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Timeshare / Be Aware

1 Phoenix, AZ, United States

My husband and I purchased a Shell Vacations Club package last December and we would like to share our story to make sure other US residents don’t end up in the same situation we are in.

We were told to come to this presentation and we would get a free trip to Hawaii in a great resort. We didn’t know anything about timeshares so we decided to go to get the trip to Hawaii.

They were so nice to us I have never been treated so well anywhere else. After watching a movie, listening to a long explanation of why timeshares are a great investment and a good way to save on our taxes we still were not interested in buying. Then they started bribing us with a $1, 000 visa card and a free cruise. We were stupid enough to fall for it. They are so convincing they tell you it will be a great tax deduction and you will have a cheap vacation in a 5 star hotel for the rest of you life. They tell you the price of your timeshare will never go up but they don’t mention the monthly maintenance fee will.

We purchased 2, 500 points for $15, 000 and I found out that my points are not even worth $2, 500 on the resale market. Many people have had the same 2, 500 points on the market since last November and they can’t sell it. We watched a video online from CBS news and after seeing that video I am terrified that we are stuck with these points for life. The people interviewed had even tried to give it to charity but nobody wants it because the maintenance fees are so high.

So now I have a timeshare that will cost $25, 000 by the time we pay it off and on the top of that I have almost $600 per year in maintenance fees. Does it sound like a good deal? I am already paying for my week vacation every year with my $600 so where does the $25, 000 go to? Why so many people fall into this trap? And I consider myself and intelligent person I have a college degree and a Real Estate license.

When I asked them about the resale possibility I was told it worked just like Real Estate and they could even resell it for me by listing the points.

I have been trying to get them to keep the $3, 000 I have already paid and we got nothing in return since we haven’t used any of the points nor the cruise but they won’t let me do that. We have perfect credit but we are considering foreclosing on these points. I don’t want to get stuck with it and have to pass the maintenance fees to my kids in the future.

I am writing a letter to the BBB and the Attorney General’s office. I can’t believe it is legal to sell these points for 5 times what they are worth I also can’t believe it’s legal to bribe people with gifts when they say they are not interested.

By they way the trip to Hawaii in a resort that got us there in first place we would have never taken because the resort was actually a 2 star hotel . The list of hotels available was pathetic all 2 star old hotels in the city. SO BUYER BE AWARE! if anyone says come to Shell Vacations Club for a presentation and an amazing free trip know it’s a scam. The trip to Hawaii in a 2 star hotel will end up costing $25, 00.


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