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I also received a phone call telling me I had received a "free cruise" and all we had to pay were taxes on the trip. I was told there were no restrictions, no blackout dates, no requirements (such as attending seminars on timeshares, etc). I was told the only other cost to me would be my airfare to get the the port of my choice. I requested a chance to speak with my husband and call them back. They agreed and gave me a phone number to call back on. I did try this number to see if it actually worked (which it did). After the call, I began to research this company and found this complaint board regarding them. I am so glad that I did not go ahead and book with these people. It certainly sounds like a scam to me. And just for the record, I spoke with a Carnival Cruise Line rep and they have never heard of this company and told me that in all reality this was a scam and I should be careful should I decide to proceed with them. If they deal with Carnival and other cruise lines, why has no one heard of them ? I hope all you people who lost money to this company will be able to get refunds!!! Good luck!!!

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  • Tr
      Aug 09, 2011

    We have excellent relationships with the major cruise lines and so we are confident we can find the lowest prices in travel. We travel hundreds of cruisers each month and have been in business for over 20 years. If you have issues with the booking of your trip please reach out to us at 877-413-0102.

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  • Ml
      Dec 21, 2011

    I agree 100% with this post. **** WARNING***** DO NOT USE Travel Services US
    I received a high-sales pitch call offering me a cruise for a surcharge of $99 per person. I fully understood I would be responsible for the port fees of $167.70 per person leaving out of Port Canaveral, FL.

    I was told I would receive a Cruise Request Form in the mail where I should select my “two” travel dates. After I mail the form back to Travel Service, I had to wait to be contact by a booking agent who would confirm my travel dates and collect the port departure fee of $167.10 per person. July, 2011, I mailed the request form back with my two desired dates of March 26, 2012 and April 3rd 2012.

    On Wednesday, December 21, 2011 I received a call from “Chris” in the booking department. Great news was my requested travel dates were available but the bad news was I was being asked to pay an additional $130.10 per person peak travel fee!!!

    PLEASE BE WARNED *** They are not honest and clear on all the charges*** I call it a scam but they wont. They stand-by section #7 in the terms & conditions. Please see attached form they use.

    Section #7 of the Curise Request Form says, “sailings are available on a year round basis, with a additional fee per person for peak season or holiday sailings”. This is the catch… they never tell you (print or verbally) when peak season is. However at the bottom of the Cruise request form (where you sign to mail back) it says in much bigger print, enter the two dates you want to travel.

    The form you sign, the welcome package, and sales pitch during the promotional offer never indicates when peak season is. None of the documents list peak season “dates”.

    So when is peak season? Peak season is Between March 1st – September 1st (PEAK SEASON FEE). This is when most people desire to cruise.

    When do you find out about peak season? When the Travel Services booking agent calls you to tell you the good news … your request dates are available. The dates I requested are the only times my daughter is out of school – March and April. The booking agent proceeds to inform me of the “person person peak season fee” associated with my requested dates.

    It is not logical for a person to willingly request both dates during “peak season” fully knowing they will be outside of the promotional offer, thus required to pay more.

    I asked during the sales pitch call, when can I travel. They said, “you can travel year round” . This is true you can travel year round but they do not tell you it will cost you more to travel between March 1st and September 1st. You have to know exactly what to ask – most people wont know to ask.

    This is not right and Travel Services U.S. knows they are deceiving consumers. They can simply add it to promotional offer sales call they make to people. They could add it to their website. They could print the exact dates on the request form. They know most consumers will want to cruise during March – September. They are not honest!!!

    Save yourself the heart-ache and STRESS, when you complain they all have a nasty attitude from the booking agent to the customer service agent. All they keep saying is you signed the “curise request form” and it says in section #7, “sailings are available on a year round basis, with a additional fee per person for peak season or holiday sailings”.

    You will not get your money back! WARN Everyone you know. You can get a better deal on a reputable travel company like delta deals, expedia, etc.

    If someone calls you on your job or sends you a fax with an offer – IGNORE IT. If it’s that good they would not be calling you – we would be calling them!

    I’m out $200! I’m not giving anymore more money to this dishonest company! Lesson learned.

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  • Ca
      Aug 29, 2012

    I strongly believe this is true. I received a phone call and fell for the scam. Gettign others involved I feel bad I hope these dishonest crooks are caught and put in prison.

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