Tissot / T83440212faulty pocket t83440212

Having in mind the serious reputation of Tissot I decided to buy a mechanical pocket watch from Tissot's authorized dealer in Bulgaria- Julliany. I bought the watch from the shop of Julliany that is situated in the very centre of Sofia city- Vitosha boulevard. The price of the watch was around 350 euro. The seller was very polite.
When I got home I could not find how to set the watch because for some weird reason the crown could not be pulled out. I thought that there was some trick to pull it out and went to a watchmaker at Graf Ignatiev street who explained to me that he represents one of the authorized repair services of Julliany, but the central store of Julliany was at Rakovski 70 street. Anyway he managed to pull out the crown using some instruments and he said the watch was a very good one and pretty OK, it was just a new watch that needed someone to use it. Actually that man did not tell me the whole truth- the crown was faulty. At the central store of Julliany the boss there told me the watch could be fixed in 5 minutes, because the crown was really faulty, but I insisted on an exchange and the watch was exchanged. The boss even apologized for the inconveniences met by me.
The new identical watch appearred to be faulty too. In several weeks its dial window fell. I took it back to the central store of Julliany where the dial window was placed back by a watchmaker. He said that the watch was a very good one (now I get scared by that sentence). A week later the dial window fell again. I did not even wear the watch during that week. At that point I was FUMING. I went the next day to the central store and I said that I insist on an exchange of the second watch that appeared to be faulty twice in a week. The people at the store said- "Come on thursday because the boss is not here, we cannot take decisions". I said that they should apologize for the inconveniences and to call right away their boss by phone. A woman phonecalled and the boss of the store told her by phone to exchange the watch. Then I had a not very polite talk with the watchmaker there who did not want to regulate the new watch. I told him I did not want to visit them again for regulation.
I think the boss of Julliany is a perfect man, the seller at Vitosha boulevard too. However Tissot is not what it used to be. Two faulty watches in a row is too much. I think the second watch had some hard type of closing which probably caused the problem with the dial window (maybe the dial window size of that specific watch was not adeaquate too). 350 euro is 350 euro and Tissot should care about its reputation and Tissot should checkalso if there is a technical problem with the pocket series- T83440212. The mechanical watches are usually being given to children and grandchildren. No one wants to give a brand NEW faulty watch to anyone else. I am glad that I did not buy this watch to give it to someone else as a present. The gifted one would think I was giving him a counterfeit watch.

Tissot / T83440212

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