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Trident Florida Trading Compant LLC / Robby Cunningham Con Man

1 3801 State Road 19Tavares, FL, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 352-253-1400

Robbie Cunningham stole $80, 000.00 from me to build a boat that was never built. In talking to others I believe his con is upwards of a million dollars now.

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  24th of Nov, 2008
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Our hearts go out to you Captain Mike! They've ripped us off - albiet in free goods not paid for. Hmm.. perhaps they used our products on your phantom boat?

  27th of Nov, 2008
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Thank God! I found this site, I have agonized for years over this guy. Robbie is Satan, he will look you in the eye with a straight face knowing he is going to rip you off from the minute he meets you. He stole $100 Grand from us, we agreed to take a unfinished hull for a water taxi project put up 100k in cash. And Yes we never got the boat he has done this to so many people this has to be unlawful. We know of one more person he took 100k from and did the same thing with a similar hull. He has a documented pattern of swindle, out right fraud and theft of services.
Please everyone we need to join forces and go to the Florida AG and the FED's. Robbie has to have not claimed all of our money as income. Someone has to have a congressman or senator lets work together to bring him to justice. We need to uncover others who have been ripped off by Robbie, there is a law RICO perhaps can be applied here.

  29th of Nov, 2008
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Did not think of this Captain Joseph until I read your complaint about Robbie Cunningham owner of Trident Florida Trading Company LLC. How many persons has he sold the same hull to? I have talked to several about this con including an ex-partner that runs a marina in his town, Dead River Marina. I talked to Marina Mike, Sightseer Marine, Carrituck, North Carolina, A captain in Vermont, Lorraine in Florida, and I have had some call me about referalls because I had an old boat of his. He has his building up for sale on LoopNet for 2.8 million dollars and says it is recession proof and he will lease it back. Be carefull about calling for your money or faxing. He talked the prosecutor in charging me for harrassment. He is a real peice of work. In working in Detroit all my adult life I thought I saw the ### of the earth but he is by far the leader. His ex partner at Dead River Marina told me he can talk seven languages and rip you off in all seven. Contact me at if you would like to prosecute. I have a lot of evidence already and some who will go to court.

  28th of Sep, 2009
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Well Robbie Cunningham with Trident Florida Trading Company LLC aka Trident Pontoons has done it again. This time he ripped of an Airboat Captain in Central Florida. This Captain gave Robbie a boat to sell on consignment and he sold it apparently with fake numbers to someone and did not give a dime to the Airboat Captain. The Captain went to the sherrif and presented his legal ownership papers and nothing was done. How corrupt is Lake County that this is allowed by a known thief ?

  18th of Jan, 2010
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If you want information about the Swindle and Con of Robbie Cunningham call Captain Mike at 352-628-3450.

  18th of Jan, 2010
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Robbie Cunningham aka Trident Pontoons aka Trident Florida Trading Company aka Trident Florida Trading Company LLC aka Poseiden has swindled more than 1 million dollars from boats that were suppose to built. If you were swindled by this con man it does no ggod to contact authorities, they just ignore you. You can post complaints on the internet though and make others aware of this scoundrel. Call Captain Mike at 352-628-3450. He has talked personally to a lot who have benn conned by this dispicable (MAN?)

  24th of Jan, 2010
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You got that he is either paying someone or has goods on the county . My husband worked for him he owes use a lot of money and has also stole from use .He acts like he cares haha .But what goes around comes around he owes so many people it's not funny . My husband will do so much beter with out him, he just brought us down . We all will have the last laugh one day.I hope I'm around to see it. M.M.S

  10th of Feb, 2010
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Hello M. M.M.S.

Sometimes it takes a lifetime for deceit to catch up to you. At his end time Robbie will have to face himself and I hope those last few moments are tortuous. He will have to read all of his lifetime deceitfulness in the blink of an eye and it will end his time with a bitter note of what a lousy human being he is and the pain and sorrow that he contributed to this world.
You have to ask yourself. Did I leave this world better than when I entered it? He will have to look himself in the eye and, well you know and hundreds I am sure will say a resounding NO.

  15th of Oct, 2010
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WANTED Any former employees of Robbie Cunningham that worked at his old place of business. I need help recovering my 34 foot pontoon boat that was left at his business to be sold on consignment. My boat was damaged by a large tree limb that struck the roof. Mr Robbie Cunningham repaired it and sold it but never paid me one dime. After filing a complaint with Lake county Sheriff's dept and obtaining a court order from a Judge for the return of my boat no action was ever taken against this Boat thief. My attorney and I will never understand why he was not arrested. He seems to have alot of friends in Lake County Government and Law enforcement. Reward for the arrest and conviction of Mr. Robbie Cunningham

  18th of May, 2012
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A client of mine got ripped off also by Robbie Cunningham and Trident Pontoon. If anyone is going to a lawyer, let's join forces and fight him as a team! Contact me at Dave P.I.

  29th of Jul, 2013
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I recently purchased a vessel, upwards of almost $150, 000, from Robbie at Trident Pontoons and had one of the best business experiences that I have encountered in years. At the very beginning of the process Robbie presented to me a very detailed explanation of the process that is involved with manufacturing a custom boat and the itemized costs that are associated with it. Not only, did he deliver on all of his promises, but he went above and beyond my expectations. I was weary to do business with Trident Pontoons initially because of these TERRIBLY MISLEADING, slanderous posts, but I spoke with Robbie about them previous to my purchase, and it eased my mind tremendously. I would highly recommend Trident Pontoons to anyone for a custom build, repair, or any other service that Robbie and his team are offering!!! A+ Business with a 5 star quality product!

-Jeffrey H
Naples Beach Tours

  31st of Jan, 2014
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I could not find a website or phone number for "Naples Beach Tours"?????

  3rd of Sep, 2015
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From "media reports" City of Jacksonville may have been "taken"; City of Palatka, Putnam County claims to public it is in law suit over repair / restoration of two fiberglass displacement 42 ft "water taxis" as well. It seems so embarassed the city isn't talking right now.

Tavares boat company in battle with Jacksonville officials over $338K water-taxi order
June 17, 2014|By Jayna Omaye, Orlando Sentinel
TAVARES — A Tavares boat-manufacturing business owner said this week he won't comply with Jacksonville's demand that he refund $338, 500 for two boats the city ordered but no longer wants.

Trident Pontoons had an agreement to sell vessels — one that can hold 49 people, the other with a capacity of 102 — to Jacksonville for its water-taxi service. The smaller vessel was delivered Thursday, owner Robbie Cunningham said. He said he plans to deliver the second boat this week.

Net Search for Palatka produces multiple references to the various craft "to be delivered by next month" - two years or so now - never to be seen.
Palatka's two river taxis due to arrive near Thanksgiving
by Asia Aikins
11 months ago | 421 views | 0 0 comments | 0 0 recommendations | email to a friend | print
Palatka City Manager Michael Czymbor said officials expect the long-awaited water taxi boats to arrive around Thanksgiving.
“Hopefully, ” he said. “If not, sometime before the end of the year.”
After making design changes and several delays in the refurbishing and delivery of the two boats, Czymbor said in July, the boats would not be delivered until the end of November.
Read more: The Palatka Daily News. Local news and information for Palatka and Putnam County Florida. - Palatka s two river taxis due to arrive near Thanksgiving

  3rd of Sep, 2015
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a few more articles from Palatka Daily News coverage of the Cities experiences

Palatka Daily Coverage ...December 2014 looking for handout

April 9, 2014 filed suit 7th Circuit contract fraud

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