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Unified Services / SCAMMED but I have found them out!

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Before you start reading this seemingly pointless post I would like to tell you that there is a reason for everything I am going to tell you. Also that i am extremely angry with myself and with Unified Services. Furious actually. That anger led me into a seven hour search for information that everyone that posted here needs. Also some of the people that posted here have some information that I need. Even if you don't know that you do. If I can get this information we can report this illegal business practice and possibly get it shut down. There are two traits in people that I have absolutely no tolerance for, a thief and a liar. This "Companies" employees are, every single one of them,both of these. Join me in this fight.

I received a phone call earlier this afternoon(07-12-07) from a company called Unified Services telling me that every year ten winners are selected from each of the fifty states to receive a $1000.00 dollar online gift certificate and a three day- two night vacation to any one of my choice destinations within their package that they will ship out to me today,these destinations included some really expensive locations. I admit they had my attention. It has been a rough couple of years for my wife and I, and although I don't have hardly enough money to pay my bills, it sure would be nice to get away. Last October I under went total shoulder joint replacement surgery, where we live we are currently in the middle of a stage three drought and our water main broke (of course as my luck goes it was on my side of the meter making me responsible for the insanely high water bill and repair cost) blah blah blah. you might know Murphy's Law, anything that can go wrong does. Thats us lately. So this was welcome news, but I was skeptical cause this sounded too good to be true.

Naturally I started asking questions to the woman(very thick Indian accent) by the name of Genia Anderson.I asked her how she got my name and phone number. Her reply made some sense in an obscure way, being that I was busy at the moment. So I stopped what I was doing and grabbed a pen and note pad and asked for her name again and how to spell it. She complied quickly and courteously. then I asked her what I was going to have to do in return for this to good to be true offer. I asked her "O.K. What is the catch here, what are you trying to sell me. You have hit me with the honey, now start with the vinegar". She then assured me that she wasn't trying to sell me anything at all, that I won this simply because my name was picked, and( sounding a little put upon) informed me that she was not a telemarketer. The only thing that I had to do was choose my destination, call her back and allow her to schedule the trip for me and, simply send them a check for $1.95 to cover shipping and handling within ten days for this wonderful package that she was going to send. Spend my $1000.00 shopping spree money. Go on my free three day- two night vacation, and when I return home call them back and answer a survey of the resort that we would be staying in.

"Thats all!" I asked her. Yes that was all. And she was also going to give me three products to try free for ten days. This is a direct quote. "If at the end of the free ten day trail I was happy with any of the three services then I would sign up for the service. If I was not happy with any of them simply do nothing and the services would simply end.".

O.K. sounds good to me so far. Sounds legitimate so far. Then she asked for my checking account number.(Sound of a record player needle being dragged across a record in my head). I asked her "why do you need my checking account number and are you going to electronically draft my account for the $1.95?". She then said ( another direct quote) " No we will not draft your account you will mail the check to us. I need your checking account number and routing number as well as the name of your bank so that we can verify that it was you that we talked to when your check does arrive. To prevent any kind of fraud on your part!!! Can you believe that she said she was trying to keep me honest!!! I guess it is true that the best defense is a good offense. I fell for it. Looking back at it now I don't know what the hell I was thinking. I mean that was just stupid. I just gave someone I don't know, working for a company that I never heard of, free access to my and my wife's checking account. But I did. These people are good at what they do! So then she gave me the web address to the online store where I could spend my $1000.00 dollar shopping spree certificate (that probably doesn't either a.) exist or b.) won't work or c.) has nothing but high priced garbage for products to purchase or the most likely thing d.) loaded with spyware, maleware and or viruses). I was advised not to go over $1000.00 or I would have to pay the difference. The web site is Then she asked me to hold on while she went and got her supervisor to verify all the information that I had given her.

The supervisors name was Michelle. She didn't give a last name. She too had a thick Indian accent. She went over all the information i had given to Genia Anderson( if that is indeed her real name). She also said that she was going to start a recording for me to accept the three free trials and that I would NEED to sound like I truly wanted the free trials. hindsight is always better than 20/20. If that doesn't sound suspicious, hell looking back at it, it all sounds suspicious, nothing does. But like a cow led to the slaughter i did what i was told. I then received my Package confirmation number and asked them to repeat all the numbers that i had almost been able to make out in the ( now it occurs to me to be intentionally so) horribly distorted and crackly recording that i was told to respond to. I did manage to keep some part of my brain intact during this whole conversation, and asked for their phone number again and received the same number that they had given me previously.

They were satisfied that everything was in order, and I felt like I had all the info I needed from them. The conversation ended as nicely as it began, with them telling me to have a great day. I reciprocated and hung up the phone.

I immediately felt that I had done something tremendously stupid. I got on my computer and Googled Unified Services. that is when I knew I had just been scammed. It took me a while but I found reference to Unified Services. Here. Nobody had anything good to say about them. Unauthorized deductions from banking accounts. People saying that they received verbal abuse from their operators. And even vague threats. Worst of all though is that I haven't seen where anyone has gotten their money back.

Several four letter expletives started to burst from my mouth at my own stupidity. I got scammed. I really thought that I was too smart to fall for anything like this. I did.

First thing I did was call my bank. Told them what had just happened to me. They said that the easiest thing to do is to transfer all of our money to our savings account and close the checking account. Great. We had just a few weeks ago ordered new checks, we would be out all of that money. Plus we would have to order new debit/Visa cards, more money lost. My most helpful agent then suggested another route, putting a stop payment on the debit that would come, thirty dollars. That sounded good, simply because I didn't have to run from them. Only one problem with this plan. I need their business stamp and their routing number. If anyone has these that is how you stop them dead in their tracks. Only a thirty dollar lesson of, if it seems to good to be true, it most likely is.

This is what I have learned today.

1. I was lucky that I felt like something was wrong with this right after i got off the phone.
2. I was lucky that I found this site. It has along with all of every other victims post, been most helpful.
3. The reason why the draft charge that is being deducted from everyones checking account is the same approximate amount is because no one ever called and canceled the services that we did indeed sign up for( with a ten day free trial). When the ten day free trial is over they charge you for the monthly fee for the services by way of electronic deduction of our checking account. We did truthfully and legally sign up for these services. Where the fraud comes into it is that probably everyone that has ever done this was lied to from the word go. As to will I receive the package and the services and products I signed up for, I HOPE to be able to kill this parasite before it gets that far. They charge for all three services at one time that is why the draft is $149.80.

I have managed to dig up quit a lot of useful information regarding this "Company" and how to protect yourself from it happening again by another "Company" however unlikely that seems.

1st you will need to call all three of the service providers numbers and cancel service within your te day free trial. Be diligent don't let up. Keep calling, keep notes, write down everything starting with the persons name that you talk to. If you don't get the answerer that you want from that person demand to talk to a supervisor. You will need to do this with all three of the service providers, even if you never received the service.

The numbers work I have already called them. I had to sit on hold for a little while, (not very long really) but I did talk to a person. That is how I found out that you must call and cancel before your free trial ends. If you don't you will be charged and it will be an automatic draft from checking. The womans name that I spoke with was Joey(once again if that is real). I would not mention anything about this site or them being scam artist. Just simply cancel your service. Be as polite as you can be. GET A CONFIRMATION NUMBER. And write everything down and keep it. if you don't cancel all the services they will continue to bill you.

The number for Unified Services is [protected] (i don't think it would do any good to call this number at all, but at least call the other three first!)

These numbers are the ones that you will need to call to cancel service.

Long distance service phone number is [protected]

High speed internet (ha its dial-up) service phone number is [protected]

Weight loss diet pills service phone number is [protected] this site will remove your number from these groups list, or they are supposed to remove them at least 31 days from registration. If they call after that they are in violation of the law and could receive a hefty fine. After the thirty day wait period if you receive a call from a solicitor,play their game long enough to get a phone number or business or company name, then nicely tell them that they are in violation of the law because you are on the FTC DO NOT CALL LIST, and that if they ever call you again you will(have a smile on your face while you tell them this, kill them with kindness) be very glad to file a formal complaint with the FCC and the FTC. I doubt very much that they will bother you again. please go to the site and learn what they can and can't do, who can and can't call you. Some organizations are excluded from the law.

Knowledge is power. Go there and register, its free and easy. Just follow their instructions and in 31 days your phone won't ring with so many telescum on the other end.

Please file a complaint against Unified Services.

Good luck to all,

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  • Wa
      13th of Jul, 2007
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    If anyone can get their bank to give them Unified Services' business stamp and routing number i would be forever grateful. Please e-mail me with this info, or post it here as a comment to my rant blog. Thank you in advance for anyone that can get me this info so i can put a stop trans action on them.

  • Ja
      13th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    5940 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 2007
    Las Vegas, NV 89118

    Walter Howard,

    We found your complaint against our company posted on

    Our company offers a free 3 day 2 night hotel stay and a complimentary $1,000 Internet shopping spree. Additionally, we offer 10-day trials for three other services; long distance, internet and a weight loss supplement, which are also available to our customers.

    Our trial offers are of exceptional quality and value. Our long distance program; Call USA is a calling card that can be used from any touchtone telephone. We offer unlimited calling anywhere in the United States and International calling to over 70 countries. Our service is a one-of-a-kind and is offered for only $23.97 a month and a one-time set-up fee.

    The 2nd program we offer is for Internet service. Online Advantage offers unlimited high-speed dial-up Internet access to over 10,000 locations nationwide (great for traveling). We have one of the most competitive prices on the market at only $17.99 a month with a one-time, set-up fee. There is no contract, so you can cancel when you like.

    Our last program is for a dietary weight loss supplement called Ultra Thermo Boost 2000. Our product contains the safe natural weight loss ingredient, Hoodia. Our trial includes 20 pills which is a 10-day supply, absolutely free. If you choose to continue our dietary supplement you pay a one-time set-up fee and a monthly fee of $27.97.

    Each of our orders are recorded by a third-party verification company. We verify that each order is valid and that the customer did in fact agree to each trial. Additionally, when our customers agree to the trials, they are provided with each of the customer service numbers with which to cancel should they choose to do so before the end of their 10-day trial as not to be charged. Each of the programs are explained in detail with the prices for each. It is additionally clearly stated that your account will be automatically debited if you do not cancel within the 10-day trial period. The only reason why someone would be debited is if they did not cancel within the 10-day trial period.

    Our customer service center is open from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. Over 90% of our calls are answered in less than 4 minutes. Our company prides itself in our excellent customer service and the minimal amount of complaints we receive. We go to great lengths to ensure our sales representatives are of high quality.

    We have tried to locate your account but have not been able to with just your name. If there is any action we can take to resolve your complaint please let us know. We apologize for any frustration this incident may have caused you. If you have any further questions or concerns about our products or our company feel free to contact us at the e-mail address listed below.


    Unified Services
    Customer Service (866) 904-7796

  • Co
      16th of Jul, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was contacted by unified services on July 8th, they had tried calling numerous times before but this was the first time I answered the call. The first rep told me that I had been picked for this 1000 dollar shopping spree and the 2day 3night trip and all I needed to do was send 1.95 check. I had already goggled their phone number 1-800-968-1875 and found all the complaints against them and that they actually charge peoples account 149.80 so I knew it was a scam and I told them they called my cell phone and it was on the do not call list, so If they call back I would file a complaint with the FCC.

    Even after I had told them this they called back 20 minutes later and I thought the best way to get them was to play along with their scam. I spoke to a Jimmy Reed an American name even though he had a foreign accent. I started screaming when he told me I won and said I knew the lord would bless me when I quit doing certain things, which I won't say here not to offend anyone. when he asked to verify my address I told him it was 1212 crazy hill drive, he kinda chuckled but didn't act like he knew I was playing with him. I kept him on the phone for about an hour and told him I didn't have a checking account. He told me to see if I could use a friends because it would only be 1.95 charge and not a penny more. I said are you sure it will not be 149.80 because that is all the money I have, and he still acted like he wasn't catching on.
    He told me he would call me back in a week to see if I get a check from a friend. I told him I might be able to get one from someone that has like 50.000 in the back so they would not notice 1.95, I was really screwing with him because what this company has done to so many.

    Jimmy did call me back a week later and I told him that I had researched the company online and I knew it was a scam and it was just a matter of time before the company was shut down and that they better never call my number again or I would form a large group to seek restitution for all the people they have scammed.

    I also get another call on July 8th about 20 minutes after I has talked to Jimmy from the same number 1-800-968-1875, but this time they said it was united lending and I was approved for a 15.000 car loan and I told them someone just called from the same number saying I won a free trip and 1000.00 shopping spree. The person said yes we offer that also. I told them that I didn't have a checking account and they asked me if I was employed and I said no so they said they couldn't help me. I guess they are running two scams from this same number. I don't know how they got me number accept that I have given it on line before for a loan that I thought was legit. I am just glad that I didn't really get scammed by these people but I still worry about me account because if they got me name and phone number who knows what they can get. If you goggle the 800-968-1875 it shows like 572 complaints and says that even after that it seems that the FCC isn't doing anything, maybe because they are really calling from some middle eastern country and they can't track them down. I am willing to cooperate with anyone taking any kind of legal action against them because like I told their rep Jimmy Reed In the United States of America this is Illegal and people go to Jail for stealing.

  • Ja
      9th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I was scammed by them and had 149.80 taken from my account back in May and have now been reimbursed by Unified Services after a long fight. I believe this company needs to stopped especially after reading your story of both scams. I am still worried they may try something more from my account. I WILL STOP AT NOTHING TO SEE THIS SO CALLED COMPANY SHUT DOWN, STOPPED, OR BEST OF ALL PROSECUTED.

  • Ai
      16th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    I received a call by a man named matthew wilson yesterday. He told me the exact thing that he told everyone, that i won a $1,000 dollars shopping spree to any mall i wanted to go. This is a girls dream. Then he made things sweeter by telling me i won a trip and i could go to Hawaii, Cancun Mexico, Las Vegas, or Florida. Then of course you have to ask them "what's the catch". He said "No mam there's no catch". He said i would get this all for free because my name was entered and i and like 500 other people had won. So he said he would be sending me a package by mail with my tickets. All i had to pay was $1.95. At this point i was thinking this man is trying to rip me off. Then he asked me to pay with my check number this is where i stopped him and told him "No Thank You". He quickly responded "Mam, I'm just trying to get this out to you". So i asked him for his phone number so i could call him back. He said that he would call me back to tell him when. I told him to call the next day at the same time and he said ok. The next day sure enough he called back, explained everything to me again. I had one day to think about it and when he called i knew what to ask!. I told him if i could send him a money order or a check and he said no he insisted that i give him the checking number and bank name. So i straight out told him NO. I told him that i didn't trust him that with that number he could rip me off. He said no that my bank wont allow them to take anything without my signature or my approval. I told him that YES it is possible but he kept on arguing and started raising his voice at me and then told me that if i didn't want it to just hang up but i argued with him because all he was telling me sounded like he was lying to me and i wanted the truth from him. I ended telling him "NO THANK YOU BYE" and hung up the phone. I had never been so mad at someone for lying to me. I f i had not told him the day before to call back i probably would have fallen for his lies. If you ever receive a phone call by a person or company you have never heard of hang up the phone especially if he has a indian accent. Never give out personal information to people you don't know especially bank account information that's just asking for trouble. Please be careful with those people that call you at home and you don't know.

  • Ad
      17th of Aug, 2007
    0 Votes

    Something needs to be done against this miserable parasites that live by swindling people. Here's something if anyone considers useful: go to google maps and type their address

    " 5940 South Rainbow Blvd., Ste. 2007
    Las Vegas, NV 89118 "

    Then use the STREET VIEW to locate them.

  • Je
      10th of Sep, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have also been bothered by the Unified Services today 9/10/07 after politely asking them to take me off their calling lists they told me it would cost $50 to be taken off. I also think any company with a gmail email account for its main email is kinda sketchy also.

  • To
      4th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    We too have been victims of this scam. It's our own stupid fault and we are out a couple hundred bucks for a lesson well learned!!! Thankfully I was going through our bank statement when I saw this charge. I didn't think anything of it until my husband got home and asked him what it was. He didn't know eihter. I get on the wonderful internet and low and behold I find this site. Anyways, I took Walters advice and was able to cancel everything with no hope of getting any of our money back. Even though it was $250 that's a lot of money right now. Anyways, chalk it up to lesson learned. Of course now we get the joy of closing out our bank accounts and opening new ones. No way are we going fall for something like this again.

  • Ka
      6th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I aggree with you even yesterday (10-05-2007) I got this call and they somewhat "forced" me to take up thier services but I refused to accept , I learned one thing and the guy who called me the same that he was basically Indian guy( but he introuced with a Engligh guy name). I asked that guy why his phone number is not diplaying on my mobile, he "explained "..blah blah blah stuff and reason for it nothing was reasonable. Finally he handed over the phone to his boss and he introduced that his name is Robert and he asked me to give him the details of my bank information. I wondered when he said the bank name where I have account and my complete address I am so pissed off how my personal information has been leaked to these people , Should I blame Sprint where I have taken mobile from or who one?

    I wish someone from Investigation side, or Federal Org people should take action against these people and stop them cheating people of America. God bless America.

  • Bi
      24th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes is not a valid e-mail adress!

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