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United Inventors Association, UIA, Mark Reyland


United Inventors Association, UIA, Mark Reyland

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United Inventors Association, UIA, Mark Reyland
United States

Doing business with companies supported by this organization while mark reyland is exec director should be researched carefully. There is a hefty fee involved with the certifiction process which makes it a paid endorsement. You can do a search on any of the inventor forums for any of the above names and see the history of his many personas. The UIA would be better off separating from his name if they desire credibility.
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D  23rd of Mar, 2011 by    -2 Votes
As sometimes happens in the inventing industry unstable people migrate towards the industry and cause problems. This posting is but one of many Troy "gizmo" Robison of Chicago Ill has posted all over the internet. We have taken legal steps to enforce criminal stalking laws in an effort to ensure we stop him from harassing others.

Under the expert leadership of Mr. Reyland, the UIA will continue, as we have for over 25 years, to support the inventor community and provide quality educational tools to inventors all over the United States.
N  16th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Free speech is one of the many things that make this a great country. While Mark Reyland of the United Inventors Association may find this information to be "harrassing" it is factual and there is nothing a court of law can do about public information. Mark Reyland himself is the master of knowing how to stir up trouble on the internet and it sounds to me like Mark Reyland himself is the one guilty of stalking and harrassing the gentleman he mentions above (who did not write this post). He appears to have made his bed and is now whining about having to lie in it. I am sure Mark Reyland posting about taking legal steps makes him sound like a victim, but at the end of the day organizations such as this are nothing more than a mask for scams. Doing business with the United Inventors Association or taking advice to do business with its associated companies while this man is in charge is a risk not worth taking. Crafty advertising doesnt cover the trail of deception. It has long been known in the inventor community that people fall for scams a lot more easily when they are tied together in numbers and look to be "reputable".
A  20th of Apr, 2011 by    +2 Votes
The rep posting on behalf of the UIA is Mark Reyland himself. What does this say about the stability of the man or his lack of honesty?
A  30th of Apr, 2011 by    +1 Votes
These are the latest companies Mark Reyland approached and WANTED TO BE PART OF. Being refused Reyland added them to his stalk and harrass list. I wonder how much longer before one of these companies sue him or the UIA?
QUOTE by Mark Reyland

Please do not list your inventions or ideas on these sites.
Genius Crowds
These are just the few that we know about – if you run across these kind of sites please let us know so we can let others know.

A  12th of Aug, 2011 by    +2 Votes
Mark is not even a real Inventor,
He claims to be an expert, I have seen the documents of fraud from Mark and him giving back the patent rights to the Inventor he tricked into him personally becoming a co-inventor, Mark preys on female Inventors, both Mark from UIA USA and Simon UIA UK are frauds the need to be removed from the director positions ASAP
D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    -1 Votes
I hope most people understand that you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, good or bad. While the World Wide Web is an amazing source of information only a click away, and a great way for people to get the truth out, it is also a tool for people with dark motives to attack the credibility of others to serve their own agenda.

The following is a description of events that lead to my introduction to Mr. Mark Reyland and The United Inventors Association.

I recently hired a company called Absolutely New Inc to market my products. One of the major factors that I considered before I hired them is that they were accredited with the United Inventors Association. It wasn't long before I began wondering what I had gotten myself into. Serena Soo the coordinator handling my products was giving me marketing materials to proof that looked like they were prepared by a third grader.

I pulled the contract that had been mailed to me out of the file to see if she was delivering the materials as promised. They were not. She was trying to pass off a one page concept sheet as the entire "marketing package". It was at this time that I discovered that a paragraph had been added to this last page of the contract that was sent to me by US mail that was not in the original contract that had been emailed to me by an employee named Dave Stickel.

With a little research I discovered that the paragraph added was a disclosure required by the American Inventors Protection Act of 1999 as well as California Business and Professions code. Shortly after this I discovered that Serena Soo had lied to me about her attendance at the Chicago House Wares Show. I was having a difficult time trying to work through these issues with Absolutley New’s Legal Councel Tony Flores and CEO Richard Donat so I decided I was going to sue them.

Before filing the suit I sent a demand letter. In response Absolutely New sent me a check for much less than my damages along with a letter full of mischaracterizations of the circumstances which were frankly insulting and untrue. However I decided to cash the check because after a little more research I found out that Absolutely New had been suspended by the Secretary of State. The suspension had been initiated by the Franchise Tax Board. This is done for one reason; failure to pay corporate taxes. I then filed papers with the Secretary to see Absolutely New's Surety Bond which is required by invention promotion firms in California and four other states. No Bond had been posted.

So I cashed the check even though I had rock solid evidence of the fraud and breach of contract that had been committed. A judgement does you no good if a company has no money, which appeared to be the case, and a chance I couldn't take.

The next thing I did was send a complaint to Mark Reyland of the United Inventors Association. Mr. Reyland called me the very next day. He was horrified about what had happened to me and assured me that the UIA would look into the matter and take the appropriate action if warranted. I have had several conversations with him and I can tell you that this man has integrity, he cares about the independent inventor, and he is on a mission to help clean up the industry of Invention Promotion Company's. He has kept me informed every step of the way as to the action taken by the UIA against Absolutely New and recently informed me that Absolutely New is turning in their resignation as an accredited member. He has assured me that the UIA will do the same for any other inventor, if presented with credible evidence of wrong doing by one of its accredited members. The blogs I read on this site appear to be unfounded and written by a people with an ax to grind for some reason or other and in know way represent The Mark Reyland I know. In closing, I wouldn't recommend AbsolutelyNew to my worst enemy if I had one, and Mark Reyland is a stand up guy.
D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Hi Stephen,
Please explain this link then?

D  10th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
try this one:

N  10th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
I have requested a investigation by Andres Vedres from



This man can remove Mark from His position for the better of the whole Inventor Community
N  11th of Sep, 2011 by    0 Votes
How about you contact the Inventors who Mark Ripped off?
A  25th of Sep, 2011 by    +1 Votes
Looks like Mark may search the Internet and grab bios (word for word) from other people he admires?? looks like he was caught again under another iddentity only this time it's a real person. This dude can't be right in the head is all I can think.
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
I retract the above comments about Simon Brown and UIA UK, Thanks for finally listening to me and investigating!

See Below, they are separate now! Different names everything all changed now as of the last 24 hours

Dear Mr Pater,

In respect of your recent comments regarding the United Innovation Association UK’s (UIAUK) alleged links to the United Inventors Association USA (UIAUSA) I wish to offer the following statement;

The UIAUK was formed in March 2011, and as we intended to use similar branding to the UIAUSA, a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with the UIAUSA which allowed us to use such branding without any breach of Intellectual Property rights, was required.

The UIAUK and the UIAUSA do not have any formal or legal ties to each other, except for the above mentioned and are in no way related in any company formation, therefore your recent accusations regarding our being complicit with the UIAUSA or its Chief Executive, Mark Reyland, are unfounded and untrue.

However, in light of matters arising recently and new information received by the UIAUK we feel that we are no longer able to continue to bear any resemblance to the UIAUSA in name, branding or image and would like to make it clear that any association with the UIAUSA or Mark Reyland has ceased with immediate effect.

The UIAUK is, and always will be, a credible, honest and hardworking association supporting invention and innovation, new ideas and design and will not participate in any activities which might show us as being anything less than this.

Yours Sincerely

Simon Brown

Founder & CEO

Website: www.uiauk.org
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Mark you have brought shame to the UIA USA and do the right thing and step down from your position in this industry and this is the only right thing to do considering what you have done!
N  5th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes

N  12th of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes
Date: Tue, 11 Oct 2011 13:01:51 -0700
From: heavychevy58@yahoo.com
Subject: Inventorspot.com

Just thought I would give you an opportunity to respond prior to me making the next move. I have seen that Tania has taken a number of her posts down, but Gizmo has copied them and now pastes them over and over again as if they are something new or just to keep them on the top of the forum.

I also notice that neither of you do any of this on the Edisonnation forum because you know it is monitored. Well, since the Inventorspot forum is closed and I did not have an acoount set up yet you must feel you are safe to post what you like without any issues. I am happy to let you know I have been talking with several people on Inventorspot that have accounts and some are willing to act as my proxy and post items for me just to make things fair.

You both have seen fit to repeatedly bash people with nothing happening in return. That won't be true for long. If I don't see alot of the crap you two have posted being deleted I guess I need to start posting all the things from my blog onto the forum. Starting with the wonderful DUI picture. I am sure everyone there will love that picture and the write-up and want a copy for framing. Who knows, it could even show up on edisonnation. I am sure they will delete it but not before it is sent out to everyone on the forum. You know how that works right Gizmo? if you don't think I am serious look at my profile and pics on edisonnation. The great thing is that the five of us have accounts on Edisonnation so if I get banned there are still four more to post it.

As you have seen I always try and give you notice and a chance to correct things before I do what I state. As you will notice I have done exactly what I say I will. So it is up to you where this goes. I have noticed Tania, Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss are not saying anything on the forum. It is all you Gizmo. So are you going to cause them to have their names posted with yours on all those threads? the choice is yours. I already know what your answer will be because you are so easy to figure out, but I thought I would give Tania, Stephen Key and Andrew Krauss the choice.

You know where to reach me if you decide to answer back. I wouldn't wait real long.
N  21st of Oct, 2011 by    0 Votes

D  9th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Troy Robison • Mark Reyland’s FlipSide Quilting Rulers ‘MORE OF HIS LIES” !

As you will read below Mark Reyland claims a couple different things that are lies. He claims the inventor’s had a License deal with a Manufacturing company then caught them selling out the back door. That wasn’t the case at all because the inventor’s had their own manufacturing facility in Ohio so why would they have another company manufacturing their product for them. The company Reyland talks about is a Distribution Services Firm also located in Ohio still in business and there career wasn’t ended like Reyland likes to claim.

See for yourself below.

For me it’s quilting rulers….I know, I didn’t know they had their own rulers either.
A friend of mine has a patent ( #7032534 ) for a double sided foil print process that has been used for manufacturing these acrylic quilting rulers – he had a license agreement with a manufacturer for the last 4 years – but he caught them selling out the back door. So he took them to court and ended their career in the quilting ruler business.
So he called me one day and asked if I would pick up the manufacturing…..of course after I looked at the sales data and found 2.5 million in sales per year. I said yes.
So now I’m moving the manufacturing to China, and rebranding them, and should have them ready for national reps by February 09 ….or at least that’s the plan anyway….
Ok...Breaks over...Back to inventing

After digging into the Lawsuit Reyland claims put the company out of business we found the case was actually dismissed. Wow is this guy full of $hit or what.
Knittel Engraving Co Inc v. AC Marketech International Ltd
Assigned to: Chief Judge Susan J. Dlott
Cause: 35:271 Patent Infringement
Date Filed: 05/26/2006
Date Terminated: 09/19/2007

Jury Demand: Plaintiff
Nature of Suit: 830 Patent
Jurisdiction: Federal Question
Plaintiff Knittel Engraving Co Inc
STIPULATION of Dismissal With Prejudice by Counter Claimant AC Marketech International Ltd, Counter Defendant Knittel Engraving Co Inc, Plaintiff Knittel Engraving Co Inc, Defendants AC Marketech International Ltd, Robert G. Arend, Todd J. Arend. (Schmidt, Carl) (Entered: 11/27/2007)

The link below is the company that DIDN’T get put out of Business.

Inventors Patent and Assignee info below.

The statements below were made by Reyland just over one year ago about the FlipSide Rulers being licensed to a company in California Well that’s another lie also. Mark Reyland and his business partners don’t have any control over the inventor’s product or patent anymore.

Google the inventors name and give him a call, they will tell you Mark Reyland’s a BIG BLOW HARD LIAR and did nothing for them or their product to get them to retail.

UPDATE: Since I wrote this (several months ago) we have licensed the entire line of FlipSide (www.flipsiderulers.com) quilting rulers to a manufacturer in California, and 4 additional quilting products I developed for my quilting friends to the largest quilting products manufacturer in the world. The lesson here is that sometimes you have to immerse yourself in the consumer’s world to truly understand what they want.
From the Inventor blog

Wow did the United Inventors Association really screw up by not digging into Mark Reylands background before hiring him as the UIA Executive Director. They hired a Conman
D  9th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Troy Robison • John,
You already posted the majority of the email addresses you sent to Warren Tuttle and the gang a few post back. I guess I could FINE TUNE it for you, , , , , , See below.

john Young • UIA Fraudelant Cruedentials of Mark Reyland
TO: 4 More4 recipientsCC: 7 recipientsYou 7 MoreBCC: recipientsYou
Hide Details FROM:john young TO:warren@monasheemarketing.com wwtuttle@yahoo.com louis.foreman@enventys.com 1 More...CC:bmchenry@wideteerinc.com EGT@warick.net info@trident.design.com david.kappos@uspto.gov john.calvert@uspto.gov 2 More...Message flagged Tuesday, January 3, 2012 9:51 PMMessage body
To The President of the UIA
and board members.


I'm writing you in regards to your current director or the UIA, Mark Reyland's credentials and ethic's.
Warren Tuttle, UIA warren@monasheemarketing.com ++ wwtuttle@yahoo.com

Louis Foreman, UIA louis.foreman@enventys.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

Bill Mchenry, UIA bmchenry@wideteerinc.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

Edith Tolchin, UIA EGT@warick.net ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

Chris Hawker, UIA info@trident.design.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

David Kappos, USPTO david.kappos@uspto.gov ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

John Calvert, USPTO john.calvert@uspto.gov ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

Gene Quinn was a UIA member until he resigned due to the InventHelp issue. Ron Riley is a real bulldog when it comes to helping inventors.

Gene Quinn, IPWATCHDOG, gguinn@ipwatchdog.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account

Ron J. Riley, InventorED.ORG rjr@rjriley.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

Don Kelley, Pat Agent, Past UIA Board dgrantk@aol.com ++ “Also has LinkedIn Account”

There are more UIA Board members if someone else would like to dig them up.

Why not invite all of the above people with a LinkedIn account to this discussion. Maybe add all the Inventors Groups throughout the USA to get involved also.

Anything else you need John ? This task was pretty easy since everything is public knowledge.
N  11th of Jan, 2012 by    0 Votes
Simon Brown • Hello to all and an interesting debate going on here!

Firstly let me introduce myself, my name is Simon Brown and I am the founder of Inventor Forum - a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting inventors worldwide.

And by supporting them I mean exactly that - not offering get rich quick schemes or marketing services etc.

Some of you will be aware that we used to be called UIAUK - Ahh you say 'UIA' that name rings a bell!

When I founded the organisation I was approached by a very polite and affable gentleman whose name is Mark Reyland? He liked the approach I was taking, particularly to helping inventors avoid scams, and offered me the opportunity to gain some financial support from UIAUSA, benefit from the near 20 years they had been going, use the name and brand and effectively become a sister organisation to them. In his words, "this will help us on both sides of 'the pond' to support inventors".

Cutting a long story into a readable one, we signed a legal 'Memorandum of Association' and this provided us with 6 months funding of $500 per month from the UIAUSA and co-branding, however, and this is where it gets real, after just 1 month the problems started.
Mark Reyland’s attitude changed towards me and the UIAUK and after fighting hard to get the 2nd payment it became obvious that there was more to Mark Reyland’s offer of support.

I can only give you my personal opinion of course, which is that what was expected of me and UIAUK was a steady supply of UK inventors to UIAUSA which could be progressively handed over to US Inventor Help Companies, to what end we can all make our own assumptions.
Due to the way in which Mark Reyland’s attitude had changed I took it upon myself to fully investigate ALL the allegations, history, and credentials etc. which involve Mark Reyland.

My findings, I have to say, pretty much leave me believing that all these 'attacks' on him, his personality and his business activities all have a distinct element of truth to them.

Some of you will have seen my statement last year, removing our organisation from any association with the UIAUSA, rebranding as Inventor Forum and disassociating completely from Mark Reyland. Best move I think, and would suggest careful consideration should be the watchword here.

Simon Brown • Well well, Mark Reyland rears his head in anger, perhaps he will show all this proof now, I thought my making a comment might provoke a response but out and out and blatant defamation of character, Mark that's just very naughty!.

I equally have bank statements and will gladly post the original MOA, statements and any other information for all to view, if you will do the same Mark, and we can let a 'Jury of our Peers' decide who is telling the truth.
And for the record, the WE you refer to is only actually a YOU, none of your board of directors would answer my emails or correspondence in regards to your actions or comments at the time.

As to 'the Company in Georgia you refer to, yet another US inventor help company which is getting slammed for ripping inventors off at the present time; see http://RhodesInventionDesignDevelopment.nfshost.com for information just sent to me.
They also wanted to sponsor us here in the UK but as soon as 1st instalment on a 3 month sponsorship deal became due they refused to answer my emails or phone calls, funny that isn't it?

Want to see that legally binding agreement too Mark, it's available.

I have not said anything directly defamatory about you, only that my personal feelings and findings perhaps support what others are saying, but you have the ordacity to Slander and Libel me in an open forum for all to see and read. You really must be getting worried that the walls are closing in on you, but opening yourself to lawsuits so blatently, not the way forward.

Oh, and I have never driven a cab another one of your dillusional made up stories!

Time to quietly resign from UIAUSA and remove yourself from Inventing for good I think Mark.

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