Ultimate Arms GearRipped us off for parts order

They ordered a production run of 400 shotgun muzzle attachments from us and we tooled up and made them. Paul Rappaport called us and gave us a credit card number to pay for the parts. After it taking a week for the card to not be declined we finally got the card to process. The CC server put a hold on the funds because of the amount for a week and we finally got paid for the order. We spent a hectic week refinishing and packaging the parts to Mr Rappaport's specifications (parts were listed as "backordered, 1-2 week ship time). On the day this order was shipping, Mr Rappaport calls wanting to cancel the order (breach of contract anyone?). I told him that the parts were already boxed and heading out. Three days later they received their parts and a week after that Mr Rappaport filed a chargeback directly through his bank. We were dealing with the credit card server on this matter and they advised that we contact our lawyer because Ultimate Arms Gear and Mr Rappaport had not returned the merchandise and claimed they never ordered the parts which got our card server account locked because of this supposed fraud. The chargeback hit our account and we contacted our lawyer and Mr Rappaport regarding this issue. Mr Rappaport proceeded to shout us down on the phone and was a belligerent and unreasonable . He then wanted us to pay to ship the parts he ordered back here, we informed him that he was in breach of contract and we were not going to pay $400-500 to return the order he skipped out on. He then threatened to charge us a "storage fee" on the parts (ostensibly to justify keeping them for free if given enough "storage" time). If he had, in fact, not solicited and ordered the parts he could have simply marked the packages "Return To Sender" and USPS would have returned the packages here at no charge. However, since he had solicited and ordered the parts, he knew it would be a federal offense to do so and instead chose to try to chisel us out of more money rather than paying his bill or at the very least paying to return the parts he skipped out on. A month later and we are still dealing with his crooked antics, he has nearly bankrupted our business by his actions (cost of the parts run plus a month of no revenue because his action got our card server locked). He is nothing more than a crook who will screw others over for personal gain. We have made several attempts to resolve this issue and Mr Rappaport (aka Mr Cohen...two different names used by the same man...hmm) has avoided any accountability on this matter and has continued to be a belligerent. We have contacted our lawyer, we filed a case with the NJ State Attorney, and we are likely going to press charges for possession of stolen property with the Monmouth County Sheriff's Office. Do yourself and the gun community a favor by NOT buying or selling anything from these New Jersey shysters.

Apr 15, 2016

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