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United Processing Legal Dept. / Harassment

1 CA, United States Review updated:

I applied for a loan online and never completed it, then the cash PDL called me a week later and asked why I never completed the transaction and did I want to? I said no, my problem worked had itself out. this is 3 months ago. I never completed the online form. I did not get any money or a loan. I canceled the whole transaction. Today I get a call from Rose Johnson (?) at United Processing Legal Department and she said told me that I am going to be sued, along with my references if I do not pay back the PDL along with their lawyers fees. the woman has a thick Indian (India) accent and will not give the company info. this has just happened, 8-06-08 this company now has my SSN and other personal information. this is identity theft, clearly I feel like I am being scammed. Help!
thomas Oakdale, California

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  • Th
      19th of Aug, 2008
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    I recieved a call from this company today and I did not answer because it was a unfamiliar number. The guy that had called me name Harry left me a message on my phone sounded like a guy from India. He left me a message and said that me or my attorney needed to give him a called ASAP. If the call was not return I will regret as this case unfolds.
    I returned the man's call and asked who it was and what the companies name was. He kept asking for my name I told him I would not give him my name unless I knew what the companies name was. The business name he gave me was United States Processing Department. I then looked it online while talking to him and than I told him my name. I told him the message that was left on my phone than NOT SURPRISINGLY the man hung up the phone on me.
    I kept trying to call the number again (214)306-5843 now no answer.
    I left a message and told them I knew about their business and I didnt appreciate the call from them and told them not to call me again. If they had a problem than I will have my attorney call them back.

  • Am
      2nd of Oct, 2008
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    They just called me on my cell phone and called my references and gave them all of my information including my social security number! They told my references to pay the bill. He said he will sue me. They gave out my social security number to people who answer the phone and gave out my address to people who answered the phone. This is illegal. He also gave me a fake name saying his name was Martin King. I thought that was really funny, because he sounded like Ahmad Nassir. I don't know who to contact about these people and why they have my information. They are doing things illegally and harrassing me on my cell phone. The number that I got was 312-281-2221. He also left a 1-800 number on my voice mail and it was the a number that gave a 1-900 number for me to call. I didn't call the number. This company is practicing Illegally by doing the things they do and the way they are doing it. I am really angry that when they called my references they gave them my social security number and my address. These were friends of mine that they gave this information to, but if they weren't my friends, anyone could have used this information. I am very angry and need to know who I can contact on sueing these people.

  • Ni
      10th of Oct, 2008
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    I have been getting calls from Indian speaking people for months now. I continously keep hanging up on them. They give me a companies name and I have called two companys with that name and neither one have information on me or a account. I have requested several times to show my the "supposely contract" I have but they will not send me anything. I requested the companies phone number, they told me that would cause conflict. I have had my local police department call the number and they even wouldn't give him any information on who they are and hung up on the officer! They call my house and they call my work number which is a government phone at least 3-4 times a week. I recommend talking to your State's Assistant Attorney General, file a police report, put fraud alerts on your credit reports, and call the Federal Trade Commission. They keep calling to get you to give in and pay. DON'T! If they were really going to press charges then they would have by now and you would have had something in writing sent to you. My State's AAG office told me that if they are threatening action against and they really aren't doing anything, they are illegally violating your rights under the Debt Company Law which may be different in each state. I wish I could get these A**holes to stop but I just keep hanging up. My supervisor at work told me to get a whistle or blow horn and everytime they call just blow it into the phone. I wouldn't recommend doing this at your job though!

  • Vo
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    I recvd a numerous of harassments at my job phone number pertaining that I
    owe $1, 052 for a payday loan I never took out and that the police will come
    to my job and pick me up. They also, requested me to supply my Attorney
    Information. They keep calling me at different times of the month: 07/17
    (408) 404-1520 12:21pm, 07/17 (408) 404-1520 12:22pm, 09/10 5:49pm, 09/11
    Eddie Kravitz (301) 727-4163 11:52 pm, 09/12 (301) 727-4163 11:44am &
    11:46am, 10/24 -Sean Johnston (301) 737-4163 9:30am. How can stop this
    action for going on over, over again.

  • Mz
      21st of Sep, 2009
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    I received a call from the same stupid people who keep harrassing me on my job. Each time it's a different person with the same Indian acent. I asked them several times not to call me on my job but hey keep calling. I am going to report them to the better business bureau. They won't say who they are calling for and it's really getting annoying and they even call me at home and don't leave messages. Several of them even leave curse words which I have recorded on my answering machine. If anyone finds out who they really represent, please post it because I would like to sue them for harrassement.

  • Jm
      16th of Nov, 2009
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    I just recieved the same phone call from a Indian speaking Man saying that I owed money from a payday loan company that I have never heard of. They have called and harass my references about a loan that I have never taken out. When I asked for his company name and address he refused to give it to me when I asked for a supervisor he disconnected the call. I call back and told him I was going to report him to the better business bureau and he told me not to call back and disconnected the call. the number he called from was 305-515-8380 and 5626846333

  • Hy
      1st of Apr, 2010
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    I received the same calls sometimes a woman and lately a man call Kevin at209-349-3112. I told him what he was doing was illegal and I was contacting the authorities. He said go ahead MFer and i am sending a task force to put you and your family behind bars. My boss has told him to quit calling work or he was pressing charges. They told me They were going to continue calling my work even if I didn't work there. They are insane. The all familiar call center noises in the back ground and the indian accent(thick). I think the CA number is a waystation and they are calling from india...maybe interpol could help.

  • Ja
      14th of Sep, 2010
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    THis exact same thing is happening to me!! chris robinson david smith douglas black fro 209 349 3112

    what can i do to stop this? im so stupid i paid them $240 in april/may. now they're harassing me again!! what am i going to do??

  • Yo
      12th of Apr, 2011
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    Ladies and Gentlemen:
    The first thing is not to given them one red cent of your money. They have stolen your information and are using terroristic threats to scare you into giving them money. If you have call block on your phone activate it and tell anyone that has given reference for you to block them as well. Go to the police departments in your city and swear out a private criminal complaint against them. Sue them in your municipal court. Use the phone numbers to track them down. Write a letter to America's Most Wanted. Contact 20/20, write to them and tell them of this. How long are we Americans going to let these people come into our country and screw us around. It is a priviledge to live here not a right! If you all join together by taking legal action against these criminals. We will win, but we must fight against them. I know you may feel lost. Realize the phone is the key no one gets a phone in this country without having to show ID and even if fake ID was used there is an address. If the number is private you will not be able to get it but your friendly neighborhood District Attorney can . Get yourself a little book and write down every time they call or contact you. Send them a cease and desist letter naming the behaviors you want them to stop. Join together and file a class action suit against them. They did this to me to but no friggin way am I letting them get away with it. There are so many of use lets get these creeps.
    Your Comrade in Arms

  • Ru
      20th of Apr, 2011
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    I have been recieving numerous calls on my cell phone and my work phone from various names ie: Jenny Jones, Jack Parker, Brad Williams, Kevin White, John Anderson, Clark Snider all with very thick India accents claiming that I am being investigated and a law suit is being filed against me for a payday loan that I never repaid the calls come from various area codes and they all say the same thing that I have done fraudulant banking practices and theft by deception and that I can clear this matter if I would just pay them what I owe. Any suggestions how to get this to stop I have reported to the FBI but they are driving me crazy!!

  • Ms
      12th of May, 2011
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    I am getting phone calls at work threatening me to pay for a loan that they will tell me nothing about. I do have a couple of loans that I took out over a year ago - but paid them off with a money card. So I asked what the company was and they won't tell me - so I inform that I have paid it. They start telling me they are going to serve me papers and take me to court. They are saying they are going to come to my place of business - this would embarrass me terribly. I now am not answering the phone - but it is at work and they are leaving voice mails - that if my boss listens to them I could get in trouble. HELP! I don't have alot of money - and I have struggled in the past to pay what I did borrow over a year ago.
    Please advise!

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