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Ultra Smile Express / Fraud

1 Eucal Business CentreLivingston, Scotland, Lothian, United Kingdom Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 0845 366 5822

This is an illegal teeth whitening company. They used to be called Megawhite, Dentawhite, The Teeth Whitening Shop and other names.

They sell franchises to people and train them to whiten teeth.

Five people that they have trained now have criminal convictions for illegally whitening teeth.

The product used is not effective and results barely last 24 hours. Dehydration is the main whitening effect.

The owner Bryan Christie and his mother Liz Christie are known by a variety of aliases. Brian James, James Christie, Liz Makiyi, Liz James etc

They have been featured on a variety of TV programs about fraud and illegal teeth whitening such as "Rip Off Britain", GMTV, This Morning, Scam Busters and more

Please be careful as you only get one set of teeth. Dont trust your dental health to fraudsters

May 13, 2015
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  • Fa
      20th of May, 2015
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    Please note Megawhite, the teeth whitening shop, ultra smile do not provide Traning for Teeth Whitning the brands above simply sell cosmetic teeth whitening products.

    NOTE cosmetic grade whitening products can be sold by any individual or business. Megawhite products and ultrasmile products meet all current legislation and can be sold freely world wide.

    If you are considering selling Megawhite products its important that you do not miss guide people in to believing you have been trained or have dental experience as this could or may result in legal action.

    Megawhite products have been sold world wide for nearly 10years they have benn endorsed by A list movie stars, chart topping bands, and high profile TV personalities

    It's a shame that jealous dentist post negatively and corner the market.

    If you have any questions regarding the products contact the registered main office in the UK.

  • An
      21st of May, 2015
    +1 Votes

    The above poster is clearly working for this illegal and fraudulent company.

    They have been CRIMINALLY prosecuted 5 times. That means that five people that they ripped off by telling them it is "cosmetic teeth whitening products" were charged, brought before a court, and now have criminal records.

    This fraud conviction will have a very large, negative effect on their lives. They will find it harder to get mortgages, credit cards, etc. They would have to declare it when going abroad to some countries - they might be denied entrance to America.

    Why else would they keep changing names? To try and hide from the MOUNTAINS of negative press.

    That is the only way you keep going. That is why you have been going for 10 years. First Dentawhite did the treatment themselves. Then prosecutions happened.

    They would advertise on Groupon type websites, but they were banned.

    Then they changed and started to sell franchises to others, so that they would take the risk. More prosecutions happened.

    Then they changed to offer training for a "self administered non peroxide" system, trying to use a loop hole. More prosecutions happened.

    Now they are selling it as a take home kit. This is the current version of their scam.

    Bryan Christie is a fraudster.

    His mother Liz is a fraudster with many names (Makiyi, Corbett, Christie, etc).

    His girlfriend Holly Alexander Ritchie is happy to live off the money obtained by defrauding innocent beauticians.

    Time will catch up with this company and everything will come crashing down sooner rather than later.

    I am not a dentist (they get paid far too much money to waste time doing posts on the internet) but I am someone that has seen first hand the damage that this company can do. They will take your money and do not care whether you get criminally prosecuted.

  • An
      21st of May, 2015
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    Also, let me highlight the lies that the company are happy to make.

    The Megawhite employee above - probably Holly Alexander Ritchie or Liz "whatever-her-name-is-today"- states above "Megawhite... do not provide Traning for Teeth Whitning"

    On their Facebook page they state "Our express teeth whitening training is exclusive to Megawhite and is globally recognised as an industry leader"

    Until recently, their website said: "Drawing from our experience, scientific proof and sound accreditations we have devised a training course that will not only give you a professional edge, but take into account growing your business through marketing and advertising."

    They have changed it since the recent criminal prosecutions, but here is the original:

    As you can see, they are happy to lie, cheat and steal from people. They know that they can technically sell the equipment to salons, but as soon as the salons use them they are BREAKING THE LAW

  • St
      24th of May, 2015
    +3 Votes

    Teeth whitening is dentistry. That has been decided by the High Court.
    If you are not a qualified dentist or registered with the General Dental Council it is illegal for you to carry out teeth whitening. All Megawhite 'stockists' that have advertised and sold the products have received a letter from the GDC telling them to stop or the will be prosecuted. Those that were foolish enough to carry on doing teeth whitening at the say so of Brian and Liz then got prosecuted and fined.

    Totally agree with AndreaWB - everything stated is TRUE.

    For a teeth whitening product to be effective it has to contain peroxide. Peroxide is a very effective stain reducing agent, used correctly by a qualified person it is very effective and gives great long term results to whiten teeth enamel safely.
    Bicarbonate of soda - which is used in numerous non peroxide whitening systems is an abrasive. That is why it is a main ingredient in many toothpastes, by being abrasive it is able to minimally reduce a stain, it's effects however are short lived because of that, and has to be used repeatedly to achieve a 'whiter smile'. It is not an effective ingredient in providing long term teeth whitening effects, at best it will just dehydrate the enamel to give a very temporary whitening effect.

    Follow your gut instinct, if it seems too good to be true it probably is. If Brian and Liz have influenced your thinking then just google Megawhite on the pissed consumer website, many people have put their experiences on there. Do not be fooled by these charlatons.

    Their full time job is to find loopholes to enable them to continue to rip off people. By doing this they have made millions - over £15 million Brian told Andrew Penman from the Mirror newspaper. They were also a feature on Rip Off Britain.

  • St
      11th of Aug, 2015
    +3 Votes

    AVOID teeth whitening if it is being 'sold' by an unqualified person.
    Someone who is NOT a dentist or registered and working as a dentist will not be able to give you any advice regarding a product that is best for your teeth.
    They will have NO knowledge regarding the products chemical composition and the effects on enamel and dentin and the expected outcome and duration of effects..

  • St
      11th of Aug, 2015
    +2 Votes

    Liz and Brian Christie have a more than negative reputation in the world of teeth whitening.
    They are NOT market leaders, they are not at the forefront of the teeth whitening Industry - they sell products that get you in trouble and can get you fined and prosecuted if you use them on others, apart from the fact that the products are substandard. Toothpaste has more effect on whitening teeth than anything they sell.

  • St
      4th of Nov, 2015
    +2 Votes

    StopIllegalWhitening - Totally agree. They are getting desperate now, their jobs are on the line. Anyone who is anyone in the dental industry know that they are charlatans. After all Brian Christie even claimed on companies house documents that he was a dentist !!!. The other more worrying aspect is that their product has a mystery whitening ingredient that isn't peroxide...could it be Sodium Perborate - a known banned EU chemical since 2010 in cosmetics and more recently May 2015 in the UK, because it causes foetal abnormalities, reproductive issues, fertility problems and CANCER. These problems often remain dormant for many months. Or could it be Sodium Chlorite a chemical that with repeated use will etch the enamel to such a degree that your teeth will take on the colouring in the foods you eat and turn a shade of brown - requiring you to get veneers at great cost.

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