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1 5325 E Tyler rd, Walkerville, MI, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 231-421-4425

I am Tracy Homan, a dog breeder of yorkie's
I have slander all over the internet about me and my dog breeding.
I ask ppl to please talk to me personally before beliving everything you read on the internet.
NON of this that has been said about me on the internet is true.
I have proof of my dogs vet records.
I welcome anyone to my home at anytime un- annouced.
I have nothing to hide. I love my babies, I take very good care of my babies.
I am not even going to comment on all the other lies cuz there not worth my time and has nothing to do with my dog breeding, its just plain slander.
Thank you for your time and if at anytime you have questions please feel free to call or e-mail.
I have nothing to hide- Thank you- Tracy Homan

Feb 23, 2013

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