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Travel Link Unltd (aka Nationwide Capital Asset Corp / Scam property Rentals

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Contact information:
Travel Link Unlimited
2950 East Flamingo Rd Suite C
Las Vegas
Phone: 702-405-9999
Completed rental agreement with them, wired almost $3000. Hadn't heard so I called them back. All phone numbers have been disconnected. My last contact with them was 7/9/2009.
Nationwide Capital Asset Corp is apparently the "parent" scam company.
My real estate contact was Alex Wong.

The "president" of the Nationwide Capital Asset Corp is Konstantino Kouris

Travel Link Unlimited is NOT licensed in NV to perform real estate rentals. As of right now I am not sure about the parent company.
Please use VRBO.com next time. Deal directly with property owners.


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A  16th of Jul, 2009 by 
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I called the bank where the wire Xfer was completed and the account for Nationwide Capital Asset Corp. is still open and active, however if you search on the internet for them, their website is taken down. HOWEVER, the Travel Link Unlimited site is still up and active. PLEASE PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY
A  18th of Jul, 2009 by 
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We went through the same scam. After wiring money we are unable to contact anyone as phone numbers are disconnected (the last contact we had with them was the beginning of July 2009)
. In addition beware of rental sites such as VRBO.com and Vacationrentals.com as the rental home we tried to get also appeared on these websites. If you use VRBO.com be sure to register your reservation with the homeaway guarantee as they will insure your rental up to $5, 000. You must register you reservations with homeaway before or within 7 days of making a payment for the rental.
N  24th of Jul, 2009 by 
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We are completing our stay at the Travel Link Unltd location. Alex Wong made the effort to contact me and keep me up on the status of our rental including adding 2 extra days. Although the websites for both Travel Link Unltd and Nationwide Capital Asset Corp. are both still down, Alex has kept in contact with me and apparently the owner's fiance met my husband at the property to let him in. The contract was completed and everyone staying in the house has enjoyed themselves and is more than comfortable.
Corporately I think they have a way to go, but the customer service thru Alex has made this trip enjoyable and comfortable for all. 7/24/2009
N  3rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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Same thing here. They took our money, we showed up and they did not have all of our rooms. Some of the rooms were owned by the bank (cops came - locked our stuff in the room).

Rooms did not have cable, heat, hot water, etc.. We were promised refunds and ammends - never happened.

It is now over to lawyers to get the money returned.

We dealt with Alex Wong and Konstantino Kouris.
N  4th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Does anyone have a number to reach Alex Wong or anyone from Travel Link. We have paid money for a vacation and now I don't know what to do because i cant reach them
A  5th of Aug, 2009 by 
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I rented a house from them for 2 months over the summer. The only thing I was really concerned with was a working AC because I had my dog who has breathing problems with me in Las Vegas over the summer. We discussed this prior to my check in and I told them of my concerns. Alas, 3 weeks with no AC, no return of phone calls. Fast forward 2 weeks later, they disconnected all their phones and now wont respond to emails so on top of this they are stealing my safety deposit too. Also was grossy overcharged for my rental property (and thats not even a big deal). I'm now in the process of filing a law suit against this company because they wont even respond to an email and all their phones are disconnected. THESE GUYS ARE 100% SCAM ARTISTS. DO NOT USE THESE GUYS THERE ARE A TON OF REPUTABLE AGENTS IN LAS VEGAS THAT WILL HELP YOU HONESTLY.
A  5th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Hey so how many of us have they scammed? Are you guys interested in bringing a class action law suit against these scam artists?
A  5th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Yeah let's do it. They need to be shut down!!!
N  20th of May, 2011 by 
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Konstantinos A. Kouris the owner of record for Nationwide Capital Asset Corp is a Con-Man, plain & simple - and this is me being nice. Travel Link Unlimited was never licensed to do business in Nevada or for that matter any state. Mr. Kouris has used variations of his name: Konstantin, Konstantino, Konstantino A., ...whatever suits his mood at a particular time. He lost his Nevada Mortgage Agent license for FRAUD, which is documented on-line. He has represented himself as a Nevada Real Estate Agent & a property manager, but he has never been licensed in the state of Nevada to do so. There are a number of leases which Mr. Kouris signed at the Meridian Private Residences which he had no legal right to do. He has represented himself as a loan modification specialist...again no licenses to do so. Has ripped off more people than I care to count or recount. He rented out bank owned units at the Meridian Private Residences and was caught doing so by his clients as they came back to their unit after a long day at the Las Vegas Convention Center to find that they had been locked out by the Bank - the Police responded, but Kouris did not have the balls to show up, as he was afraid of being arrested and locked up again. Kouris has run an illegal limousine service, I say illegal because again he was not licensed to do so and he didn't even have plates on the limousine to boot! He was jailed for this and paid a hefty fine to the Nevada Transportation Department. He has filed bankruptcy a few times and at the moment he is in Bankruptcy or recently discharged. He is using his girlfriend Lyudmyla Radchenko to hide assets. He prefers to deal in cash as much as possible so that these transactions cannot be traced, so he can avoid paying income tax - something I am sure that IRS would be very interested in. As they would be interested in his hidden partnerships at the Meridian with Owners that he has "helped" save their units to the tune of 50% of the unit. He, his girlfriend and various companies are in litigation with an investor who he has bilked out of several hundred thousand dollars - this is documented in the Nevada Court System currently...David Schnorr is the unlucky investor. Not long ago Mr. Kouris assaulted one of his employees in the elevator lobby of building 7 at the Meridian, because his employee asked to get paid, and yes it was caught on Meridian Security's camera system. Konstantino likes to pick up illegal workers to do his dirty work so he can take advantage of them without fear of them being able to do anything about it. There was a real estate agent representing a unit for a bank in Building 3 at the Meridian, who had secured said unit and put it on the market to be sold, but Mr. Kouris drilled the lock out and placed a tenant in the unit - there is a police report which was filed on this incident. Mr. Kouris has the gift of gab, but one warning...if his mouth is moving - he is lying...one man's opinion based on irrefutable facts...

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