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Company has contacted owners with supposed buyers for property/time share weeks and has yet to deliver.
Going on 4 mos. and continues to comes up with timely delays and excuses why the Mexican Gov.wants $$ for taxes, etc. Money for which we, the sellers would not be responsible for paying. Each week, it's something differrent to make this sale actually happen. Looking very much like a scam for us honest folks.

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  • Ca
      15th of Mar, 2010

    Ultimate Vacation Network (UVN). Modus operandi.
    This is how they operate.
    First UVN calls you telling you that they have a buyer for your timeshare but they chose not to disclose the buyer name all they will tell you he is Mexican or some foreigner who they are not allowed to give out that info.Scam one)
    Second they tell you that you needed to pay the
    Mexican taxes and other charges. The buyer will reimburse you that the buy will reimburse you on closing, Sounds very good.(scam two)
    Thirdly they would ask you how they would ask you how would like to settle this payment.You might want to pay by Credit Card or Check.(scam three)
    If you pay by check you have a very poor chance of seeing your money but if you pay pay by credit card you stand a very good chance of getting your money providing you file a dispute within 60 days of your credit card account being charged.The credit card company has leverage and most likely would credit back your account.
    They would threaten you that you breach the contract but if you read on I would explain.(Scam four)
    Fourth. They would give you a closing date. Sounds good but as that date get closer they would find an excuse as the buyer has not wire in his funds as yet so closing would have to be reschedule, now time is on their side by stalling you, because there is no buyer they just want the 60 days to go by so the window would be closed to dispute the charges.( they know that).(Scam five)
    They would then say that the closing is being reschedule for a new date 2 weeks more to make sure that the deal closes with no problem. Sounds good. But what they are really doing is stalling for time so the 6 weeks window would run out for your credit card to reimburse you.
    When the second closing time comes around they would come up with another excuse that the Mexican Govt has not issue the tax receipt for the sales and until they get that they cannot close the deal any they are very sorry for this but hopefully it would be resolved soon. Another 2 weeks would go by as I said they are just stalling for that 6 weeks window to close on you with your credit card.In the meantime they are acting you are their best fried and they are helping you to sell tour timeshare.
    (wolves in sheep clothing)
    Now if you are smart by now you can see right through this.You should by this time call your credit card and file a dispute ASAP.
    They would then threaten to take you to court and that you have sign a contract that did not give a closing date and by disputing the charge you are in breach of the contract.THAT IS A LOAD OF BULL)
    You had fulfill your part from the very beginning and they are the ones who are stalling so that the 6 weeks window on your credit card would expire and then it would be too late to file a dispute with them.
    This would not stand up in any court of law once you explain to a judge they would leave you alone or if you pay by check they would hopefully refund your money but not before they find some other person to fall for this scam.
    They Would then use that person money to pay you and now that person has to go thought this vicious cycle in trying to get back their money.
    This is a PONZI SCHEME and these people need to go to jail.These people is in cahoots with Premier Escrow Service in Melbourne Fla.
    The people I had the unfortunate experience is Carol Davis at Ultimate Vacation Destinations in Troy Michigan.
    Tel 1-248-242 5591
    and Sean Williams at Premier Escrow Services In Melbourne. Fla Tel 1 321-250-1962.
    They would tell you that they had a certify check in their hands now just lift the dispute.
    Tell them that you are will to close and you would put new money in a neutral escrow acct not Premier. An account that they have no control over and see how quick they would run away because they had no buyer in the first place.
    They would say that the buyer got another timeshare to buy and is not interested in yours anymore.
    Besides no taxes and fees needed to be paid pre closing that is the ruse they use to get hold of your money.
    Some people does not bother to pursue them for their money so they split it up among themselves in Troy, Michigan, Melbourne Florida and their partners in Puerto Vallarta in Mexico where the credit card charges are being processed.
    All of us need to take a stand and put these people in jail so they cannot do this to hard working
    American or as a matter of fact to anyone.
    Write to the better business bureau and Gov General and district Attorneys in Fla and Michagan

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  • Gu
      8th of Apr, 2010

    I am just getting a letter out to them and the attorney General of Michagan to put on the pressure to have 5them senm us our money which was deposited in this scam. I will keep upou posted. If ypou have any new development in this affaire would you please let me know. Guildo.

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