UDR / St. John's Plantationrefused walkthrough then charged for carpet!!

Do not rent from udr, bad business after you move out. I co-signed on my daughter's lease, she gave st. John's plantation (aka. Udr) the proper advanced notice of termination (lease was due to be resigned anyway). The apt had flooded a couple of times during her residence there and they had to send someone out to clean it. When she moved out she had the same person/company clean the carpets - who said they looked the same as after the floods. Michelle @ st. John's refused to do a walk through when keys were turned in. Two weeks later they sent my daughter a letter stating they had to replace all of the carpets due to stains (remember the flooding??) they gave her two weeks and turned over to ncs (national collection services) colletta scott at ncs is telling me that udr never gives up on collecting the money or is willing to work with you based on damages you may have done vs. Damages from flooding, etc. She also said that if a walk through was not done... I have nothing to go by. They also have not sent me a copy of the "collection letter" I requested over 3 weeks ago!! Oh yes, she also told me the account is collecting 18% interest until paid (even though it is currently in dispute). She also told me it does no good to contact udr because they turn the accounts over to ncs right away and that ncs has no actions to take to help you resolve a dispute!!! Ugh!!! Do not rent from this company... Apt's look nice but you are sunk when you move out!!! My daughter even said the carpet cleaner would vouch for her since she was not able to get a walkthrough and did not take pictures.

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