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Good morning,
Allow me to vent my experience with U-Haul installation of a trailer hitch.
On 8/9/2011, my wife went to U-Haul on 878 Memorial Dr, Chicopee, MA to have a trailer hitch installed on our 2006 Jeep Commander. It seem, while waiting, two of installers were having an argument, and in the process, was using profane language, yelling and swearing as it went along. The manager at the counter was also cursing at these two guys to quiet down, but it continued_ After a couple of hours, my wife paid the bill, and left. She relayed what happened to me, and I shrugged it off, but thought how unprofessional and tacky that was for a customer to have to witness this nonsense.
A few days later, I hooked up my trailer and checked the lights, but they were not working. I didn't want to go back to the Chicopee, MA U-Haul, so I went to the Westfield, MA office to see if they could straighten it out. While there, the installer pointed out to me that the installer in Chicopee hadn't installed a ground wire (he even admitted that was a stupid mistake!) I also purchased the hitch ball, ball drop and pinclip assembly from Westfield.
Because the Jeep isn't used on a regular basis, I was stopped by a local police officer, and he informed me that I had a taillight out. The bulb looked ok, but I replaced the bulb and fuse just in case. Then, I noticed all kinds of strange things happening to the rear lights. For instance, if you put either directional light on, both would blink (like if the flashers were on, ) right rear bulbs were dimmer than the left side. I checked all the fuses, bulbs and ground wires on the taillight housings, but everything was ok. That's when I decided to go to the Jeep dealer, and have them run a diagnostic check on the car to see what the problem was. The mechanic informed me that what was causing all the strange taillight problems was the trailer hitch wiring. Some wires were not even connected, some were connected wrong, and some were corroded due to exposure to the elements under the vehicle (I live in the stormy Northeast.) After the U-Haul wiring was disconnected, the lights all worked fine, so I had the mechanic remove the trailer wiring, and I am now looking to find a qualified installer to wire my hitch.
I keep going back to the initial install in Chicopee, were the two idiots were arguing, and realize why this kit wasn't installed properly_ What would have happened if my family was involved in a rear-end collision because of the rear lights not working correctly??
To sum up here, you need to examine your installer's credentials before allowing them to splice into a vehicle's lighting system, because someone's life may depend on them doing a competent job!

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    U Haul - defective truck
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    rented 26 ft. uhaul truck to return to Il. a 7 hour trip one hour into the trip no ac then no brakes rather than wait on a sunday for a mechanic that maynot show up pressed on lisening to a brake alarm for the six hours left in the trip. do noy use uh-haul as they simply do not care about there customers

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