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Timeshare / timeshare customer service

1 Orlando, FL, United States

I was at your Orlando location west gate resort and spa from 2018 august 3rd to the 11th.The stay was great my problem and complaint was with the timeshare presentation.My presentation was at 7:30 August 6th no it's or buts had to be their or else fine for 300 dollars.The problem with that I already had my park tickets Monday Tuesday and Wednesday.Now it was fine until the presentation instead of 90 minutes turn to be 3 hours long which we already had explain the lady that was doing the presentation we have to go we have people waiting for us to go to one of the Disney parks she completely ignored us and said you will be fine no worries.That really aggravated me and my wife so we continue even though the 90 minutes had finished.Now she takes us to another part of the resort where you got tons of people with representatives which was very annoying, loud, sounded like you where in the stock exchange place so annoying.Here comes the good part so we told her not interested at the moment it wasn't a good time for us she insisted of why not is a good deal etc...bla, bla, bla.she don't leave we haven't finished she comes back with another guy shakes my hand oh your from Chicago are you a Cubs fan bla, bla, bla he was jittery and happy mentioned if I was interested in timeshare something just open up at a good price bla, bla, bla and still said no not a good time, what happen next ticked me of real good he just got up and walked away without saying a freaking word what kind of customer service is that.I got up told the representative we have to go she no sit down were not done I said no she said sorry you have to their watching us to see that I'm explaining to you what's going kind of BS is that so I sit so we could finish and guess what?Here comes another lady with the same s... Something just open up at a good price still the answer is the same now at this time the first representative is by the hallway and just gave one look and left so outta all 3 people that supposedly took care of us with this thing you called pitch people none of them said thanks for your time or a good by very very disappointed in west gate.Finally we're done we are free to go so we leave and guess who's pissed of my family and the guest that were with us to go to the park west gate ruined my whole week.My name is Juan by the way

Aug 18, 2018

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