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The manager of Travelodge La Mesa, an Indian by the name of Anal Shah, has a habit of asking people to leave the hotel for no particular reason. It has happened to several travelers (You can read about their experiences on travel sites such as "Tripadvisor"). I also had a very bad encounter with him.

I stayed at that hotel for nearly two weeks without incident. Unfortunately, two days before I was supposed to check out, he decided to throw me out because "I didn't allow the maintenance guy into my room for four hours to shampoo the carpet (due to a small leak in the ceiling)". Which is all a lie. I didn't break any rules. I didn't owe him any money. It was just an excuse to get me out of his hotel because I called the corporate office to complain about him. You would think he was running the Ritz-Carlton, not some modest motel in the middle of nowhere.

He not only pocketed the money I had paid in advance for the room but he also called the cops on me. My daughter and I were thrown out into the street like trash.

The reason he keeps treating some customers so badly is because nobody is doing anything about it. I am lodging complaints against him with several agencies. I also vow never again to stay at any Travelodge or other hotels in the Wyndham hotel group. A company that allows someone like Anal to run one of its hotels- and allows him to treat customers any way he likes - does not deserve my money.

I DO NOT recommend Travelodge La Mesa. Remember, you may end up being the next person he asks to leave the premises.

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      27th of Jan, 2014

    I am going through something as well and very close to what you are saying I fought it with my credit card company and was sent a letter saying that I smashed the toilet and was removed by the police this never happened and I am asking for the police lo since I know every thing the police do is logged might have them on this one.

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