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My husband toOK in his vehicle to be inspected, due to him noticing that his car was overheating. So because we just moved to this new location, he thought going to this tire kingdom would be the best option since it was clost to our home. Well the sales worker toOK the vehicle quoted him a price just to do the oil change and than later stated that he had all of these things wrong with his car. So my husband thought why not, its an older vehicle lets get the car serviced for what was told needed to be replaced. Than they stated that the price was going to be $460.00 so my husband paid that along with the $50.00 for the high mileage oil change. Later My husband came and pick up the vehicle, paid for it and than left. So while he drove the car home, it overheated. My husband than called them and told them what toOK place, so he dropped the car off and than they stated to him that they will take a loOK of it free of charge since he just paid to get things fix on it. So my husband called to see if they fixed what was wrong and when it will be ready to be picked up. So than they stated to him its his water pump and that's the cause for the over heating which total to be $250.00 so my husband was so disgusted and stated to them that he didn't have the money and that he paid them practically $570.00 already. So he stated for them to just to hold off on fixing that until he calls them back to give them the OK to fix it while he loOKs to see how he can get that amount of money. So than they stated that they will go ahead and hold on to the car not letting it account any storage holding fee. So, later we were able to come up with the $250.00 and my husband later called to see if they can price it lower than $250.00 and the gentleman later stated no, they have come down on the price already. So of course that was hard to believe. So out of the goodness and respectfulness of my husband we were on our way to pick up the car, when my husband said to himself lets call them so they can know that we are on our way to pick up the vehicle. Sadly to say when we made that call the manger stated that the vehicle is ready to be picked up and the total due is $301.00 which was very upsetting. I can go on about the HORRIBLE SERVICE that was given. I can truly say that we will never go to TIRE KINGDOM EVER AGAIN!!!

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