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I resigned from my former company in January and was paid my gratuity by check which was deposited to UNB on March 3. This is a standing agreement between my company and UNB due to the personal loan that I have with the bank. I was told by their officer prior to the deposit that they will have to block my account until I submit a new Salary Transfer Letter from my new company. I did this on March 3 through their Najda branch and was confirmed received by my branch in Garhoud. They have continued to block my account until now. I sent them an email asking when they will unblock my account and how will I get my next pay. An officer by the name of Mohd Ali called me last month explaining that I need to provide them a guarantor for my outstanding balance and that this person should issue a security check, salary certificate and copy of passport with UAE visa before they unblock my account. I requested them to issue me a Liability Certificate so I can ask another bank to buy out the loan. I have moved to Abu Dhabi since March 2 and it has been very inconvenient for me to do my banking transactions with them. First of all, my branch is in Dubai and all transactions had to go through my branch before it gets approved. Second, their online banking system is not very helpful. A certificate request cannot be done online and you always have to go to a branch personally to fill up a form. It is an antiquated system that does not help their customers especially those in the working class. Third, UNB is saying that my new company is not listed with their bank.

They have refused to unblock my account and also refused to provide me with a Liability Statement that I can present to a new bank which has my new company in their listing. Why do I need a Guarantor if another bank is willing to buy out my loan from them? As far I understand, this is not within the Central Bank regulations. Mohamed Ali also threatened to blacklist me in the Central Bank.

Apr 11, 2014
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  • Bl
      6th of Dec, 2014

    I have a related issue with the banks also in UAE. Sometime 2008 I lost a job but I settled and closed all my loans and credit cards in 2012 before I went to my home country. In 2013 I was given a second chance to come bank and a new job offer. It was my lesson before so I decided not to get any credit card anymore and live within my means . But last month, I decided to travel and I need to apply for a credit card. Surprisingly, credit card application was rejected because according to my back, my name was block listed in central bank. I was guided by my friends to talk to the bank who block me in central bank. It was explained to me that the reason of my blacklisting is because when is paid and settle my account in 2008, I was given a discount and there is principal impact . I don't agree with them because my loan and credit card limit totaled 50K only and I settle the same amount. As I dig deeper, I learned that the banks in UAE has all the rights given by central bank to block any depositor. The bank clients have no protection from central bank even though some banks are not considerate at all. I hope this mail will reach to concerned person to look the welfare of expats not the banks only

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  • Ze
      30th of Nov, 2015

    Dear sir

    I need to make a complain the receipt lions list here in Abu Dhabi. As this guy is taking another customers the one who came after me so please do the needful. To avoid such bad deeling with customer

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  • Ss
      18th of May, 2017

    Same thing happened to me with UNB, Guys, please don't start any relationship with UNB either with personal loan or credit card. My experience is when i resigned from my previous company, end of service settlement was deposited to the bank since i was having a personal loan. They blocked my account and told that when i submit my new salary transfer letter from the new company where i am joining, they will release the account. I have provided all the valid documents like new salary transfer letter, new visa copy, emirates ID and now the bank is saying is that new company is not in their approved list, so they cannot release the settlement fund and the full end of service amount will be adjusted to my current outstanding loan.I tried a lot to speak with the branch manager (Shj- Buhaira branch) but they are not at all willing to help me in this. There is a bank staff in the same branch who will never pick my call and never respond to my mails when ever i ask about this and he is the same person whom which i applied for the loan that time. Now I am in a total mess and trying to buy out the loan from there to another bank who supports me.
    He used to call me atleast 7 times in a day that time for taking loan but after taking loan, then don't expect any response...That's UNB, Please my friends..never..ever take loan or credit card from there.

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  • Ma
      30th of May, 2017

    UNB or Union National Bank is the worst bank ever. My nightmare started when I was given Involuntary Loss of Employment last Jan 2017. The End of Service was awarded to the bank last February 2017 amounting to 57, 000AED leaving some outstanding amount. My account was blocked, no single dirham was granted to me, they took everything (57, 000AED) leaving me no rights to live in the UAE even at least for basic needs and demanding more payments due to delay. The total amount of my earnings has my allowances as well aside from my End Of Service money contrary to the Central Bank law; The bank has the right to revoke all the End Of Service. The worst thing is that recovery people treated me like a criminal and it's very painful to hear mostly Egyptian officer threatening me of possible things will happen like jail. They are very cruel in terms of talking to bank clients as if you are robbing the bank. They talk as if they're the law and higher than the judicial court lawyer or judge. The bank should protect their clients in times of any unforeseen events like ILOE and give them the right to shelter, food and other basic needs. Karma will soon come to them.

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