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Yesterday I found a charge on my credit card for 19.95 by a group I have never heard of called UMG Tech. I have been away and not checking statement and when I looked back I realized I had been charged this by UMG Tech for the last 6 months on my credit card. I went to call UMG Tech at the listed 1-800 number. When I did a recorded message at UMG Tech told me that number was changed and I must call this 1-900 number to reach UMG Tech. But I know that when you call a 1-900 number, you pay expensive minute charges. This is the system they use on all the sex call lines. So not only were UMG Tech trying to cheat me of 19.95 a month they were trying to make me pay a fortune for the telephone call to complain. Recognizing it was a blatant fraud, I called my card company and they reversed the charges and canceled future bills from this company. Based on the fact that charges appear on my most recent statement, it is clear that UMG Tech are still in business ripping people off operating under various names such as UMNG Tech, United Marketing Group LLC, UMG Edge, UMG Edgebuyers, UMG Merchanttec and many many more. Others who are doing their part to expose this slime to the light, have informed me that their real name is Direct Connection Consulting Inc. 11660 Alpharetta Hwy Suite # 650 Roswell Ga.30076 and it looks like they are getting charged in at least one State but obviously this has not stopped them. They are paying their legal bills on the backs of good American people who can ill afford to have money stolen from them in this manner. People like this are the equivalent to terrorists as they undermine the quality and security of peoples lives. They need to be treated the same way as a Taliban with a bomb vest strapped on. The address of this company is obviously easy to find as would likely the addresses of the UMG Tech directors . Remember it is not likely their staffs fault, but the Directors of the company that are the responsible heartless perpetrators of this crime against Americans.

I believe there is a class action lawsuit being formed so sign on and lets go get im folks

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