U-Haul Internationalu-box

Ja Nov 30, 2018 Orlando, FL

On 10/18/20180 i contracted to recieve and ship 5 u-boxes from phoenix, az. To orlando fl. The boxes arrived on time and were picked up as agreed.
Delivery was promised by 11/08/2018.

The boxes arrived in orlando on 11/05/2018, but we were not called untill 11/08/2018. Delivery was scheduled for between 12 and 3pm on sat 11/10/20 they called back on 11/09/2018 and i was toldthat the delivery would be late but would be there by 3:00pm for sure.

On saturday we scheduled help for 2:00pm to unload cubes. At 3pm. I called when they didn't come and was told he would look into it and call back. Two more calls and finaly was told at 5:00pm that the driver was sick and should have called me. He didn't know why i wasn't called so i asked to talk to kim the schedular, then i was told greg the manager was told that they were both off untill monday.
Sent the help home at 5:00pm after paying them for 3 hrs to sit and wait.

Got a call on monday from kim to reschedule delivery. This time for 11/16/2018 between 12 and 3pm. They were on time but 8 days late per contract. When asked what they were going to do about being late, i was told they were sorry and they would reduce the delivery fee from $200 to $100 but could not do anything about the labor cost or $50 a day late fee as the cubes were in orlando on time

the concern for inconvienence and time lost was not there, and the customer service you would have expected on a move that cost over $4, 000 was not what should have been expected.

You can be sure i will never do busness with u-haul again or recommend there service to any one i care for.

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