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United Processing Legal Dept. / Phone scam

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I'm glad I ran into this website. I have been receiving numerous calls from this so-called company called united processing legal dept. I know it is a scam, found out the hard way last month. I have reported them to the secret service, fbi, ftc, local law. They are very crafty, they have used at least two different phone numbers: 1. [protected], 2: [protected]. Many different names, Jack martin, and officer Stuart Mcgill, they are always indian, and always end the message with "I wish you good luck" I am so sick of these scammers I wish there was more that I could do, than just keep reporting them, because all they do is change up the phone numbers and start the process all over again. The reason I got scammed from them the first time was involved with an issue regarding a pay day loan. They had every detail of my life and just spat it all back out at me. It was really scary. Lucky they only got me for 400. but just the same I will not fall for it again. I have been posting on 800 and there are people everywhere being affected by these low life criminals.

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  • El
      20th of Aug, 2008
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    I Too received an harrassing phone call from these people
    telling me I was going to be arrested within 3 hours-they had allmy personal inforamation-ss# address- work phone cell phone-etc-

    luckily, I work for attorneys, so I immediately asked my boss to
    get on the phone and he determined it was a scam! just to be sure he called my local police precinct and asked if there was an arrest warrant in my name- they said no! I'm glad to hear that
    someone reported them to the FBI AND CIA! hOPEFULLY THEY CAN BE STOPPED! It was very scary for me!

  • Cl
      27th of Aug, 2008
    +1 Votes

    Just a follow up to my previous complaint. They are still trying to call me, this time his name is Richard, and I'm supposed to call him back at 410-807-4506. This is the biggest scam going...

  • Do
      27th of Mar, 2010
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    These people have contacted me at work and tried to contact my supervisor. Lucky I work for a prison and was very up front about these calls as soon as they started. I am not sure what they thought they would be able to do, but they called 4 times to different parts of the prison to try to tell them I am a felon. I am at a loss on how to get them to stop, one guy said to tell them to meet you at the police station right now and the matter can be solved. I might try that next time they call, but it is very scary. I have done all I can, contact the FTC, did a police report, called my credit cards to set up pass words, my bank the same, contacted the Credit Card Reporting agencies to put a 90 day fraud alert out. Contacted the SS# office to request a report so I can review it. I am at the point to change my cell number, and to pretend I no longer work at my job.

  • Bk
      6th of May, 2011
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    I to have been contacted by these people. I don't know what else to do to get them to stop. I have given them over $3000. They made me so scared. I didn't know what else to do. The last payment I gave them I asked for a statement and they told me one will sent to me. Statement was never sent. I don't know how else to get rid of them. They do call me work and home and threaten me. They will tell me if I don't return their calls that the police will be at my house or job to arrrest me, they tell me that my case will go to the courts. I have been to the police, changed bank accounts, and have to take out a loan to settle debts that I borrowed to pay them. I want enough of this. They also have very American names for barely speaking English. How do we get rid of these people.

  • La
      7th of Jul, 2015
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    I too just received a call from this company. Fortunately I gave them a card with no money on it. My person's name is Anthony Cole. His number is 855-498-0039. He told me that he could reduce the amount that I owed. He also had all my information. He called my daughter and said that he was forwarding me a letter with the agreement on it.

    Thank you for this information because I will not be giving them any money. I am sorry for those who have lost money too them

  • Bo
      24th of Jul, 2015
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    I had received 2 calls from them, one female and one male, and he was snooty on my message saying I needed to contact them before they turn this matter over to the courts. He said they needed my statement for the clients file, and he had all my information as well. I ignored the messages, because it did sound weird and I couldn't figure out why I would be getting any calls. Yesterday, he contacted BOTH of my daughters, saying that I gave them their contact information, which is a lie, and both my girls told me I better call them because it sounded serious. Ok, Bad idea! I called them at the 8554980039 number, and the guys name was Mark ? who told me I was committing check fraud, and we went back and fourth, he kept cutting me off and basically didn't give a crap nor was he listening to what I had to say because the more I tried to get out of him the more he was accusing me of, until he made me cry and I hung up on him. I called back about 5 min. later and asked for someone else to talk to because he was so rude. This guy - Marcus Goldstein, oh he was really much nicer, so much it was fake. He told me that it was back in Nov. 2012, and he wasn't even really sure about this date. He couldn't even tell me the name of the company, address or phone. He said i would never be able to get in touch with them because they are in the Bahamas, and that I need to settle this matter today or else my amount would go from 550.00 to having to pay up to 7000.00! I was not wanting this to happen so he set me up with a 2 part payment plan, even after I kept telling him that I never took out any payday advances, EVER. I told him that I was looking into finding out how much they would charge, just being curious. They ask for your vital information before you can get the exact figures, and when I saw how much the interest was I just exited the page. The next day, I found they had deposited 200.00 into my account without my permission, and I immediately contacted my bank, and the person who had sent me the email confirming I had qualified, and told them both I wanted this money removed from my account. I did not authorize this to be deposited, and the funds were removed. Now 3 years later, these guys are after me saying I never paid them? So being scared I agreed to him taking 200.00 from my debit card yesterday, and 350.00 on the 7th to pay this off. I came to work and my coworker looked up the phone numbers they had been calling me from, and ALL are scams! I was lucky enough to find the old email I had sent to them requesting they remove the money from my account. The actual date was Feb. 14th, 2013 when they sent me an email saying I was approved and if I was still interested that they needed more information to complete the process. I never replied until after I saw the money which was on 2-21-2013 for 200.00. The funds were removed, and I went on with my life...the guy wouldn't give me contact info? That's all wrong. Then calling my daughters, very wrong, and I got a good one for them too, I reported my debit card lost this morning, after I called my bank to see if that withdraw had taken place yet, via automated phone! Now I have to wait for a new card, but better that loosing 200.00! Now let them call me after I found the email verifying I had the money returned. I am going to see if the bank I had then still has the account files for that date so I can get the bank to back it up as well. I cant believe how ruthless people are and how they could care less if your rich or poor, in my case, poor! BEWARE, BEWARE, BEWARE, and KEEP VERY GOOD RECORDS!

  • Ti
      30th of Jul, 2015
    0 Votes

    They have tried this on me several times, I am a legal secretary and even had them call my job and I told them I no longer work at my company because unless you give person to contact employers they are not allowed too!!! It is illegal to impersonate a police office or any federal officer as when they first tried this and had a "so called officer call my home" I got a badge number and the station they said they were calling from and a phone number. I said okay I will call you right back with my lawyer. I called the San Diego Police Department to verify information and was told it was illegal to impersonate a police officer, when I called back the lady who told me she was a cop, I informed her of the same and told her that I had the police tracing my call :) pay back is a b$%ch!!! I have reported this scam to Attorney General and continue to do so and at this point it is all we can do!!! BUT WHATEVER YOU DO, NO MATTER HOW SCARED YOU GET DON'T GIVE THEM MONEY!!! Also if you are really concerned check the local public court records to see if complaints have been filed against you, a process company does not call you first they show up unexpected to catch you off guard, they don't give you notice they are coming, that gives you a chance to not be home, think about it for a minute. If you are really unsure and are second guessing the call, that is a good sign, hang up, block the number, and if they keep calling, keep doing it, and also keep reporting it, eventually, don't know when but eventually they will get caught and stop!!!

  • Ph
      2nd of Sep, 2015
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    I have also received 2 calls from these people. They leave a number 855-402-7684

  • Ky
      15th of Aug, 2017
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    @Phyllis Rogers Kelly I also received one today from a Georgia phone number they couldn't tell me anything they said the court docket was sealed and they were just the process center and they couldn't tell me nothing on it and I said what I can't give you any information and they've been calling me Non-Stop and I'm just to the point where I'm saying there's something on me then you need to mail it if not then don't call my phone again

  • Je
      3rd of Sep, 2015
    0 Votes

    I just received a message on my phone Jonathon private investigator 855-402-7684, but called from 434-002-0003. He stated that I have important documents to sign, and will need 2 types of ID. I found this fishy so looked and found all these scam stories. Thank you to everyone reporting, I have blocked the number and contacted the authorties.

  • Ja
      22nd of Sep, 2015
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    They are calling me daily now. Phone number is 1-910-900-0007. About to report to local authorities

  • Gr
      27th of Nov, 2015
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    I just hung up on this company, all perfect English speaking, but rude. Hung up on me 3 times, after I asked for proof of their claim, when I called back, they said I was being rude and didn't let them talk. I told them, all I want is the original documents of this "payday" lender, they would dance around it, but won't tell me it will be done. The director was mimicking me, kept trying to tell me what's going to happen if I don't pay and how I "flat refuse", because I refuse to admit anything and requested proof. First he said the company wants to help me, then after I started asking questions and he got butt hurt, told me he didn't want to help, he hopes to have me taken to court and charged...I told him he's a fraud and a joke. He said, he feels sorry for anyone in my life cuz I'm so rude and let's no one talk. I laughed and told him, he refuse to answer any questions I have and is unprofessional and childish. I must of hit the bullseye, he threaten me with court, subpoenas, blah, blah . I told him, yea, yea, I don't care, what I want is copies of my original documents, cause, first they said $500 was deposited, then when I told them, I never had $500 deposited, she corrected herself and said, $400, "I thought it was $500". Whatever, I've never had $400 deposited into my acct. Frauds. Supposidly the director won't email me the documents, but will have the lender send me court docs instead. Lol. He couldn't even tell me who the original lender was, he kept saying, Titan Group, llc is the actual lender, through a payday lender, when asked what the name for the payday lender, he got frustrated and said, "I told you, you'll just get court docs and go in front of a judge . Etc", I just told him to shove it, cause he's a fraud, refusing to send me "my lender documents, unless I admit and pay", otherwise I'm "flat refusing". Funky way of being "professional" and legitimate. They do have my personal info though, that worries me. They called my daughter too. They gave a 855 number, but caller ID said, 916-596-3748. I called his company "just a call center ", director title, more like a joke title he gave himself.

  • Me
      10th of May, 2016
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    I just receive a call..from 855-498-0039.AGAIN...from these idiots saying i wrote bad checks from my bank. Heres the conversation. Them: name is jacob Smith (good job scam artist for picking a common name) am i speaking to ÷*%=&? Me: May I ask who's calling? Them; (sighing) look, the reason why Im calling you is because your bank contacted us. Bank fraud is serious and so is writing bad checks. Me: hysterically laughing. Them: mrs. @#€==, this is extremely serious and your rude laughter will get you fined and thrown in prison! Me: Look Jaxob..or whatever fake name you've used before..(tries to interup me by threats) sir..if you would ### up long enough i can explain my laughter. ( tries speaking until i say) hey you want money right? (of COURSEhe does) if you want money from me Im afraid you tried to scam the wrong person because i dont have checks...he proceeds to scream at me. That yrs i did because i have a checking acct...again...i laugh. Sir i have a checking acct but i use that for my debit card and savings is just that...savings. The silence was amazing he says hed be right back. I here a phone be set down and can hear everything...hes asking what do we do? Other person tells him to say it was a miscommunication and they met my checking account was in the negative balance. "Jacob" gets on the phone trys that route and again was shot down because we just depostrd money into our account. Absolutley went dead...we will see if the call again. Ive got this nimber bblocked..bit theve called from area codes 815..910 and 916. I have reported them seceral times but these scammers are worldwide

  • Ja
      17th of May, 2016
    0 Votes

    Okay! I have been scammed today by this number 855-498-0039. At first, I thought it was something really urgent because of the
    the threating message I got. So I called the number back and some guy answered the phone I don't even remember his name because he said it so fast. So he tells me that I took a loan out in 2008 from a pay day loan for $499 and that if I cannot pay the $499 in full by the end of the month they are going to pursue this in court and sue for $3000 plus dollars. This included the penalty. They also said they will garnish my check. I ask for them to send it to me through email then I would call them back. He refused to let me off the phone without a payment because he said that if I made a payment it will show good faith that I am trying to handle this outside of court. I was so nervous so I paid them $100. I talked to a friend and she was like that is a SCAM! We googled the number and sure enough this number 855-498-0039 was on the SCAM list! I called my credit card company and canceled the card I used immediately! I am so pissed right now that even did that! All I know is if they call me again they are going to get a rude awaking! PEOPLE PLEASE SCREEN ALL YOUR CALLS DONT TRUST ANYTHING THAT DONT SOUND RIGHT! YOU WILL KNOW IF IT IS WRONG!

  • Be
      14th of Oct, 2016
    0 Votes

    They keep calling me from (716) 230-3417. Glad I looked the number up first and learned it's a scam.

  • Ki
      15th of Nov, 2016
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    1-888-281-7544 The man called himself Clarence Sims, young sounding and English speaking. Talked about a package and would need ID to accept it. Need to call the above number who represents a complaint. An obvious scam.

  • Le
      20th of Apr, 2017
    0 Votes

    DO NOT DO IT!! I should have known better, but everything Nicholas and Kevin were saying sounded so good when you have $67, 000 in student loans. After, I hung with them something was telling me to google them and I did and read nothing but bad things. NEVER go through a a 3rd party.. NEVER. I called Navient (Sallie Mae) and they told me to call them back ASAP and get my refund and cancel anything I had with them. I did and they were so RUDE, they hung up on me twice. I did get my refund and called my bank to make sure they would not be able to access my account. I honestly should have known better. I wish all of these places would go away. The number is 561-853-0882.

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