United Group Debt consultants / fraud/ scam

1 4 West Las Olas Blvd. , Ft Lauderdale, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 877 707 1599

They scammed me out of $7, 435.02 in a 2 month period. I had to contact the attorney general to get my money back!!!
They go by UGDC/ United Group Debt Consultants/ Safetrust Financial

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      20th of May, 2010

    , hgjhgj

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      20th of May, 2010

    Ok My name is Joeseph, I am an ex Employee of the so called National Center of Debt. The boss, Jonathen Herbert aka Jay strong aka Mike Thomas aka... the list goes on.. this man is currently on the run from a federal investigation in regards to over 1, 000, 000 in clients first payments towards there debt..Only this man has used these clients money to purchase a brand new 2010 acura Tl. Now United Group Debt Consultants have stepped up to the plate to assist clients in a legitimate program designed to ACTUALLY settle their debt. He goes by many names and will leave future comments about me and that company that will be untrue. For anyone who is concerned with either thisw man JONATHEN HERBERT or NCD/Ncd Financial Contact the attorney general in the state of florida who is aggressivly persuing this case. As for Jay Strong/Mike Thomas/Jonathen Herbert you robbed your Employees of alot of money and if youy think outside of the corporate world for one second that i will stop before your in prison YOUR CRAZY. I will see youy very soon my friend.. Enjoy what your doing now, By all means its alot of work but that will pay off when your boyfirend sends you commisary, from thousands of starving middle class americans that trusted you to help them out Financially.. Bye Bye Jay Strong. Your so calle d"Leghacy" is OVER!!!

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      30th of Jun, 2010

    I used to work with this [censor], and at first thought he was a nice guy, untill i got to know him. Mr. Jay Strong AKA Mike Thomas AKA Johnathan Herbert is the text book definition of SCAM ARTIST. This person is a very convicing one. He will lead you to believe many things, when in reality nothing he says is TRUE. Johnathan Herbert has no remorse for any of which he is responsible for. And yes it is TRUE he is currently on the RUN from a federal investigation, and YES HE DID BUY A 2010 ACURA TL WITH MONEY THAT WAS NOT HIS, or soo he thought it was.

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