Trans-United, Inc. / Violated contract, lied, refused to deliver belongings and demanded $250 additional to release goods

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Phone: 305-945-0093

Per contract I signed, the mover was to call me 24 hours in advance of picking up. I was "PROMISED" delivery on 12/20/09 - but no call on 12/19 or 12/20 (weekend - phone number I asked for in case of any problem, did not answer!) Not knowing if movers were coming or not, I began making other arrangements and then received a call ONE HOUR before movers arrived on 12/21/09. They came in with a whole package of papers to sign! I already signed and faxed back contract to company I “thought” were the movers only to find out they bid my move out and I got foreign, non-English speaking unprofessional movers!! First complaint I have is they altered papers I signed by adding charges AFTERWARDS for supplies not used but were added to the balance due amount I owed. Next, they lied repeatedly over my delivery – the dispatcher Gary called to tell me they could not get truck into apartment complex. It was a HUGE area and I called the driver (had his number as he called me earlier), who said they were 30 miles West of my place. could they say they couldn't get in when they were never there! We demanded they come as Apt. Manager verified four (4) moving vans same size had come in earlier that day. They finally arrived (originally was to be 10 am, then 2 pm, then 4 pm.) it was 5:30 pm - again they said NO, they would not drive in. Truth was late and they were tired! They left and were to deliver following morning. Then, following morning I received anotehr call from Gary (dispatcher) with ANOTHER LIE - the truck was STUCK in 8" of snow and ice and no one was getting in or out of truck stop -- they were in another state - 50 miles away! I called the truck stop and verified they had only 1" snow and there was NO PROBLEM - all trucks were going in and out – east and west. I called back very angry and they refused to return or deliver my belongings and Gary told me if I wanted my belongings, I would have to drive 50 miles out of state and get them! I had to rent a U-haul ($100) and drive 100 miles round trip, out of state, and it took us 30 minutes to unload my belongings! On top of it all, they demanded an additional $250 to release my belongings or they would not open the door!

After all was said and done, I called to complain and spoke to the General Manager, Russell Masnev, who promised he would compensate me for the bad service. Then, he would never return my calls and after 10 days of being lied to by Gary, dispatcher who coverd for Russell, Russell rudely told me to talk to the owner, Vladimir Masnev – HIS FATHER. Of course “he” was never in…or they would tell me he would be back in an hour, etc., etc.

Bottom line, NO ONE WOULD TALK TO ME AND I FINALLY GOT TIRED OF BEING LIED TO. I’m sure this is what they count on happening for all complaints!


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  • Co
      25th of Jul, 2009
    Trans-United, Inc. - Damage & Theft
    Trans-United, Inc.
    North Carolina
    United States
    Phone: 3364415224

    Movers damaged items that were finally delivered today: an irreplaceable family heirloom antique secretary was severely damaged, no bedroom set hardware was delivered, dvd player w/remote is missing, 52" plasma tv is scratched, numerous small items and appliances are missing or damaged. Received low quote...that should have been my first clue. Save yourself some major headaches and DO NOT do business with Trans-United, Inc. or Sysco Van Lines, or Moving With Us. These are all companies linked together and will damage or steal your property.

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  • Bi
      19th of Feb, 2010

    There are a few movers by this name or similar that get confused with each other how do I know which specific Trans United Mover this is refering to?


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  • Co
      15th of Mar, 2010

    I would not use any business by that name. Go with a well-known carrier with a good rep. It will be worth it to not have the headaches of dealing with an unscrupulous company.

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  • Ba
      22nd of May, 2010

    I too am having problems with them. Did you ever get your items back? If so how? Please help!

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  • Ly
      3rd of Jun, 2010

    Sadly, I read these complaints and still went against my better judgment and booked the move with them...Needless to say, BIGGEST mistake of my life...I would like to use a bunch of 4-5-6 letter words to describe this company and my moving consultant (Cliff A.), but there is not enough room in this text box...Bottom line DO NOT use Trans United Inc. unless you like to be lied to, put on hold for 25 minutes because you moving consultant is scared to get on the phone, or kept out of the loop about your household goods...

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  • An
      14th of Jul, 2010

    I am a victim of that worst moving carrier Trans-United, Inc in Miami, FL too. Last December 2009, I signed contract with UHaul agent who assigned Trans-United, Inc carrier to take care my moving from KC to LA. That is a nightmare for me to deal with their staffs to now. They call me 2 hour in advance before the load time, then 7 delay days on the delivery day with the same lied reason “their truck is broken”, and then later the way to handle missing and damaged items. After 5 months to figure out who responses for missing or damaged, I’d given up my patient on their lied promises, then I agreed to sign on the Release and Settlement of Claim and they promised to send me a check immediately. Now they turn to another lie way, they did not send a check to me. The $60 settlement claim check from them is not worth at all with hundreds of Dollars on my damaged and missing items and the time I spent to deal with them, but I want to know what the customer’s right. I keep to call them once a week to see and they replied the check will be sent. Unbelievable, their business phones have changed many times in the last 5 months. (305)623-2919, then 305-945-0093, even 1-800-492-2419 have been not valid phone number anymore. Like playing a game with them, I search their new number 1-877-687-4250 and then they continue to lie working on that…but they let me hold for long time so that I have to hang up. I have to contact UHaul Agent to help and they also cannot contact with them neither. UHaul has stopped services with them and some agent companies also do stop (see If you are searching moving company, please AVOID either or They are the same people like Gary, Victor Kovalev, will do the same way, just a new website, new phone numbers.
    Can someone advise what the customer’s right should do, when they try to ignore sending a settlement claim check?

    Another Trans-United Inc Victim.

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  • Am
      5th of Sep, 2010

    When i read these stories i couldn't believe it because i used the same company you people are talking about (Trans United) and my move went fine with not one problem. I feel for the people who posted on here but i guess every move cannot go perfectly. I was referred to Trans United by my cousin and her move went fine also. I had a really nice sales representative (Scott) and he helped me through the whole process, witch helped relive a bunch of stress because moving is very stressful period. I just wanted to post my experience with this company because it is very hard for me to believe that this same company that moved my cousin and myself with no problems what so ever is as bad as you people are making them out to be. I hope that the unsatisfied customer (on this board) gets his problem resolved. Thank you Trans United Inc for your terrific service.

    Amy from Naples, FL

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  • Sc
      7th of Sep, 2010

    As I read these comments it makes me sick, I have also been scammed by this company. They had my stuff for 37 days, I was lied to over and over about where our stuff was, when it was going to be delivered and who was in charge. When i would call this company I would get put on a endless hold or transfered from person to person, or they would give me a cell phone number to Gary or Russel who would never answer their phones or hang up on me when I told them who I was. The worst part about this experiance is when they finally arrived on the 37th day, they demanded a additional $500 dollars before they would take my stuff off thier trucks. They were trying to charge me for items they said they packed and they never did, they added a $208 charge for a a flight of stairs which was included in my quote. The driver ended up letting us on the truck to see the condition of my stuff, unfortunatly everything was destroyed boxes were all over the truck, couch was ripped from one end to another, a wood bed broken and scratched, boxes crushed, it was devistating. Luckly we were able to take video of the damaged stuff before Gary contacted his driver demanding us to get off the truck. Gary knew the condition of our belongings and that is why he was demanding the money before the door was open.

    This company is a scam, please please do not use this company. If you read this and still use this company you are in for a lot of stress, additional HIDDEN FEES, movers that lie to you and don't speak english. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY these complaints are all true.

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  • Tr
      25th of Sep, 2010

    We are in the process of suing this company! I've read a lot of other folks including some of you have been screwed over by them. Would any of you be willing to share your story with us to pass on to our attorney office? We're not sure how much it will cost us in attorney fees to do this, but if we run out of money I will continue it on my own. Trans United Inc is the worst company out there!!! Our story is not a short one, and started the end of August and only ended on Sept. 21st at 9pm at night when our local police officers had to come to our home and force the driver to open his truck for us to get our things, most of which were broken or damaged. If you want to know the entire tale, email us. We already have one other person who has been a victim of this company in the past say she is willing to let us share her story with our attorney and will even testify. PLEASE shoot us an email to [protected]@GMAIL.COM. Let's talk. We will do this on our own, but I think anyone who wants to band together against this company to help them not do this to anyone else, will even be better.

    TU Inc. Victim

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  • Pa
      15th of Oct, 2010

    You people seriously need to get a life, and pay people that drop off your furniture, rather than call the cops and say it was stolen, Who in they'
    re right mind, would steal furniture and drive it cross country to the new residence, and then hang out front with all your belongings and deliver them to your new home. Sounds like you are the scam artist, you should pay for the journey rather than have the cops come and fill out a fake police report.

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  • Tr
      22nd of Oct, 2010

    Pastor David,

    You sound like Keith, the loser who works for TransUnited posing as a "pastor" on this forum! Get a life or spend it preaching to your congregation, especially if you have no idea what occurred. TransUnited is so shady they REFUSED to reply to the Better Business Bureau inquiries and the BBB has noted that as information to be public about this fraudulent company. Your grammar also could use some help so I'm guessing if you aren't Keith, your the other loser, who threatened to auction our things off and not deliver them...the loser who worked for a company we didn't hire!

    Blessing to you "pastor"!

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  • Tr
      23rd of Oct, 2010

    How is this company still in business? We need to work together to dissolve this company. The exact same thing has happened to us and another family who we met, because their items were mixed in with ours. Thankfully, we happened to do a little investigative work to find out who the boxes belonged to. There is a law suit being filed with others. It is important that action be taken. Hopefully others will check Trans United reviews and learn from our mistakes.

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  • Be
      1st of Jan, 2012

    Trans United is the worst moving company I've ever seen. Lies, Lies, and more Lies. I hate really hate buying a car new or used, but this company takes the cake. My wife had one of the worst two weeks of our live when this company moved us. They are real sweet and courteous until you sign the contract. Then, you pray to God that you get your furniture back. They are very unprofessional...the movers who showed looked like the type who would steal from you, they didn't even inventory (mark the items moved), did not offer a receipt and took offense when I requested on, they promised me a 2 day delivery from Texas to Colorado. The head mover gave me his cell and wouldn't answer the phone once he hit the road. My wife and I got a major run around after inquiring the main office. Very unprofessional...were told we would get our furniture when they felt like it. VERY, VERY, BAD COMPANY!. The state of Florida should put these guys in jail.

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  • An
      14th of Aug, 2013

    This company is a fraud and needs to be put out of business. Most people only move a few times in their lives, so it is not something we have a lot of experience in. They gave me a binding not to exceed quote than on the day of my daughter's move bullied her and doubled up the contract. The furniture was not delivered on the day it was promised, and when it was delivered it was through a third party and they even refused to deliver to the house, claiming the streets were not wide enough, even though we called the police dept and confirmed that 18 wheelers were OK on that street.

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  • Do
      16th of Jul, 2014

    Moving company leaves Vancouver woman waiting & waiting

    by Chris Willis, KGW Unit 8 Investigative reporter
    Posted on July 16, 2014 at 5:35 PM
    Updated today at 8:19 PM
    VANCOUVER -- A Vancouver woman who moved from Tulsa, Oklahoma in early June is still waiting for the movers she hired to deliver her stuff.
    Lana Hong says her experience with Trans United Moving out of Broward county, Florida has been a nightmare.
    “They kept on giving me excuses, ” she said.
    Trans United loaded up Lana’s belongings in Tulsa on June 7th. They were supposed to be delivered to her new home in Vancouver June 18th.
    Now, nearly a month later, she’s still waiting.
    “My bed, my couch, but then there’s things they have that you just can’t even put a price on.”
    She said the excuses kept coming: “It’s going to be here in a couple days. It’s going to be here next week. We’re going to start loading it this weekend.”
    On Wednesday, her home was empty. She eats off paper plates and sleeps on an air mattress. This, while starting her new job.
    She only had the few clothes she brought to Vancouver, so she’s had to buy new clothes for work too.
    Hong said when she contacted Trans United to ask about the location of her belongings, they told her it was currently sitting in a storage unit in the Dallas area, but they would not give her an exact location.
    “They told me that I would have to pay the full moving cost, the full delivery moving cost in order to get the location, ” she said.
    Hong had already paid Trans United about three thousand dollars.
    Trans United promises “Moving Made Easy” with “moving specialists who are trained professionals with many years of experience.”
    Hong says that has not been evident in her dealings with the company. “The last conversation I had, the lady hung-up on me.”
    So Hong called KGW. And we decided to call Trans United to get some answers for Lana about where her stuff was and when she could expect it to be delivered.
    They did not hang-up on us, but Trans United did put us on hold for several minutes, until a representative finally told us they had some problems with the Northwest route.
    Here's what they representative said: “It’s not just our company right now, every moving company is having issues with the Northwest route. But actually as we speak, her belongings are being loaded onto a truck at the warehouse and her belongings should be to her, I would say in about three to four days she should have her belongings in Washington.”
    Trans United also told KGW they were sorry for the delays and promised they would actually credit Lana if her stuff is delivered later than the 30 business days after the original due date.
    “If we do extend beyond that 30 business days that’s stated in her contract then she will receive a per diem discount on her bill, ” they promised.
    The fine print on the back of Lana’s contract does outline a delay policy that says the company is granted 30 business days after the original delivery date due to unforeseen circumstances. For Lana, that could mean more waiting. “I regret not noticing the red flags sooner, ” she said.
    Since Trans United told us Lana could expect her belongings in 3 to 4 days, we plan on being there when the delivery is made. If and when it’s made.

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