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Tire Works / Multiple Bad Car Lifting / Wrong Front/Rear Tire Install

1 3225 W. Ann RoadLas Vegas, NV, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 702-437-6000

This is actually 3 complaints.

I had a 95 Mitsubushi 3000gt a few years back, i needed new break pads installed. I called tireworks and setup for install. They quoted me on pads and rotors, as I dug into the rotors. Not quite so, I had new rotor's installed last time I had my break pads changed, since it was an old used car I purchased. This was totally unnecessary, due to the fact that when I hear the first warning break squeak I take my car in immediatly.
I insisted on just the pads, and they installed them. I decided to stand in front of the bay as they worked on my car. As soon as the lift went up, i heard a cracking sound. Now, it is an old car, but as soon as I hear this, I look at the lift and kneel down to see what happened, and they have the lift too far to the left drive side of the car, which broke all the plastic enclosed pop pins that hold the side of the lower skirt of the car on. Now making the the plastic/fiberglass skirt flimsy / wobble and look tacky. They said they ordered the parts to repair it, but I didn't bother to take the car in, cause I simply didn't care, I needed a new car, and purchased my car below; which also had a problem at tire works months later.

My new Dodge Charger, I love it :D, however in vegas roads, theres a lot of junk all over the roads that can hurt your body / tires. That happened, and I blew a tire that I needed repaired. I for some unknown reason took my new car to tireworks to get a replacement tire. I was instructed that the 2006 goodyear's on the car were discontinued and had to get something different. Whatever fine, I needed my tire fixed, I had work, and tire works was close to my house. I decide to watch everything and supervise everything while doing it this time. Everything went perfectly, until I noticed while I was washing my car, that the tire I purchased was not a runflat now, while all my other tires are, even after I asked for a runflat, as well as, the rear tires were moved to the front and the front moved to the rear, for a tire rotation. I didn't know at the time, that the car had two different sized tires in front and back, 255 in rear and 245 in front. AND NEITHER DID THEY. I mean come on its a tire shop, shouldn't your know how to install tires properly? Regardless, I don't care and i'm too busy to be bothered by it, I ended up letting the dealership rerotate my tires properly.

The final and most horrible complaint;

My father, for some reason insisted on going to tireworks to get an oil change and see about a gas leak, different location this time. He had a coupon, I think thats the only reason he went. I knew he needed another gas tank, and specified that the gas tank be looked at, as its leaking at the top due to cracking from age. He was called back and quoted 1300, and that there was only 2 left at a ford warehouse in some other state. Come to realize, that ford stopped manufacturing this part years ago, they don't have it in stock, and will not. I googled for it, and the first result stated an oem product, for 130$ shipped, they said they could install it for $200. Pretty signifigant difference. Who was going to profit that $1000 ? Needless to say, they talked him into getting all new pad's and said the rotor's should be replaced, which he declined.

Tireworks did agree to resolve all the issues, but how hard is it to do something right the first time? And charge people an appropriate price the first time, without having to go home and google, and figure out everything for yourself. I mean come on, do you want repeat business, or are you just looking for money?

Tire works is actually being faulted by the attoreny general, for several problems.


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