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I purchased two toys for my son from, a total value of $27.90. I waited and waited for delivery and finally receive a certified mail delivery notice in the mail indicating that I would need to sign for the item at my local post office, which is 2 hours away from where I am located during business hours.

This wouldn't work for me, so I called toyglobe's "customer service" line and spoke with Tony, the owner. Tony indicated that that he felt compelled to send all items to purchasers certified because of reports of items not being delivered (not to me, in general) when in fact they were received by the purchaser. (I am sorry but isn't that just the cost of doing business sometimes, and isn't that written off at the end of the year OR trackable through the post office). I explained to him that (1) this was not mentioned on his web site and would have influenced my decision to purchase from him, and (2) It is logistically impossible for me to pick the item up from the post office.

He became immediately argumentative. I asked him to resend it regular mail. He refused. I told him the item would be sent back to him. He heatedly told me that he was going to charge me the $10! for delivery and "insurance". (My first bad, I should never have paid that much, but it was a toy my child really wanted... you know the drill). I told him that if he insisted on charging me the $10 shipping/insurance I would contest the charge with my credit card company. He became incensed and told me I would be paying. I actually think he came close to threatening me.

Bottom line, sleazy company, incomplete info on their web site and HORRIBLE customer service.


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  • To
      30th of Apr, 2007
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    This company did nothing wrong. Everything was done by the book. It is people like you who mislead the public with there actions to satisfy there own agenda. I never became incensed or threatened anyone. This is a business and in business you try to accommodate every one as fair as possible (this one had no reasoning in her) and at the same time make a dollar, not lose money.

    We have been in business for over five years and have NEVER cheated anyone we guarantee the sale or money back.

    This does not sound like a sleazy company. I think that this person should take a GOOD look at the mirror and then judgment.

  • Jo
      2nd of Jun, 2007
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    I also bought something from this company and I agree that their service is bad. They are very rude on the phone after I asked them to refund part of my purchase when I never got my whole order. They claim items are in stock when they don't even have the product. Also, it appears they bought my item for $15 less from eBay and had the seller ship the item directly to me. What a crap company. Just do a search on google for the phrase: toyglobe scam

  • Mi
      6th of Jun, 2007
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    Do some research on-line and you will see that has a tons of complaints against them. I saw that they even respond to some of the complaints with a very rude attitude towards the customer. It is always the customer's fault. They never accept responsibility. This proves that they are a scam company. Here is their contact info:
    5480 Vanden-Abeele St.
    H4S 1P9
    Phone: (514)332-8699

  • To
      15th of Jun, 2007
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    We NEVER drop ship any items. Yes we do buy of e-bay and a lot of other sites, but that is the risk WE take. Our policy to the customer how orders from our site, is guarantee sale or money back.

    So if Johnny (no last name) or Mike (no last name) have any disputes with us ( if they are REAL CUSTOMERS) they can contact us at the information Mike has provided.

    I will be more than happy to answer any questions they have.

    Tony Tombernis

  • Be
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    I have purchased thousands of dollars worth of toys/action figures off of oversees and to my u.s. address and every time ToyGlobe came threw for me, plus they always give me discounts, sometimes I go in add stuff to my cart and leave without checking out, and i get an email telling me why I dint complete my purchase, then they give me discounts, gotta love them for that, now I get discounts all the time just cause Im a loyal customer, thank you ToyGlobe u have made my son Mitsoflegis really happy!

    Benny Efkola
    Athens, Greece.

  • Me
      31st of Oct, 2007
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    I never bought anything from this company because of the bad rep that they have. I did a search on them and there are tons of complaints against them. I even found a huge list of unhappy customers from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Just do the search and find out for yourself. These ### companies need to be reported before they steal money from customers.

  • Je
      1st of Nov, 2007
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    I was shopping online to find some Christmas toys for my nephews and stumbled onto this site. I am very knowledge about the internet and can find my way pretty good... thank god, I decided to do some research before placing an fairly large order from I have included the web links so some of you folks can read about this company. They have lots of complaints and problems.

    If you read some of the replies from the company, you will see that they never accept any responsibility for any customer situation... it is always the customers' fault. They always blame the customer. What a load of crap... Customer service is definitely not there. It must be a two-bit operation running out of their garage.

    ToyGlobe is a scam company. I don't need to place an order with them to find out. Just take some time and have fun reading some of their scams below:

    /URL removed/?q5=Toyglobe&searchtype=0&q1=ALL&q3=&q2=&q7=&q4=&q6=&start=15

  • Et
      21st of Apr, 2008
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    This company is THE BIGGEST scam fest known to man. Its awful. I ordered a product for my girlfriend almost 2 months ago. Up until about 3 weeks ago I never herd from them (i tried calling a ton, it was pointless...emailed a couple times... It was pointless) then finally I got an email saying my product had JUST been ordered (we are talking almost a month into the order and knowing nothing about this) and that it would be at least 10 days before they got it... Then I would be waiting for them to ship it.

    Aside from talking to quite possibly the worst customer service I have ever had in my life, where the guy (Tony I believe his name is...seems to be the main clown running this p.o.s. company) seemed to not take my claim clearly at all when I said I wanted my money back on my card; but this ### garonteed I would get my money back the following Tuesday (it was a wednesday at the time). A week went by, NO MONEY! I phoned again and when I asked "Tony" where on earth my money was, his response was "what do you want me to do, whatever, he (im assuming he ment his imaginary employee that sends my money back to me) forgot to send it".

    I work in customer service, I am fully aware on how to help a customer, and the proper methods on what giving proper service to a customer is. This ### and his band of invisible employees, gave me quite possibly THE WORST experience I have ever had in my life, let alone it took forever to finally get my money back.

    Tony, if by chance you are reading this, please take this to heart. I have told a ton of people how awful your store is, and if you ever want to lose the image of a slimey con man, then you/your employees, should learn some customer service, and maybe look up something called "efficiency". Most companies with a good rep have these things.


  • To
      28th of Apr, 2008
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    To all our valued customers
    We at are a hobby and collectable on-line retail company and do the upmost to service all our clients. We are a mail order business that tries to contact all our customers (sometime with no success) if there are any complications with their orders via e-mail. Our contact information (telephone number) is on our front page and we address all our messages.
    This customer according to his complaint waited 5 weeks to get back to us, when he did contact us he then agreed to wait (knowing full well he had the option to a refund in full at any time) for his product that was on back-order.
    Once we received his items we contacted him and he then rudlly demanded his money back. For a person how worked in customer service he sure didn’t sound like it. We then made the arrangements to refund his money. Unfortunately we regret over looking this issue and we apologize for that.
    John Loupas
    Customer service rep.

  • Lu
      19th of May, 2008
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    I Actually bought many star wars unleashed figurines from toyglobe and eveything has beem great for me. I would like to go to the warehouse, but I'm not sure if the info is good.

  • Ja
      22nd of May, 2008
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    i orderd $100's worth of toys from toyglobe and at first i was worred because after 10 days (there max-shipping days to the west cost) i didn't recive my order, I e-mailed them and then went to /link removed/ and saw all kinds of complants, i was really worried now. but they responded to my e-mail and told me one of my orders was on back order and would be shiped out sometime the next week. i remained patient and recived my order, i admit i was a longer wait than i expected but i'm happy that i got my order and wasn't scamed.

  • Kr
      22nd of Sep, 2008
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    I am extremely dissatisfied with Toyglobe. I ordered a set of eight figurines for my son's birthday the first week of July. Of course, long before they were shipped I received an email that I was being billed additional charges. I was upset but my son had his heart set on these items so I let it go. However, I didn't receive the items until the end of August. Long after the quoted delivery time! When the items were finally received, we had received only seven of the eight items. I immediately emailed the company and was told the eighth item had been backordered, and would be shipped to me in 7-10 days. One month has gone by, and I have not received my item. I have not received any response to any of my emails. I am currently planning on filing a report against them with the BBB and am considering taking further legal action. If you are researching this company,


  • Vi
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    I ordered some Star Warstoy toys for my son for 2 months ago. Toyglobe charged my creditcard at once, but I`m still waiting for the toys that was supposed to be my sons birthday gift for over a month ago... Is Toyglobe just a joke?? The only thing I can do now is to use the insurance at my Mastercard to get the money back, and then will the case go on trough Toyglobe and Mastercard. I`m really unsatisffied with this company...IT`S JUST A JOKE FOR ME, THAT I PAID SEVERAL HUNDRED`S DOLLAR FOR!!

  • We
      3rd of Oct, 2008
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    I ordered 2 Justice League dolls for my 4 year old over 1 month ago. My credit card was charged immediately for close to 100.00 Australian dollars! The e-mail notification I received said I would receive my items within 10 working days (and I was only sending them to a US address so a family member could bring them with them when they visit me next week). The dolls have never arrived. I have e-mailed TOYGLOBE twice to follow up on where my items are and received an automated response that I would be contacted within 2 business days. Each time - no answer. I have tried to call the number on their web site - guess what? - the voicemail box is full and I can't leave a message. I am very distressed this has happenend and my little boy will be so disappointed when the special event I bought these items for passes in the next two weeks passes and he doesn't have his special gift. I have never before come across such poor service in relation to internet buying. I don't care if TOYGLOBE buys the items from EBAY and sells them to me - fine... good - whatever... but don't take my money and not send me my goods - sorry but isn't that THEFT? And as for my little boy's horrible disappointment? Well shame on you TOYGLOBE! I think I'll stick with in the future - regardless of price! This company only hurts the reputable ones - it makes people fearful to buy online!

  • Ja
      11th of Oct, 2008
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    New York
    United States

    i ordered a full set of hulk marvel legends figures. the company policy is to email you 20 days before they charge your card. their policy also states that they only charge you once the item ships. well this apparently is far from the truth.

    i was charged without an email letting me know this. i also was charged almost 2 months before any confirmation of shipping was received. my items were supposedly shipped by usps priority mail ( 2-3 day shipping ). i received the items almost 2 weeks after the confirmation email. the items were only shipped after numerous emails and phone calls asking where the hell they were.
    on top of all that, they only shipped 5 of the 8 figures. the website lists them as in stock but they tell me that they were back ordered. i have requested my credit card refund me for the missing items plus full shipping for the missing items.
    i will never buy from this company again.

  • V
      13th of Oct, 2008
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    I also recently spent over $100.00 on Toyglobe for a prresent for this coming Xmas.
    It is a very hard to find item so I sent for it straight away when i found it on their site.
    I paid and waited for the promised tracking number by email.
    I posted an enquiry on the site asking about my delivery and asking for a tracking number as promised.
    I had no response until after the 3rd message I had sent using the online form.
    Eventually I recieved a response and they apologised and said they would send a tracking number, tehy had posted it and I should recieved it in 14 days.
    Stll no tracking number.
    I found a similar toy on Amazon and sentof another $100 and recieved it within 2 weeks no problem. Shame because it wasn't exactly the one I wanted.
    I have contacted Toyglobe again, still no response.
    After reading these articles after a Google search i have given up on the idea of ever getting the goods I paid for.

  • Sa
      25th of Nov, 2008
    0 Votes

    Yes, I agree that this ToyGlobe is a scam. I have experienced the same thing with them. Shame on you ToyGlobe! I will be posting this everywhere and spread the news abot this bad experience with ToyGlobe. For a while they would answer your email and promise you dates that are not even happening. I have lots of riends who would want to order but I already told them not to as this is a scam.

  • Ni
      2nd of Dec, 2008
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    i have been waiting a month for my goods and i still have not got goods and no replys from toyglobe i have sent emails still nothing i am not happy with them i spent 65 pounds with them there quick to take your money but where are the goods they promiss its just a rip off i will not be bying goods on the internet any more as it has put me off for good and my other half had to buy our son somthing els for his birthday i hope there happy with there selfs and should be looked into from the aurthorty or someone and take them off the internet all together there just rip off merchances

  • Fr
      8th of Dec, 2008
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    I totally agree that Toyglobe is a dishonest company. I spent EUR 200 ordering "Cars toys" for my little child since one month and nothing received yet, no answer from them, no news after 3 e-mail messages and each day there voicemail is full. Nobody called me back. But when they debit you bank account, they are very pro-actives, no need to ask them twice...This company is stealing us. What can we do ? Please, we need help to get back our rights.

  • Va
      10th of Dec, 2008
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    I had placed an order for $75.00 with this company, and I too received no confirmation email or anything. Every time I email them, I get an automated email back from them stating they received my email and somebody will be answering my question by email in 1-2 business days. Well that's not happening! I have emailed 3 times and I will keep emailing these people until I get a response. I just want my freakin' money back and I doubt I will get it. My next step is to get their local police department involved- my dad has been a cop for 30 some yrs. and this was his advice. He has dealt with stuff like this before and it has worked. And I'm sure if my dad calls the department in Quebec they will be more than happy to help a fellow officer. To me, this is THEFT. They never sent me my order, therefore, technically they have stolen money out of my bank account. I really wished that this company would come through for me- I was expecting to give my sister her collection of Spongebob beanie babies for Christmas, but that's not going to happen. I wish these people had common courtesy to send me some kind of email or return my phone call. When I do call, I usually get that their mailbox is full and to hang up. Yesterday I did leave a message, but I don't expect a phone call.

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