander this company. I was helped by a nice young man named Kenny and then a nice lady( I forget her name) negotiated with me on the phone to get a lower interest rate for this card.
    This is still America folks and not every company that calls you is a scam. If you would have let them they probably could have helped you out too.
    I could not have done this alone. -Karlyn Lewis

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  • Fo
      26th of May, 2011

    I don't care if they are legitimate or not, do great work or not. They are breaking the law by phoning people on the Do Not Call list. If they break one law, they will break another. BEWARE!

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  • Lo
      1st of Jun, 2011

    This is the worst company in the whole world. They will charge your credit card first, not do any work, and you will never hear back from them again. I promise this.How do I know? happened to me. Do not be fooled.
    Universal Card services, Brighter Days Inc. is a Scam!!!

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  • Fi
      21st of Jun, 2011

    They helped me get out of debt and did for m wouldnte what the banks would not! Maybe your not on the dnc list?

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  • Ju
      15th of Jul, 2011

    Universal card services phones 2-3 times per day. I have asked to be removed from their list and they continue to harrass me. I just spoke with another representative who stated that they have issues with their phone system and that I will need to be patient - patient? They are a pain in the butt and if they can't remove me (I am on the do not call list), then I cannot believe their company is worth anything. Again they called and the gall hung up on me when I asked their address. I guess it is time to get a whistle to blow their ears off if I receive any more calls.

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  • Bm
      30th of Aug, 2011

    I'm sure the positive comments above are from people within the company. When a person hangs up on you when you ask for the name of the business...that is a red flag. When you ask to be taken off their calling list and they hang up, RED FLAG. When you ask what it is all about and they ask you to give them your credit card information? RED RED RED FLAG. What idiot would give a credit card number to someone they do not know?

    I have worked with debt solution companies and NONE of them have asked for my credit card information. NONE. BEWARE OF THIS is a scam...why would they call continuously if they weren't? They are hoping you will give in and let them do it, which I almost did. But instead I reported them to the Do Not Call registry as harassing me. You should do the same!! Go here to file a complaint against these ###s!

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  • Mi
      5th of Oct, 2011

    I spoke with my local phone company trying to get the number blocked! I have been harassed for more then a month. I have been on the "DO NOT CALL LIST" for years. It's an automated call, illegal anyway if you are on the list, but, when pushing 3 to no longer receive these calls, it makes them come more frequently! When pushing 1 to talk to someone, if you show any hostility, they hang up! Can't call back, they use a computer to call you, so there is no free line to call in on. I have reported the number to the National Do Not Call List. The next step is for me to file a police report via my local police department. The local phone Co. will not block a number that is not local w/o a police report. Hate to bug my overworked, underpaid local police department with dumb stuff, but watch me if I get more then 10 calls from them in the next 7 days. I have to give the Govt. department for the Do Not Call registry time to do their job, God knows the "red tape" involved with it.

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