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Tiscali Broadband / Worst internet provider

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This is the worse internet provider I have personally so far experienced. I don't know where to start. It took them almost a month to set the internet at my place. I called them every single day to ask what's going on and I felt I received no help. They just kept sending me away to other departments. Once they connected me to the internet, it took another week to send me a modem. I was really mad at this time. Then I connected the modem and booom - the speed is amazing - 10 kB/sek! And they call...


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  • Re
      16th of Apr, 2007
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    Tiscali Broadband - Tiscali - the worst company in business!
    United States

    Business? When I clicked on the thing it was 'Consumers' not 'Business'.

    I thought that Telewest / Blueyonder were the worse one in business, but I was wrong.

    Tiscali is just THE bottom of the barrel. For 11 months I have been experiencing nothing but grief from them: speeds slower than dial-up, frequent disconnections, jumpy and slow web browsing, throttled speed (and they have NEVER advised me of that), and bad, BAD customer support! The worse came 2 weeks ago, when suddenly my connection stopped working altogether. TWO WEEKS, and they still have no clue as what the problem is. They do not phone back, don't reply to emails or reply after 15 days, they force you to phone back to them again and again, I have wasted many hours on the phone with them since the start of my contract :(

    I still have no connection, but they are still getting their money. Their connection has not worked for 15 days now, and still no sign of resolution, they left a message on my phone today saying that I was 'unavailable' (as If I am obliged to wait around for them to call me) and that they would call back, but they did not call back. And anyways, what's to call? I am waiting for them to fix their line problems, not for them to call me. They are always vague, the person that left the message did not explain what he wanted or what he expected me to do.

    The other thing I am angry about is that I have just noticed that my broadband package has been available for several months to new customers for.

  • Va
      27th of Oct, 2008
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    Tiscali Broadband - Terrible everything
    Tiscali Broadband
    United States

    I have no connection and they have admitted it is a fault at their end. Customer service keep telling me everyday that someone will call between an allotted time. No one ever has, so I have phoned them every day. Now fed up as it is costing me money. The last call I had - tipped me over the edge - I asked for the Head Office address and she said if you go online... I asked her if she had read my notes or even been listening to me as that was the problem, no connection at home. I am writing this from work. Will be writing a letter to the London HQ and addressing it to Mario Rosso who is the CEO and sending it Registered. The lack of information and help that I am receiving is disgraceful and I am sure they are told to say "someone will be ringing you tomorrow" just to shut you up.

  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    I've been through this too - when you do get through to them, they'll promise to restore your service 'in 48 hours', in 'four working days', or whatever else enters their heads as they're speaking to you. Nothing actually happens though.

  • Ch
      24th of Nov, 2008
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    Of course they're saying it to shut you up - they'll promise and promise, but nothing ever happens to resolve the issue.

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