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United Recovery Systems / Harassing Phone Calls

1 FL, United States Review updated:

Tonight, at 8:34 PM I rec'd an unknown phone call from Javon from URS telling me that my mother gave him my phone number because I owe the a debt to Dell. This Dell bill is in my mothers name and is NOT in my name in any way-shape-or form. He began to tell me that I was "dooping" my mother for this bill and this wasnt nice, etc...WTF??? I never signed for a Dell account, nor did I give this person my UNLISTED phone number, nor am I responsible for this bill. I just cant amagin the nerve! I am calling the FTC tomorrow and registering a complaint against them and calling them and complaining to them (not that this will help). Any suggestions?

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  • Ma
      13th of Nov, 2007
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    United Recovery Systems - Harassing Constant Phone Calls
    United States

    I am averaging about 15 to 20 phone calls daily from united recovery systems for a Sears Charge Account. I owe 300.00 on this account and am paying sears monthly. I was out of work for several months. The total bill was 600.00 I have pd this down paying sears directly now monthly in half. I am getting threats daily from United Recovery Systems. I have told them paying sears. They are Calling All Day on Sundays too. They are Calling Family Memembers Neighbors. I now owe again 300.00 and just made another payment today for 150.00 off of that.

  • Li
      10th of Dec, 2007
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    Take them to court, they are violating your rights!!!

  • Co
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    We do not collect for Sears, each account is assigned to a collector, a collector only makes about 200 calls average a day. You are obviously stretching things a wee bit.

    I work for this company. I would like to take the time to explain a lot that I can't while I am working. URS is a company that has been in operation for over 30 years, it is one of the largest, and the FDCPA, GBLA Act, and strict Corporate regulations define what we can and cannot do. Essentially our job is to recover a debt in the least possible time as far as possible towards 100% of the debt. That doesn’t mean you have to pay it all now, or all of it at all, talk to the rep about it.

    Some states have laws that override federal laws (FDCPA) but generally we can do all of the following:

    Contact 1 time per day at any given number (or re-contact if no answer)
    Home, cell, place of employment, relatives, neighbors (nearbys), multiples (same last name), associates (indicated on the credit bureau – CBR) and any other possible source of LOCATION INFORMATION (even the bar, minimarket, local – use your). But these third parties may be contacted only once unless we believe that in the meantime they might have acquired further info. There is a lot more to this and there are some limitations and variations that I can address in the future, but I don’t want this to be too long.

    If we have a valid contact this STOPS – if you don’t answer the phone or call back it will continue. This is NOT harrassment. When we make a call, if we are unsure the number is a HOME or CELL phone for the consumer we will leave a very generic message that does not imply that a debt is owed.

    Anybody we talk to, even at a home number, we will not imply the nature of the call except a "personal business matter" as we do not want to embarass anyone and it is against the FDCPA. Many people pry and want to know what it is about. Give us a break, we don't want to waste time either and we cannot disclose that information to anyone except the consumer, his/her spouse (with the exclusion of some states), attorney or any person that consumer may delegate, we have to record that permission before discussing.

    If you say you are the person we are looking for, we are going to ask for a second verification either confirming the mailing address (a po box is fine) the last four of the SSN, or date of birth. This is for your protection. We have all this information anyway, not confirming justs wastes your time and doesn't solve your problem.

    By the way – collection agencies are not subject of do not call lists.

    Answer the phone, call back, be polite – we will too. We are here to find a solution, be sure there will be one within your capabilities. If it is not YOU we are looking for, sorry, tell us that and you will receive no further calls if we can define that you are a third party with no information.

    Being a 3rd party collector we are not allowed to threaten like 1st party, most experienced collectors do not want to anyway. The new hires are usually pretty fired up, but we keep a close eye on them and they usually have an experienced collector next to them on one side or another. Sometimes a collector might seem rude but time is of essence, we have all heard every story, we will listen, but we have to make decisions quickly that take into consideration many things. The consumer (yes, we actually care), The client (original creditor), our company, and ourselves. Yes, we know something bad happened, we don’t need the raw details, we just need to find a solution.

    Remember - your problem is not ours, we did not cause it, we are only here to find a solution that does not cost you a penny, there are no charges to you for the services our clients (creditors) pay for.

  • Pa
      29th of Nov, 2009
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    Pay the bill!!! Obviously your mother told the collector that you agreed to pay the bill and gave the collector your information. What I would like to know is why would you try and screw over your mother? I wouldn't be worried about the calls I would be worried about how you are going to pay the bill...

  • Ap
      29th of Dec, 2009
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    I don't like collectors calling family members or work place, besides where do these collectors get these numbers. I did not give any numbers out. As soon as I find out who keeps calling, I will find out there numbers as well I mean home number and cell as well and see if they like it.

  • To
      31st of Aug, 2011
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    Well, my aunt owes a debt that URS is trying to collect. She has never lived with my grandmother nor does she now, however URS continues to call my grandmother every morning around 8am waking her up. They are looking for my aunt and my grandmother has told them she will tell my aunt but now the calls are annoying and she has asked them to stop calling repeatedly but the calls come every morning regardless. This is now a harassment issue since my grandmother is not the debtor and was not a co-signor for the debt and she has asked repeatedly for them to stop calling and my aunt does not and has never lived with her... What do we need to do to get the calls stopped?

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