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TVaddicts / Did not receive ordered DVDs!

1 United States Review updated:

I ordered the Complete Television Series on DVD of Hawaii 5-0. My credit card was charged but I never received the DVD's. When I call the number 1 877 7 TVSHOW, there is an automated answer, but no one ever picks up after that. I understand these people have 3 different sites that have been ripping off people. Beware!

Thank you,
Angeline Nicolopoulos.

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  • Ju
      14th of Apr, 2007
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    I'm in the same position, I ordered the complete series of Third Watch. I did receive the DVDs but many of them are defective. I have e-mailed them multiple times and they say they are going to replace them but they never have. Every e-mail I send asking about the status they just respond by saying they will notify me when they ship. I have also tried calling the number but no one ever answers, its just that stupid machine with that annoying music. Have you done anything or gotten any replies yet?

    Justin Knox

  • Fr
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    I am in the same position also. I ordered Third Watch and found defective disks starting at #7 and 8. Have left 3 voice mails and several e-mails. E-mails get a response in about 2-3 weeks and say they will notify me with new status. I'm working with my credit card company to reverse the charge.

    Justin: Since we have same title, we may want to compare notes on which disks are defective. Maybe we can make copies of our good ones and exchange.

  • Mi
      14th of May, 2007
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    I had a similar experience. I ordered the Boris Karloff TV series on DVD . About $100 was taken from my account last December but i haven't received anything.

    These people are crooks!

  • Da
      4th of Jun, 2007
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    I have had similar problems with the DVD's I ordered from TVaddicts. I order the complete series of Beverley Hills 90210 for my wife. The discs are copied from the TV. They even have the "FX" symbol in the corner and adverts. Not all the discs work. Some of them but out half way through the disc. TVaddicts said they would give me a refund but off course they haven't.

  • Sh
      22nd of Jun, 2007
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    Hey Everyone,

    I was going to buy some dvds from these people, but as with most (unknown) companies I did some research and found almost everyone have the same complaints you guys do. This website is illegally distrusting copywriter material, and worse then that, its not even any good, IF you are lucky and get the product. So after doing some further research I found a thread on another site which I felt might help you guys out. So here is a C & P of the thread...

    At (which also does business under the name,, and and probably a whole bunch of others) you can buy complete series boxed sets of shows like SPENSER: FOR HIRE, BOSTON PUBLIC, JUDGING AMY, ED, JAG, ADAM-12, WONDER WOMAN, EMERGENCY, NY UNDERCOVER, HAWAII FIVE-O, IT TAKES A THIEF, DYNASTY, STREETS OF SAN FRANCISCO, all of which are currently not being sold commercially by their rights-holders.

    But DVDAvenue doesn’t stop there…they are even selling bootleg versions of shows like REMINGTON STEELE, KNIGHTRIDER, SEAQUEST, THE NIGHT STALKER, THE PRISONER, PRIME SUSPECT and MY SO-CALLED LIFE which are readily available at your local Best Buy... only they charge a lot more for them. That's assuming they actually send you the bootlegs and aren't just a honey-trap to get credit card numbers from TV geeks.

    I’m stunned that the legal departments of Warner Brothers, NBC/Universal, and Paramount Television haven’t caught on to these guys yet. It’s not like is being discreet about their law-breaking.

    Google and Yahoo take money from these bootleggers to make their listings show up at the top of any search for a TV show. And these search engines get paid for click-throughs to the bootlegging sites… doesn't that mean they are profiting off an illegal activity? Don't they screen their advertisers at all?

    UPDATE 1-22-07: I received this comment from one of my readers:

    I too was ripped off by these guys. I made a number of inquiries about them. It turns out they are already under investigation by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, this because they are in fact located in Canada. I spoke with a Sgt. Jean-Yves Ducharme, who told me that they have been conducting an investigation since late 2006 and he would welcome any call from those defrauded by these guys. Here is his contact info:

    Sgt. Jean-Yves Ducharme
    Royal Canadian Mounted Police - Federal Investigations Section

  • Ch
      30th of Jun, 2007
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    I thought about ordering from this site but the comments were very valuable in keeping me from wasting my money and the frustration I might have with the product - and/or lack of response from the seller(s). Thank you all for the warnings!!

  • Ch
      5th of Jul, 2007
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    TVAddicts - Non-responsive to requests!

    I ordered the "Get Smart" series on February 11, 2007. The series of DVDs arrived a few weeks later. Several of the plastic DVD boxes were broken, the labeling on the DVDs appeared quite unprofessional, 1 DVD was missing and at least 1 DVD was corrupted and could not be played. I phoned up the company on March 7 and they indicated that a replacement series would be sent to me. I checked again on March 20, April 16, May 29, July 4 and July 7. On two occasions April 16 and May 29 it was indicated "they were waiting on their supplier". It was impossible to get them to commit to a precise date for delivery. Finally, on May 29th they indicated that it would be in the mail with 2-weeks. Six-weeks later .. nothing! My credit card company has a 120 day period to make a complaint. I just missed that date. Result=$USD187+ down the drain. Conclusions: TV addicts can not be trusted or believed.

  • Mi
      28th of Jul, 2007
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    Thanks to everyone for the opinions you shared. I was lucky to find this site in the course of my research before ordering @ TVaddicts.

    I was stunned when I found at TVaddicts (which are selling - or cheating - under the name as well) the complete 58 shows of Johnny Cash at ABC in the 70s (30 DVDs).

    The problem is that this show never appeared on DVD until now and its forthcoming publication is a major issue in long and difficult legal negotiations between the rightholders (Sony if I´m correct) John Carter, Lou Robin etc. The word is that a "Best Of" these shows was to appear last year but it is still not out.

    That´s why I was more than surprised to find this offer at TVaddicts. Could it be that these guys do sell a show which doesn´t exist on the market? And that the major companies whose interest is seriously affected don´t insure in the most decisive manner?

    Well, I gave it a test try - and behold! - in the last moment before finalizing the order the lump sum suddenly more than doubled - if I hadn´t glanced a keen eye the order would have been gone for an amount of more than USD 370. If that´s not a bargain...

    Interesting enough they charge for postage etc. of 3 DVD Boxes USD 49 to Europe! And as I read above from all of you there is a pretty high chance that I´ll never see the item or it will be in a grave condition.

    Under these circumstances I don´t think that I will proceed with my order at TVaddicts and would like to warn anybody from dealing with them!

  • An
      9th of Sep, 2007
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    These criminals are still operating and are continuing to rip people(including me!) off. Has anybody made any headway in getting these scammers prosecuted? I am more than happy to assist in anyway to put these toerags out of business. There must be some way we can really hurt them. Surely!

  • Ch
      18th of Sep, 2007
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    I have also been ripped off by these people. I ordered a set of the T.v series Centennial, it was advertised as 12 Dvds but 26 copied discs arrived. I paid 99 usd + 40 more for postage. Most of the discs didn't work, kept locking up halfway through, one disc was a duplicate of an earlier one in the set.
    After some research I have found out this series has never been released on Dvd and they are actually copies from video that someone has recorded from the T.v.
    I have had numerous e-mails from them promising all sorts but nothing has materialised. If I had realised this was pirated material I would never have ordered from them but they did seem a reputable company, let's hope someone can get them shut down. I shall certainly send an e-mail to the address given above for the Canadian Police.

  • Dw
      22nd of Sep, 2007
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    Well, I got bit by them as well. Ordered two sets of the Three Stooges, and they billed my credit card over a month ago. Have been trying to contact them without success. Does anyone have any idea if there is software that will give you the physical address of these people from an ip address? Would seroiusly consider paying them a one on one visit.

  • Ce
      11th of Oct, 2007
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    I too am another victim. Only I live in Australia. I did receive my discs only to find that they looked like they were produced in a war zone. All had scratches on them in some shape or form. All copied some episodes repeated, some not there at all. Up until recently I had been getting return replies from my Emails but not any more, all contact has dried up. I would like to see an investigation started on them. Is there any way this can be done as it sounds like its well and truly needed.

  • Re
      22nd of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I have been bamboozled a well! This site needs to be shut down! We purchased the Transformer series and after 2 months got them. As soon as we started to watch them we knew they where without a doubt bootlegged! Half the DVD’s do not work. I have talked live to some of their staff as well as e-mailed them. I was just told to please give them until next week to replace...

  • De
      29th of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    Had I know about this a month ago I would never have ordered. I ordered the full set of Little House on the Prairie and as yet have not received them. I paid around $250 AU to have these and I even have the Canada Post tracking number... surprise surprise, it doesn't work... I keep getting the "Unfortunately we could not find your tracking number in our system" message. I have contacted Canada Post and I will go to the bank and try and get my funds reimbursed. I have sent and received emails from them regularly until yesterday and now no response at all.

  • Cu
      30th of Oct, 2007
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    They managed to swindle me as well! I ordered a complete DVD set of G.I. Joe series. Once I received the order, I saw that they had sent burned (pirated) DVDs instead of proper factory-pressed discs. Moreover, some of the DVDs didn't even work flawlessly.. How am I gonna get my money back 'cause I don't even live in Canada?

  • St
      31st of Oct, 2007
    0 Votes

    I ordered leave it to beaver 6 seasons never received anything or refund they go by the name TV addicts ultimatedvdshop TV series and many others a total scam crooks in pot $150.00.

  • Je
      1st of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I wish I had seen this forum before I ordered from TVAddicts alias tv series and the rest. They overcharged my credit card the day I ordered (Oct. 19th 2007) without having the item in stock. I've been told via the "live interaction" (Jen) that my set of Dobie Gills DVDs were shipped. I never got an email confirmation (promised twice). Can't get them by phone and now even the live interaction doesn't work... comes back undeliverable. Well, from reading everyone else''s experiences I'll say one thing for TVAddicts: they're consistent.. poor service, frauds and liars. BEWARE: DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THESE CRIMINALS!

  • Na
      2nd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    Well, just like everyone else, I have been scammed too! Oh they sent my order of Martin the complete dvd series and when I seen that they were bootlegged and taped off of television, they assured me that I was getting a full refund to my account in 12 to 15 business days. Well that was in August and I have not received and a refund! I tried to send them another email and to no surprise, my email was sent back to me!

    I hope people see this and dont become a victim, I just hope that something can be done to give us some assurance that we have been heard! This is illegal and a crime has been committed, I hope we get some sense of justice soon.

  • Sa
      3rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I got ripped off too. Ordered complete set of thirty-something. Got DVDs, but the quality was terrible. Tried to get new set or money back - neither occurred.

  • An
      3rd of Nov, 2007
    0 Votes

    I cannot believe that the Canadian/US prosecuting authorities are so damn weak! These scamming wasters are ripping off thousands of people including me. My plea to everyone contemplating doing business with these criminal lowlifes is PLEASE DONT... AND FOR CRYING OUT LOUD YOU PROSECUTING AGENCIES IN CANADA AND THE US DO SOMETHING!

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