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Transavia / website/call centre scam?

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Transavia is a Dutch low-cost carrier.

As we are a group of people heading on a trip to Amsterdam we decided to book with Transavia as their prices seemed advantageous.

In all honestly, their cheap flights become moderately priced after they've added on all of their fees and taxes.

Even though we are a group we are booking our tickets separately. A few days ago my friend contacted me to tell me that she was unable to make her booking on the Transavia website because it wouldn't accept her credit card nor her partner's. She is American, he is Dutch. They have two completely different credit cards from two completely different countries. Red flag #1.

A few days later I went on to the website to book my family's tickets and all seemed to proceed well until I went to pay. The website did not want to accept my card. The error message received said to contact the Transavia Call Centre. Not surprisingly, this is NOT a toll-free call. Red flag #2.

I called the Call Centre to and spoke with a young woman. I asked her if they were experiencing technical difficulties with their website and she couldn't give me a straight answer. Maybe they were, maybe they weren't. She insinuated that the problem could be my credit card and the security measures that Transavia enacts (I know for certain, after contacting my bank that there is no block on my credit card). Red flag #3. She told me that I could purchase our tickets directly from her but that each ticket would cost an additional 5 euro. Red flag #4. Why is it that I cannot book online with this credit card but I can book over the phone using the same credit card?

Based on principle I did NOT book the tickets through the call centre. It seems too convenient that three different credit cards from three different countries all received the same error notice. I realize that in the grander scheme of things 5 euro isn't a whole lot of money. But from our family alone this is an additional 20 euro that we shouldn't have to be spending. And imagine adding up all the extra 5 euro from other tickets that people are buying via the Call Centre rather than the website!

If Transavia is having problems with their website I feel they should 1) acknowledge it, and 2) waive any fees for booking via their call centre.

I am curious to know how many other people have experienced a similar problem with Transavia...

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  • Pf
      25th of May, 2010
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    We flew with Transavia last week to Amsterdam. The baggage handlers destroyed our child’s buggy (value £200). We filled out the claim form but they would not lend us another buggy as they only lend them when they are lost?!?!? We had to go to buy another buggy as we did not want to spend the whole holiday in the hotel. There are no shops selling buggies in central Amsterdam (even the huge department store in Dam square De Bijenkorf don’t stock them) so we had to travel 10 train stops out of town to buy another.
    We bought the cheapest equivalent buggy at €280 but as we do not have the original receipt for the buggy as it was a gift, they are offering us a maximum of €60.
    Take out extra travel insurance or make sure you have the original receipt for the buggy…..or use any another airline other than TRANSAVIA.

  • Hu
      7th of Mar, 2011
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    We flew with Transavia to Egypt, well aware of there frugal baggage allowance we were careful weighing and packing.On returning from Egypt-our bags were weighed by Transavia Egyptian representatives and found my wife and I were ONE kilo over weight each-We still had room in our hand bags-underweight, as we were going to buy duty free, and our winter coats which normally we would carry were in our cases, They showed no sympathy and would not let us remove our coats from our bags to avoid there stealth tax, many others were being pulled on this scam-We were disgusted by the way we were treated and reported the matter to the Egyptian police once through customs, along with other travellers.Only later did we find out they were Transavia reps and not Government officials they had implied.We had to pay ten euros each for nothing and be insulted when we tried to question them.
    On returning the flight attendants had been very sympathetic and informed us this was a common complaint-taking their advice I contacted Transavia complaints-I was then basically accused of lying, and to get any refund I would have to prove our bags were not over weight, as they would not take our word for it-So to Transavia and the nice man in complaints, I now write and inform people of your [censor] service and customer attitude in the hope that some one further up the food chain does something to change, an otherwise good Airline.

  • Po
      18th of Apr, 2011
    0 Votes

    2 years later (we are in 2011) and the creditcard problem on the website is still there. I tried 2 different Credicards as well as the Paypal payment option. Neither of them worked. Transavia forces you to call their callcentre (thats a toll number) and then they take your same creditcardnumbers and surprise-surprise it works.
    this is terrible practise and certainly annoys more than just me. I rather pay a few euros more on a regular airline where I can instantly book, pay and get confirmation...

  • Ah
      19th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    24 Avril 2014 au 6 pour aller à la peau Pari Istanbul avec 50 avions avait reçu des billets à l'avance. Nous sommes arrivés à l'aéroport une heure avant, vous dites maintenant qu'ils ne traitent nos écrans et être toujours sur le coup, il a été écrit. Nous sommes allés à l'information et à plus de dix personnes ont été plus comme nous. Ils ne ont pas donné une réponse satisfaisante du tout sur nous et nous ne voulions pas de documenter. Nous sommes arrivés à Istanbul, en billets de Pegasus parce que ce est notre travail à la hâte. Mais juste perdu de l'argent.1) nous obtenons un nouveau billet en payant € 450, 2) Nous avons eu de perte de temps, 3) Nous avons eu quelques coûts supplémentaires à boire manger.Parce que de ceci: nous vous payons € 328 et € 450 que nous avons payé pour le paiement de Pegasus nous voulons nous.Si vous ne payez pas, il sera équivalent à la torture et le terrorisme.Nous ne comprenons pas pourquoi vous le faites.Venu à mon esprit: je me demande si vous obtenez plus de passagers à émerger? Avez-vous faire des économies en réduisant ou de passagers en réduisant le poids du carburant?Je vais continuer à vous écrire autant ou pris mon argent.Bonne journée . Ahmet Ozmen

  • Ah
      19th of Apr, 2015
    0 Votes

    Concerned: April 24, 2014 at 6 to go to the skin Pari Istanbul with 50 aircraft had received tickets in advance. We arrived at the airport one hour before you say now that they only treat our screens and still be on the spot, it was written. Went to information and more than ten people were more like us. They did not give a satisfactory answer at all about us and we did not want to document. We arrived in Istanbul, Pegasus tickets because it's our job to look forward. But just lost argent.1) we get a new ticket by paying € 450.2) We had wasted time, 3) We had some additional costs to drink manger.Parce than this: we pay you € 328 and € 450 we paid for the payment of Pegasus we nous.Si you do not pay, it will be equivalent to torture and terrorisme.Nous do not understand why you faites.Venu my mind: I ask if you get more passengers to emerge? Do you save money by reducing or passengers by reducing the weight of fuel? I will continue to write as much or took my argent.Bonne day.
    Ahmet Ozmen

  • Ka
      12th of Oct, 2015
    0 Votes

    Four of us booked our tickets through the website. After rejecting my Visa and 2 more credit cards (thankfully no deductions), the website accepted our card and the booking was made. However, we did not receive any booking ID, confirmation email or E-ticket. It has been 10 days since the booking, we are out 300 euros and do not know what to do. This is the worst airline when it comes to customer service. How can a customer service number not be toll-free? Why should a customer be charged for placing a complaint about YOUR product? Either make them error free or get a toll-free number for international callers.

  • Al
      11th of Jul, 2016
    0 Votes

    Worst company ever. Staff is shameless. I booked a one way ticket from Paris to Vienna in March 2016 for 10 July 2016. I received the ticket on my email, and it clearly stated that the payment was successful. I went to the airport 2 hours before my flight only to find out that the flight is not announced – not cancelled, not delayed - not announced. When I went to Transavia’s info desk, they kept repeating that there is no flight. I kept showing them my ticket and the lady on the desk kept repeating me there is no flight. She was EXTREMELY rude and absolutely shameless. I asked her for her supervisor – and, although I didn’t believe it would be possible, her supervisor was even worse. She pretended she does not speak English (! On an international airport) and asked me if she should “shed a tear for me”, laughing . She kept giving me a number to call and telling me that she works for many companies (?!!!). When I asked her for her name (I wanted to report her), she said she does not have one. In 2 hours she gave me a piece of paper, where it was written that my payment has been refused and that is why there is no flight (the amount of money on this piece of paper did not match the price….). My friend in Paris called customer service and asked them what to do, they hung up on her….In the end I had to buy a flight from Charles de Gaulle Airport (I was at Orly) for 310 Euro + 25 Euro for the train to CDG. These people are shameless, unprofessional and completely incompetent. I don’t know what the recruitment process is, but obviously they chose personnel who have absolutely no sense of how to behave. Not only they LIED (the payment was made), they did not send me any notification that the flight was cancelled (ot whatever happened), they cost me 350 Euro, BUT THEY ALSO ARE WITHOUT A DOUBT THE MOST UNPROFESSIONAL STAFF I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH. Please keep spreading your complaints about them and never book with this company – if you want to reach your destination, it is not worth it!!! In years of economic crisis, people like this should be out of jobs!

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