Tire Kingdommbreech of verbal contract

Th Charlotte, NC Review updated:

I called Tire Kingdom on Saturday March 10, 2012 at around 9:am. I spoke with a Patrick at Tire Kingdom regarding their prices on replacing struts for my vehicle. I informed Patrick ( A front desk worker) that the vehicle is under extended warranty and I don’t want any work done unless it‘s covered. I dropped the car off at around 10:50 am and I specifically told |Patrick again not to complete any work unless it was covered by the warranty company. Patrick called me back at 15:20 Almost a full 5 hours later to tell me that the struts on my vehicle were fine and I needed a wheel barring and tie rod replaced.See the Top 10 Worst Companies in Charlotte, NC Patrick said that he had spoken with the warranty company and they said they would cover those replacements. Okay everything was fine until 19:43 exactly, at that time I was called by the Manager Shawn to come pick up my vehicle because the work was completed. When I got there all hell broke loose. The manager said that the warranty company didn’t pay and I cant get my car until I PAY so me being me I refused to pay and or leave and they called the police on me and I video taped the event and It will be on youtube under Tire Kingdom stole my vehicle. I now have to wait until Monday to get my vehicle back….

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